I Really Didn't Think This Through by Beth Evans

I Really Didn't Think This Through

Did you ever wish your best friend—the person you would trust with your innermost secrets, the person whose wisdom and comfort you seek in times of stress or self-doubt—could draw?Like Mindy Kaling meets Hyperbole and a Half, I Really Didn’t Think This Through gets at the heart of what makes life both so challenging and so joyful—figuring out how to be a person in the world. Armed with her beloved illustrations, popular Instagram artist B...

Details I Really Didn't Think This Through

TitleI Really Didn't Think This Through
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreNonfiction, Humor, Autobiography, Memoir, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels

Reviews I Really Didn't Think This Through

  • Amalia Gavea
    ‘’Ugh, why do I have feelings? I’m the worst.’’ I won’t bore you with details on how good Evans’ writing is. That’s not the point although I can assure you that the way she talks to us is delightful and direct. What I feel is important is her bravery to share experiences that are difficult, bleak, painful with the readers without ‘’mourning’’ fate or accusing others, without self-pity or the fake arrogance of many similar ...
  • Mel
    Thanks to William Morrow for the ARC!In the same vein of Alida Nugent, a fellow young writer loving/hating her 20’s, illustrator Beth Evans presents a brief memoir of struggles she had growing up with bullies and feeling like she didn’t fit in and evolving into an anxiety-ridden semi-adult trying not to let her up and down mental health overturn her life. Alongside illustrations which lay out plans for success as small as making that doctor a...
  • Laura
    I got this Uncorrected Proof from a coworker who had won it on Goodreads. I follow a bunch of Instagram illustrators, but not Beth Evans (but now I do), and flipping through it I could see her illustrations were included so I gave it a shot. Finished in two days (three reading sessions) and I enjoyed it a lot. As a person with moderate anxiety, I could relate to SO MANY of Beth's stories, including awkward social interactions, saying the wrong th...
  • Sydney
    I didn't really know wha tto expect going in to this. It begins with casual "we all feel this way"-type experiences, but quickly evolves into the author reminiscing on her experiences with mental illness (specifically: depression, anxiety, and self harm). Evans really doesn't hold any punches, either, though at times her "words of wisdom" begin to feel repetitive. The illustrations are simple, but still really interesting to the eye. Their placem...
  • Ashley
    I just felt very very seen in this book.
  • Milliebot
    2.5 starsThis review and others posted over at my blog. I won a copy from LibraryThung in exchange for my honest review.A mix of simple comics and heartfelt anecdotes, some humorous and some serious, Beth Evans tackles some of the tough subjects of adulthood like being jealous of your peers, the struggles of dating, expressing your feelings and asking for help.This book was cute and at times, touching, but I don’t think it’s one I’ll go ba...
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd http://mrsmommybooknerd.blogspot.com
    This book is so good...honest, raw and brave. I adored it from the first sentence. Within this book was so much more than advice and vulnerability, there are illustrations (adorable illustrations), humor and experiences we can all relate to. I know that this will be one of those rare books that I will read more than once because there is so much to absorb, learn and appreciate within this book. I cannot recommend this book enough. It is just beyo...
  • Amy
    I like the art of Beth Evans; I follow her on Instagram. But, when I got this book, the title probably was apt. I'm just the wrong demographic for the subjects she covers in it. But, were I in my early twenties, it could have been more applicable. Bottom line, though, I still like the insights in most of her drawings.My thanks to LibraryThing's early reader program and to the publisher for this ARC copy.
  • Jenny Hull
    This book is so cute! Very easy fast read! Beth reminds me of a high school friend who passes you funny notes in between class. She is relatable and down to earth. Definitely recommend this fun read! Thank you for the free copy!
  • Grace
    This was the loveliest, most reassuring collection of thoughts, feelings and pro tips on living with anxiety and 'adulting'. *I had some issues with the formatting - the writing was often interrupted needlessly by the (excellent) drawings mid-paragraph, which made me lose my flow at times.
  • Gabby
    I loved this book. It was relatable and well written. It made me feel good to know that I'm not alone in not knowing how to adult. You should read it. Everyone should really.
  • Desiree
    I wasn't quite sure how well this would go over as an audiobook (which is the format I listened in), but surprisingly I really enjoyed it along with the PDF companion of the drawings.
  • Laura
    so so so so good. super relatable. it's always nice to know you're not alone.
  • Kyleigh
    3.5 stars
  • Tamara
    There's something so sweet and simple and perfectly vulnerable about Beth Evan's cartoons.Favorite illustration: "Attention: I have made a mistake" (p. 121)
  • Kate
    Wryly humorous look at anxiety, depression and surviving the horror that is life and the social situations it throws at you.I'd say you would have to have experienced at least one of the above to relate to Beth Evan's musings and advice, but to be honest, who hasn't nowadays?Interspersed with cute cartoons this would be a great book for M. H. book clubs or help groups, and definitely one to pass around.
  • Angel Hench
