Ship of Fools by Tucker Carlson

Ship of Fools

6 Hours and 32 MinutesThe popular FOX News star of Tucker Carlson Tonight offers his signature fearless and funny political commentary on how America’s ruling class has failed everyday Americans.“You look on in horror, helpless and desperate. You have nowhere to go. You’re trapped on a ship of fools.”—From the Introduction In Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution, Tucker Carlson tells t...

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TitleShip of Fools
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherSimon & Schuster Audio
GenrePolitics, Nonfiction

Reviews Ship of Fools

  • Lucille Zimmerman
    #1 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Politics & Government > Ideologies & Doctrines > Conservatism & Liberalism#1 in Books > Humor & Entertainment > Humor > Satire#1 in Books > Humor & Entertainment > Humor > PoliticalCongratulations Tucker! I had a bias to like this book: Carlson has been my favorite FOX personality for many years; way before he got his own show. My favorite story about Tucker is the one Greta Vansusteren did on her Gr #...
  • Stephanie
    I went into this with an open mind seeing how there are members of both ruling classes on the cover. However, the book is predominately a blast against democrats. I agreed with some of the points in the book but he completely lost me at the end with the last two chapters. I will attribute that to simply not having the same political views as Mr. Carlson. I would have like to have seen a more balanced view. Both sides certainly could use a lambast...
  • David Huff
    I've enjoyed watching Tucker Carlson on TV for a number of years, finding him for the most part to be a fair and thoughtful interviewer. He has definitely reached a career high with his current prime-time slot on FNC, and now with this new best-seller, "Ship of Fools". I think most Americans who truly love their country, whatever their political persuasion, know that our culture, public discourse, and social norms are increasingly off the rails i...
  • Joseph Serwach
    Best Political book of 2018: Explains how liberal/conservative establishments invited the Trump revolutionTucker Carlson’s career skyrocketed in 2016-2017 because he proved himself to be one of the only journalists in America who actually understood Donald Trump and Trumpism — and the causes sown by the liberal and conservative establishments as they lost their way (inviting revolutionary change). Most simply didn’t get it and repeatedly ma...
  • Peter Bradley
    Ship of Fools by Tucker CarlsonThis is a worthwhile book for understanding the present moment.We are in a period of cultural-political crack-up. The conventional wisdom no longer holds. People who we put into one camp or another no longer stay comfortably in their category. Things we rooted for as conservative or liberals, we now abhor.How did this happen? How does it make sense?For a young man, Tucker Carlson has been around the movers and shake...
  • Brittney
    I usually read apoptotic and dystopian booksWell Tucker this book scared the Hell out of me. I never read political books but I was intrigued by the title and decided to give it a try. I usually purchase Prime free books and your book was very expensive. I am glad I have a dictionary on my kindle - I enjoyed the learning experience. I am going back to apocalyptic and prepper books. But seriously I appreciate your book and thank you for writing it...
  • Tyler
    A primetime Fox News host is not the person many people would expect to see sounding notes of skepticism about capitalism, hotly criticizing America's foreign interventions, and strongly critiquing the neoliberal order, but Tucker Carlson has somehow managed to get away with almost single-handedly providing an intellectual basis for populist nationalism in the Republican Party and broadcasting it to his millions of viewers. This book is great in ...
  • Anita Pomerantz
    I never read current political books, but this one was highly recommended by a relative, and I felt compelled to give it a shot. It wasn't exactly what I expected . . .Carlson is much more of a populist and less of a conservative than I anticipated. He addresses many of the issues where there is major contention in the U.S. between the progressives and the more extreme conservatives, and basically points out that the middle is being left out in t...
  • Roy Murry
    SHIP of FOOLSHow a Selfish Ruling Class isBringing America to the Brink of RevolutionTUCKER CARLSONReviewed by Roy Murry, AuthorThe Ship of State is Sinking, according to Mr. Carlson, and, I agree with his analysis and historical deciphering. He makes his case, names-names, and backs it up with facts that many have forgotten or never knew existed.At 70 years old, he confirmed to me some of the USA's political background, that I had misinterpreted...
  • Irene
