Queen Victoria's Matchmaking by Deborah Cadbury

Queen Victoria's Matchmaking

A captivating exploration of the role in which Queen Victoria exerted most international power and influence: as a matchmaking grandmother.By the 1890s, Queen Victoria had over thirty grandchildren, and to maintain and increase British royal power she was determined to maneuver them into a series of dynastic marriages with the royal houses of Europe.Yet for all their apparent obedience, her grandchildren often had plans of their own, fueled by st...

Details Queen Victoria's Matchmaking

TitleQueen Victoria's Matchmaking
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Historical

Reviews Queen Victoria's Matchmaking

  • Susan
    Prince Albert and Queen Victoria saw dynastic marriages between their children and European royalty as a safeguard against war, and as a way of creating a balance of power, in Europe, as well as spreading British values across the continent. With Prince Albert’s death, Queen Victoria was determined to make his vision come true and, with forty two grandchildren, the ‘cousinhood’ formed a unique club at the very top of European society. This ...
  • Nate
    2.5 starsQueen Victoria's Matchmaking is supposed to describe the attempts of Queen Victoria to find partners for her grandchildren in order to ensure their happiness and/or fix them up in a way that augments their stability and power. What it actually chronicles is the relationships between the future crowned heads of Europe and Queen Victoria's grandchildren, with Victoria being mentioned regularly but having little actual influence over their ...
  • Bethany Swafford
    From their birth, the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of Queen Victoria had a role to play as the countries approached the new century.I'd never realized just how many descendants of the queen became the ruler of a country. Though several either married for love or came to love their life companion after marriage, I couldn't help but pity them all. On every side, their family and friends, well-meaning though they were, manipulate...
  • Sarah Elizabeth
    I enjoyed this look at the role Queen Victoria played in the marriages of her seven crowned grandchildren. I always enjoy books about Queen Victoria and her descendants and the incredible role the family played in the politics of Europe.However, I did not feel like I learned anything new in this book. It is however and interesting read if you enjoy the subject.I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange fo...
  • Emma Dargue
    Amazing look into Queen Victoria's influence on her children's and grandchildren's dynastic marriages that led to the downfall of more than one countries monarchy. Insightful and brilliant look into the political and social machinations of Queen Victoria's court and the impact of what happened on her children and grandchildren and further generations including Queen Elizabeth's contemporaries.