Lighthouse Beach by Shelley Noble

Lighthouse Beach

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shelley Noble comes a heartrending and uplifting novel about friendship, love, and what we’re willing to sacrifice for our dreams.What was supposed to be an idyllic wedding leads to an unexpected journey of self-discovery… When Lillo Gray pulls up to Kennebunkport’s most exclusive hotel wearing a borrowed dress and driving a borrowed VW van, she knows she’s made a big mistake. She’s n...

Details Lighthouse Beach

TitleLighthouse Beach
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Lighthouse Beach

  • Jessica
    Review to come on June 4th as part of a blog tour. Stay tuned :)
  • Sheyla ✎
    The Lighthouse Beach reunites Lillo Gray and her friend Jessica Parker after years apart. Jess has invited Lillo to her wedding. Lillo and Jess met when they were teenagers. Jess was sent to fat camp by her horrible parents despite not being fat. Now, the same parents are forcing her to marry a not-so-nice guy. Between Lillo and Jessica's two college friends, Diana and Allie, they'll steal the bride away and drive towards Lillo's town, Lighthouse...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    To be reviewed over at
  • Tanja ~ KT Book Reviews
    Friendship and fun. Lighthouse Beach is easy to put down and pick up again with a sweetness that makes this a perfect book for summer. Follow us on KT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinteresttumblrYouTubeBook BabblersInstagram
  • Chanel Cleeton
    A heartfelt and witty celebration of friendship and love, Shelley Noble takes readers on an unforgettable journey as she provides the ultimate beach escape. Lighthouse Beach is the perfect read for summer!
  • Zili
    I received a copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review!What I say: Lighthouse Beach is many things. It's sweet, inspirational, happy, sad and fun all at once. Focusing on love and friendship, it tells the story or stories of Jess, Lillo, Allie and Diana, oh and of course a wedding (ish)! We see numerous secrets uncovered along the way, a certain revelation threw me for a loop, whilst others made me smile (not sure w...
  • Gaele
    Jess’ wedding is her chance to catch up with friends, celebrate and enjoy her next chapter at the exclusive Kennebunkport hotel. Bringing in her friends Diana and Allie, and reconnecting with a friend from her fat-camp stay, Lillo, gives Jess a reason to forget her doubts and move on. Yet, nothing is as simple as all that – Lillo is wondering why, after all these years, she and Jess would have anything in common, particularly when she knows t...
  • Kate Olson
    Thanks to TLC Book Tours and the publisher for this free review copy!A canceled wedding + an impromptu road trip + a seaside town + a group of 4 women just trying to figure life out ~ this is a recipe for a light, enjoyable read for fans of women's fiction and romance stories. The setting is delightful and I loved the descriptions of the town and the various characters who live there. I gave this a 3 star rating simply because of the wording used...
  • Catherine Mack
    I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway. I always enjoy books where the characters go through some sort of self discovery and this book has plenty of that! The characters are well developed with lots of background history making them who they are in the story. This book could easily have a part two. Would love to know what happens next! Certainly a great book to take to the beach this summer.
  • Theresa
    Won this book through Goodreads Giveaway. 3 women attend the wedding of a mutual friend and runaway with the bride before the nuptials. All 4 women have a story and on Lighthouse Island they help each other face whatever is holding them back.
  • Liz
    Was a fast read filled with characters I liked. A little pat , but that is what one expects in this type of read. I found it to be enjoyable, well written and mostly would enjoy seeing what happens to all the characters next. I also would be interested in the back stories of some of the characters, what led them to the person they are now.
  • Cara Ross
    When 3 women attend the wedding of a friend, little did they know that within 24 hours, everything would have changed! But that is exactly what happened to Lillo, Jess, Allie, and Diana.I have to say, that when I started out reading Lighthouse Beach, I thought it was going to be a funny, light-hearted book, but it is more than that! It's inspiring, funny, heartbreaking, confidence building story about new and old friendships, hidden pasts, secre...
  • Ann
    This was a wonderful story of 5 women finding their way. Lillo is heading to Jess's wedding. She hasn't seen Jess since they were together in fat camp during their teens. Jess is marrying the man her family has hand picked for her. Diana and Allie are college friends of Jess and are sure Jess is making a mistake. When Jess and her friends catch the groom to be in a car with a waitress they hightail it away to Lighthouse Beach and Lillo's small co...
  • Lynn (Ellesea Loves Reading)
    4.5 starsI found the beginning of the narrative a little slow as it struggled to hold my by attention as I began my first Shelley Noble novel. However, by the time I reached Chapter Three, Lighthouse Beach had more than piqued my curiosity. Especially as the bride of the society wedding along with Lillo and two other friends make a dash from their hotel to escape the wedding!Lillo Grey was surprised when she received an invitation to the wedding ...