    I would give this book 6 stars if I could. Outstanding. Should be required reading for everyone in the United States. Why didn't I notice any of these changes taking place over the last couple of decades? I thought I was being so careful about what is fact versus what is wishful thinking or propaganda, but my perceptions have been heavily influenced, especially by the news media, and not just because of what is being reported but because of what ...
  • Jim Brown
    A must read. More in depth review to follow.
  • Carol Ames
    Extremely TimelyThis is not your standard political book but new and original thinking about many current dilemmas. I found it fascinating as well as horrifying because I see these events unfolding and pointing us to where we should not go. Highly recommended and relevant.
  • Victoria
    Very informative and scary too.
    Right on, Right onThis is so true, and a must read. Tells us like it is. Enjoyed the read, and look forward to others by him.
  • John Mccandlish
    I encourage people to read this book. My four star rating certainly does NOT reflect my agreement with all of his points and arguments. However, debate and understanding of other viewpoints is important. Compared to many other right-wing books, Tucker I think makes a lot of valid points.However, I am dinging him one-star because I don't think he put himself really out there. I suspect he wants to protect his viewership on Fox by not calling out T...
  • R. Scot Johns
    Disappointing. I generally like Carlson's cutting wit and strong liberal democratic bent (small "d"), but here he rambles aimlessly without ever getting to the point. The book's subtitle is entirely out of place, as the only mention of "revolution" comes in the last few pages of the Epilogue.More importantly, he continually contradicts himself, such as when he spends a chapter discussing freedom of speech (the best section of the book), then proc...
  • Charles
    "Ship of Fools" extends the recent run of books that attack the American ruling class as decayed and awful. However it is characterized, as the professional-management elite, the Front Row Kids, or one of many other labels, all these books argue the ruling class is running our country into the ground, and most argue it is stupid and annoying to boot. I certainly agree, and I also tend to agree with the grim prognostication in the subtitle, that r...
  • Karen Zalewski
    Ship of Fools. A very interesting read. Parts of it angered me. Parts made me think what a bunch of idiots run our country.
  • Claus Brinker
    A decent little book about important political topics of the present day.
  • T.L. Blankenburg
    Great Work!Very impressed with Carlson’s research and ability to breakdown a subject into its critical components. He covers the relevant topics our country NEEDS to address.
  • Elvin E. Smith
    A major reference book for dealing with liberals, Great detail to refute many of their arguments, however, don't count on them using logic to discuss an issue. I would recomend this book to anyone.
  • Emily
    An entertaining, enlightening, and quick read! I really enjoyed Carlson's demonstration of how the Democratic Party, in a variety of policy areas, have shifted tremendously since the 1970s – and not for the better.
  • Lexi
    Quick, interesting read.
  • Lori Bieker
    Very informative and well done. A must read.
  • J.M.K. Walkow
    the title says it allIt is sure the more powerful the roles are, the more detailed review of the folk is required. This is a very good case against non factual journalism, against idiots' opinion published by very powerful folk like Soros. Collecting and presenting facts is a tedious job, but hey is it not that what journalists are striving and are proud to report regardless of political climate?
  • Joy Marie
    Good readWish it was longer. Will have to read it again. Love Tucker.....would read another of his books. Informing and very s a d actually when you consider all things.
  • Brian
    GreatI thought the book was well written and it had reasonable ideas in it. I don't think there was much controversial statements. I do think James Joyce was a good writer but I can peacefully disagree with the Tucker's assessment of Ulysses as "unreadable". Tucker brilliantly slices through the hypocrisy of Leftists these days, but then leaves the mystery of why open.
  • Russell
    Excellent book. Packed with information I was unaware of, and very compelling arguments. My only complaint is that i wish it were longer.
  • Brian Jones
    Tucker Carlson's fact based narrative comes through strong but if you don't take a Conservative look and bring with an open mind than you just might miss out on a very good read!
  • Keith
    To begin at the beginning . . . Conceive something of this kind happening either on many ships or one. Though the shipowner surpasses everyone on board in height and strength, he is rather deaf and likewise somewhat shortsighted, and his knowledge of seamanship is pretty much on the same level. The sailors are quarreling with one another about the piloting, each supposing he ought to pilot, although he has never learned the art and can't produce ...