    I can see myself giving this book as a gift to friends who suffer from anxiety, depression and OCD. The drawings are darling and it's nice to know that others feel the same way as you. An advance copy of this book was provided by the publisher.
  • Ashley
    Note: This review is based on an ARC. Evans perfectly described, and illustrated, the struggles of young adulthood. From taxes, to relationships, to comparison via social media, she explores the struggles of growing up and finding ones place in the world. The illustrations are funny, not to mention relatable, and the prose in between is just as satisfying. Your life problems won’t necessarily be remedied by reading this book, but you will feel ...
  • Deborah Lane
    Cute, comical and anecdotal in style. Sketches topical, but movement spazzy in relationship to comics. I get it was targeted to younger demographic than me, but appreciated the love thyself concepts. Recommended young adults and older.
  • Len
    I received my copy via a Goodreads giveaway. This book is a really effective combo of text and illustrations, and the tone really works: not totally snarky, but with just enough edge and self-deprecation to add some 'tang'. It's a really fun account of the 'semi-adult' lifestyle.
  • -RadioActiveBookWorm-
    Goodreads Synopsis:Did you ever wish your best friend—the person you would trust with your innermost secrets, the person whose wisdom and comfort you seek in times of stress or self-doubt—could draw?Like Mindy Kaling meets Hyperbole and a Half, I Really Didn’t Think This Through gets at the heart of what makes life both so challenging and so joyful—figuring out how to be a person in the world. Armed with her beloved illustrations, popular...
  • Zachary Houle
    Beth Evans is an Instagram cartoonist who has a loyal following that’s in the hundreds of thousands. She’s also something of a naïve artist, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Her illustrations of people simply consist of upside down capital U’s with dotted eyes and a line for a mouth. If you think that’s cheating, well, I once talked to a professional cartoonist for a newspaper article I was writing, and he pointed out (and rightfull...
  • Shayna Ross
    A self-help book mixed with the author's tales of dealing with intense depression and anxiety since her teenage years. With simplistic drawings, Beth Evans focuses on dictating a personal tale and throwing in kind words and thoughts one should keep in mind when dealing with troubling things in life. I have not dealt with depression and/or anxiety, so I don't know exactly how useful this book is for an individual suffering from these particular me...
  • Jimmy
    I received a free copy of this book from Library Thing in exchange for a fair and honest review.Adulting can be so difficult...especially when you suffer from OCD and anxiety. Beth Evans uses humor and her cartoony comic art to ingest a little levity on a topic that's actually quite serious and not often talked about with seriousness. From the description and the title of the book, I thought this would be a fun jaunt through the misadventures of ...
  • Lydia E Winters
    I’ll address the reason I knocked off one star right off the bat: I just don’t like books where I have to skip over pictures or illustrations to finish reading a sentence/paragraph/chapter. I wish they could figure out how to work Beth’s awesome cartoons in without my having to flip back and forth. That aside, I Really Didn’t Think This Through is like a conversation with a friend who truly understands what you’re going through. If you ...
  • Kira
    *received an ARC for review*I think I've run across Beth's comics online, but I didn't know she was writing a book. I enjoyed it overall, but I think the layout itself needs an overhaul. Stories would be completely sidelined with multiple pages of comics that usually started out related, but moved to another topic. By the time I got to the next part of the writing, I'd forgotten what the story was about.I appreciate all of her talk about acceptin...
  • Cheryl
    I liked Beth's fun sense of humor and look at life; especially "adulting". I think any adult wishes they were a kid or at least didn't wish to grow up so fast now that they are in the real world. It is not fun being an adult. Instead of monopoly money, you have real money but unlike monopoly where you can hide your money and come out the winner in the end, you may not have enough money to save due to all the bills you have to pay. Like the Destin...
  • Mahendra
    A book that speaks to you.Beth Evans don't have solution to our problems but what it offers is the series of embarrassment, anxiety brought by those embarrassment and how she deals with them through out the years.People who tells you about positive thinking does not know what you go through, because if they knew then they would have never offered such lame advises like do yoga, be positive, think positive.None of them do anything to my anxiety. I...
  • Jennifer
    Preface: I received an ARC of this through a Goodreads giveaway.I went into this expecting more humor mixed in with the challenges of adult life and mental health. (The back of the book compares it to Mindy Kaling and Hyperbole and a Half.) Ultimately, I think it's best to view the book as a self-help memoir. Though it is not being marketed as such, it seems like it would be a good read for teens/young adults because it's a quick read due to both...
  • Andrea
    "I Really Didn't Think This Through: Tales From My So-Called Adult Life" is less about adulting and more about anxiety. Evans gives her readers a soft, kind, forgiving, slightly funny way to look at social anxiety and depression, through the lens of her own experience.Not having anxiety myself, I didn't entirely connect with this book, but I would absolutely recommend it to anyone with any kind of anxiety — or even trying to understand anxiety....