Swearing Is Good for You by Emma Byrne

Swearing Is Good for You

In a sparkling debut in the entertaining pop science vein of Mary Roach, scientist Emma Byrne examines the latest research to show how swearing can be good for you. She reveals how swearing has been around since the earliest humans began to communicate, and has been shown to reduce physical pain, to lower anxiety, to prevent physical violence, to help trauma victims recover language, and to promote human cooperation. Packed with the results of un...

Details Swearing Is Good for You

TitleSwearing Is Good for You
Release DateJan 23rd, 2018
PublisherW. W. Norton Company
GenreNonfiction, Science, Humanities, Language, Psychology

Reviews Swearing Is Good for You

  • Stacee
    As someone who loves the f-word, I was instantly intrigued by this book. I enjoyed getting various bits of the history of swearing and seeing different scientific experiments and team building activities. I especially enjoyed the chapter on ladies who swear. There were a few sections that did get a little dry, but there was a lot of humor and the science wasn’t too overly science-y. Overall, it was an interesting topic and learning a few new wo...
  • Jesica DeHart
    Hell yeah! Finally some fucking proof to what my gut has been declaring for years. There is something exuberantly cathartic and empowering about releasing tension, frustration and any emotion with a string of some salty expletives! Thank you for making it official.
  • Kat
    Thank you to Netgalley and W. W. Norton & Company for an E-ARC of this novel.I must say I didn't give this book much credit before I read it because 1) new author (always skeptical) and 2) the title seemed a little hard to believe. Emma Byrne does an excellent job on making a case for the science behind bad language. The history of swearing and how is benefits our health is quite incredible. Byrne states in her novel that "swearing has helped to ...
  • Perry
    Excellent book on the power and utility of swearing. I gave swearing up for awhile when I thought "go away" and "nonsense" were as good as F-off and BS, but there is power in the swears.
  • Dcorney
    I really enjoyed reading this - it's a nice mix funny anecdotes and clear examples of recent research about swearing, from neuroscience, workplace studies, gender studies and so on. I loved the explanations of why we swear (such as avoiding violence, team-bonding) that go beyond just describing how people swear.
  • Candice
    “Swearing is Good for You” surpasses simple humor or personal validation. Emma Byrne has included chapters on; neuroscience, pain perception, Tourette’s syndrome, workplace swearing, other primates that swear, gender differences and swearing in other languages. I found her book thorough and well-written. My favorite part of the book is her explanation of British cursing. I will now have a much greater appreciation for BBC television program...
  • Bibi
    The title itself caught my attention immediately. The author gives a lot of info, and I have to say it was quite thought provoking. I had so many moments where I thought,”wow....that makes a lot of sense.” A good read for those that aren’t offended by certain words....if you are, well I guess stay away, unless you’re open-minded, in which case, give this book a read.**I received an ARC via Edelweiss+ in exchange for an honest review.** ...
  • Tom
    Goodreads giveaway winner...Thank you!
  • Melissa
    Very interesting insights into some of the recent evolution of swearing.