This Is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay

This Is Going to Hurt

Adam Kay was a junior doctor from 2004 until 2010, before a devastating experience on a ward caused him to reconsider his future. He kept a diary throughout his training, and This Is Going to Hurt intersperses tales from the front line of the NHS with reflections on the current crisis. The result is a first-hand account of life as a junior doctor in all its joy, pain, sacrifice and maddening bureaucracy, and a love letter to those who might at an...

Details This Is Going to Hurt

TitleThis Is Going to Hurt
Release DateSep 7th, 2017
GenreNonfiction, Health, Medicine, Biography, Medical, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews This Is Going to Hurt

  • Petra Merry Eggsmas
    I finished the book. It was a mostly irreverent look at the early years of being a junior doctor, then an obstetrician, until something catastrophic happens to a patient and the author turned from medicine to writing comedy. It was an excellent read, one good anecdote after another and rather than a review I'd like to summarise two. One concerns herbal medicine and the other the very serious topic of spousal abuse and how the hospital dealt with ...
  • Emma
    A genuinely funny collection of stories from a former doctor; some so horrifying, surprising, or amusing that I had those hard-to-breathe-while-laughing moments, immediately making Audible clips and sending them to all my friends. It's not for the squeamish, be prepared for lots of blood, births, bad language, and assorted 'implements' stuck in places they really shouldn't be. Rarely have I been so impressed (if that’s the right word) by the wi...
  • Eleanor
    A petition for Jeremy Hunt (and every other politician and individual wanting cuts to the NHS) to read this book immediately. As brilliantly funny as it was emotional, distressing and heart-wrenching. We don't look after our health services enough, and I hope this book helps more people understand why that needs to change.
  • Karen
    Thanks to two longish train journeys I started and finished this book today. You can believe the blurb, it is hilarious. Properly laugh out loud funny. It's also poignant and a timely reminder of what a resource the NHS is and how it has been eaten away by politicians. You really should read this book, you'll love it. Unless you are squeamish or pregnant. If you are pregnant, wait till your baby is born then read it. If you are squeamish, read it...
  • Lucy
    Horrifying, hilarious and illuminating in equal measure.
  • Liz Janet
    Interview with author that brought the book to my attention: years I have been watching news comedy shows from the U.K., mostly Mock the Week and Russell Howard’s Good News, and in every series the panel has to dispel the opinions of some member of the conservative government about how the NHS is a cancer and the portrayal of Junior Doctors as money-grabbing and undeserving people who only seek their ...
  • Lauren
    *Unpopular opinion*This was a DNF for me. I went into this book not really knowing what to expect so it probably shouldn't come as a complete surprise then that I didn't finish it. I think this book sums up why I never went into Medicine and in order to survive in the medical world, you need to detach yourself from some pretty horrific things.Kay describes mortality in a very glib way which I suppose is accurate coming from a Doctor who deals wit...
  • Mubeen Irfan
    Have you ever read a book where you are laughing out loud every single page with a big smile on your face throughout and then choke up on the ending page? I do not know of any book where I have dropped so far down in so little time. Maybe a few Breaking Bad episodes but no book that I can recall. That is the beauty of (Dr.?) Adam Kay mic drop. I ended up googling junior doctor crises, reading up on how NHS is faring so bad after setting health ca...
  • Graham King
    What an amazing book. It's genuinely hilarious but utterly and completely devastating and heart-breaking. It has changed my perception of the NHS and junior doctors. If you are ever likely to be ill, you should read this. If you are ever likely to conceive, you should read this. If you are a woman and likely to give birth, you should read this. If you are a man and likely to spawn kids, you should read this. If you think you are ever likely to di...
  • Stacey (prettybooks)
    This is Going to Hurt is one of my favourite books of the year. If you're all over book industry news, you'll know that it just won the Non-Fiction Award and Readers Choice Award in the Books Are My Bag Readers Awards, and I'm sure they are the first of many accolades! I know that I've been recommending it to everyone I know, young and old. Continue reading this review over on Pretty Books.
  • Becky
    I came across Adam Kay when I went to see him perform his music and actually read extracts from what is now his book. I was struck at the time of the yo-yo of hilarity and heartbreak, joy and utter dejection in his narrative and the book does incredible justice to it. I am not one to get outwardly emotional when reading, but this book really shows you the hell that our wonderful NHS staff do to keep us running. You really share in Adam's high poi...
  • James Haslam
    Brutally honest and hilarious portrayal of the life of a junior doctor. It resonated with me as I graduated the same summer as Adam and Amateur Transplants were in the background to much of my junior doctoring, though mine was spent on the other side of the blood/brain barrier (Anaesthetics & Intensive Care Medicine). It was stark to see in black and white, almost from the outside, just how relentless and punishing are the experiences we encounte...
  • Andrea
    Oh yes. This is exactly as it is. A complex mixture of pain, satisfaction, desperation, joy, abandonment, loneliness, growth and hugely clever ever-present black humour necessary for survival. So funny I was literally wheezing from laughing - but underneath I was perfectly aware that if you don't laugh, you cry. And if you stop laughing, you can't stop crying.As good as House of God.
  • Klinta