  • Melissa
    Shelley Noble has, over the years, become one of my favorite writers of “beach books,” as most of her novels are set in coastal locations. (I grew up on the Jersey shore, and it’s still the home of my heart, so even when a story takes place in Maine, as Lighthouse Beach does, I feel like I’m visiting the beaches of my childhood.)In this book, she combines two of my favorite things: beach settings, and women supporting other women, which m...
  • Misty (Red's Romance Review's)
    When an invitation lands in her mailbox for her long lost friends wedding Lillo Gray wasn't quite sure what to think of it, they haven't spoken since they were teens and to hear from her like this out of blue is quite peculiar. They met at fat camp when they were fourteen, and made an instant connection, bonded over things and became inseparable for the duration of the summer. But then time passed and they moved on with their lives, and drifted f...
  • Ruthie Taylor
    ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is a really, really good read. It is a nice chunky length and leaves you satisfied but also wanting more, in the way that you can make some happy assumptions, but still hanker for certainty - I would definitely read a follow up if one were offered! We meet a wide cast of characters, but concentrate mainly on an unlikely quartet of women. They have all come together f...
  • Gmr
    What started out as the story of a runaway bride, turns into a tale of four women repairing wounds they didn't know existed, and discovering the true selves they want to be.Women's Fiction stories, or even Contemporary Romance novels for that matter, can be fickle creatures. More often they follow a formula of certain character types, storylines, issue parameters, and the eventual TADA, happily-ever-after moment....not so much here, but in the BE...
  • Megan Oneail
    ⭐⭐⭐ of 5 Stars So I was excited about this book for two reasons. 1) it takes place in Maine, which is my home state and very dear to my heart. 2) there is a classic VW bus, which makes me so happy because I drive a classic VW beetle, and therefore they are my tribe. So this has the makings for a great read already. However, I found myself a bit bogged down by the many characters, the frequently changing POVs, the overlapping storylines, and...
  • Kathleen Gray
    Very nice tale of four women who "run away" from a wedding and start to find themselves. Why on earth Jess continued to obey her parents and agreed to get married is beyond me but that failed union is the catalyst for the rest of the story. Each of these women- Lillo, Allie, Diana, and Jess- have had problems with men and relationships. Decamping to Lillo's house at Lighthouse Beach (and meeting Mac) is one of the best things that's happened to a...
  • Linda Marie Marsh
    I suppose i am in a minority here. I liked it. It was nice. A good summer on the beach read. But not much more..... Four women form a friendship whey they 'kidnap' a bride who doesn't want to be one, and run for the coastal home of gal- pal Lillo. ( cuz SHE has a van ) The 4 have diverse background stories, and their characters are well formed, funny and complex. What made this a fair to middlin' read is that it was such a predictable storyline ...
  • Melanie
    Lillo briefly leaves her island escape to attend the society wedding of her old friend Jess. She meets Allie and Diana, Jess' sorority sisters. She never actually meets the groom, she just sees him making out with another woman in the parking lot. All four woman leave with Lillo in her borrowed VW van and go back to Lighthouse Island. I loved the resolutions to the story lines without it being a smarmy need a man for a happily ever after.
  • Janet Friesner
    Have enjoyed all of Shelley Noble's books. Have all 12 of them. This one was a little different than some others of hers I have read. It's a story of four women all of whom have different issues in their lives who come together for a week on an island in Maine and the effect of this relationship with each other. I thought it was quite good and I do recommend it.
  • Victoria Schade
    Reading Lighthouse Beach makes you wish you could throw on a sweatshirt and watch the fog roll in with Lillo, Jess, Diana and Allie. It's a story of friendships, both new and old, confronting painful histories, and the power of community that immediately draws you in. I loved immersing myself in the world of Lighthouse Beach - the last page felt like the last day of vacation!
  • Marykaye
    This book is a nice light read for summer. It is about four friends who learn to find and love themselves again.I received this book free from Goodreads for a honest opinion.
  • Barbara Andrews
    This book was a great read. Great story great characters and some life lessons thrown in for good measure. Highly recommend this. Received this book from Goodreads First Read.
  • Mary
    Lighthouse Beach is about the friendship of 4 women in their early 30s. They’re old enough to have endured some disappointments but young enough to have retained some optimism for the future.What starts out as the wedding of one of the four ends up being an unexpected girls getaway. And what better place to spend a girls’ week than Lighthouse Beach, Maine – a place where the town’s welcome sign says “Once you visit Lighthouse Beach, lif...