    This book consists of diaries written by Adam Kay and mirrors a lot of problems, issues and sacrifices that working as a doctor in the UK means. It makes a point about NHS and the cuts that are still being made although the situation is catastrophic already. It is a heartbreaking and heartwarming book at the same time, it is funny, maybe even too funny - hiding the pain under a little chuckle. The last story in this book absolutely shattered me. ...
  • Landpomeranze
    Very easy to read, many sometimes funny, sometimes moving anecdotes. It also provides a litte insight into the health system of the UK and the horrendously overworked junior doctors. I can understand why the author turned his back on this profession he trained so long for.
  • Sharon
    Adam is an award winning comedian and writer for TV and film. Before this he was a doctor, primarily in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. This book gives a brutally honest account, written from his diaries that he kept whilst working on the wards. It has plenty of funny moments, some sad ones and a couple of cringe worthy ones when I thought ‘did he really say that’. Adam’s career came hurtling to a stop following a particularly distressing incid...
  • Colin Murtagh
    Adam Kay was a junior doctor, before giving it up for the far less stressful life of being a comedy writer and comedian. That in itself should tell you something about the state of the NHS. This follows his career as a junior doctor using his contempory diaries. He'd decided to specialise in Obs/Gyn so the majority of the book revolves round that, but this is no "Call the Midwife". While there are a lot of genuine laugh out loud moments, there's ...
  • Atiya
    This book was not lol funny it was LOL funny. Full of anecdotes of the kinds of things you see in the obs-gynae ward (like a woman who put a ring in a Kinder surprise egg which she put in her vagina for her boyfriend to find), to heartbreaking C-sections where the baby doesn not survive, Adam Kay shows the reader the world of the National Health Service with jokes and a double dose of compassion. After reading this you will go thank your mother f...
  • Margaret Madden
    Review to follow...
  • Debs Carey
    I saw a clip from the book on Twitter which tells the story of Adam Kay - when he was still Dr Kay - commenting that he was late for a Halloween party and now had no time to go home & change into his costume, whilst observing "I am currently dressed in scrubs and splattered head to toe in blood. Would it be SO wrong?" I immediately bought the book.I've raced through it and it's made me laugh out loud - quite literally - more than once. It's no wo...
  • Chris Hunt
    "I am not completely ok with this book. I understand that to a young, newly qualified doctor, some things are incredibly funny. I worked in the emergency services myself and I get it. But some of the things he says about old people and those suffering embarrassing illnesses are quite hurtful.”I watched my elderly father pass away in hospital and to think that the medical staff may have been making insensitive remarks behind his back, is particu...
  • Ting Tong
    A very witty and insightful portrayal of Kay’s life as a junior doctor. To think of all the times I’ve used the NHS and not once did I wonder if the person treating me had been awake for the last 24 hours and if they’d missed dinner plans with friends and relatives; if the strain of their work was impacting on their personal relationships, if their workload was overbearing, if they were stressed or had even eaten that day. The working condi...
  • Muna Ibrahim
    NO SPOILERS JUST AN HONEST REVIEW. I absolutely loved reading this book after seeing Adam Kay appear on Russell Howard's 'Good news ‘to promote it. I've never read a non-fiction book before, I always thought that they were boring and unappealing (I don't know where that biased point of view came from) however, I am now pleased to say that I will never make that mistake again. ‘This is going to hurt’ is written in a diary format (without all...
  • Adeeb
    This isn't a book that I would read on a normal basis. What would draw me to a non-fiction book written by an ex-doctor. And on top of that, he takes a comedic approach to it...Not Adeeb at all.But I was curious about the hype and honestly the cover and title made me want to read it. Yeah, good marketing there. Anyway, thank you BookishDubai for recommendation.I was pleasantly surprised with this book. True, it wasn't something I would read on a ...
  • Julie
    This is the second book I read this year that I wish I had written (and, had I kept a diary, I probably could have - except the horrific penis-related injury I treated was not a de-gloving, but a fracture).I'm a *junior* doctor, and his stories of life, death and everything in between just sound so reassuringly familiar. It's kinda nice to know that somebody else has been there, done that, got the T-shirt and got it stained by blood almost immedi...
  • Alex
    We truly undervalue our NHS staff. We moan about the long queues, we tut at the industrial action by the staff, we brand them greedy and inefficient, we sue them when things go wrong, and despite this they keep showing up at a great emotional and financial determent to themselves so that we can be healthy. Medical staff put themselves at constant risk of infection and literally all of them will have back problems yet the incredibly humane spark i...
  • Katy
    Waiting five hours for an ambulance to arrive? Stuck outside A & E because the corridors are full? Or perhaps you've been waiting eight hours to be seen by someone even a little bit qualified? Whatever your situation is, this book WILL get you through. This book should, in all honesty, be on prescription to 'cut down on the antibiotics' or, instead of dog eared decade old editions of Hare and Hounds, these should be lying on the table in your GP ...
  • Katy
    I knew junior doctors work hard, but I don't think I really appreciated just how hard until I read this book. It's done in a way that is funny, but still deals with hard hitting reality. It has a fast pace and that helps reflect the world it describes. I can't recommend it highly enough. Thanks to the man for lending it to me.
  • Victoria
    Very funny and very insightful, even if pregnancy and childbirth is not my favourite topic. It is an absolute scandal how our medical professionals are being treated by our current government. 100% recommend this book.