This Is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay

This Is Going to Hurt

Adam Kay was a junior doctor from 2004 until 2010, before a devastating experience on a ward caused him to reconsider his future. He kept a diary throughout his training, and This Is Going to Hurt intersperses tales from the front line of the NHS with reflections on the current crisis. The result is a first-hand account of life as a junior doctor in all its joy, pain, sacrifice and maddening bureaucracy, and a love letter to those who might at an...

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TitleThis Is Going to Hurt
Release DateSep 7th, 2017
GenreNonfiction, Medical, Biography, Health, Medicine, Audiobook, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews This Is Going to Hurt

  • Emma
    A genuinely funny collection of stories from a former doctor; some so horrifying, surprising, or amusing that I had those hard-to-breathe-while-laughing moments, immediately making Audible clips and sending them to all my friends. It's not for the squeamish, be prepared for lots of blood, births, bad language, and assorted 'implements' stuck in places they really shouldn't be. Rarely have I been so impressed (?) by the willingness of individuals ...
  • Eleanor
    A petition for Jeremy Hunt (and every other politician and individual wanting cuts to the NHS) to read this book immediately. As brilliantly funny as it was emotional, distressing and heart-wrenching. We don't look after our health services enough, and I hope this book helps more people understand why that needs to change.
  • Margaret Madden
    Review to follow...
  • Becky
    I came across Adam Kay when I went to see him perform his music and actually read extracts from what is now his book. I was struck at the time of the yo-yo of hilarity and heartbreak, joy and utter dejection in his narrative and the book does incredible justice to it. I am not one to get outwardly emotional when reading, but this book really shows you the hell that our wonderful NHS staff do to keep us running. You really share in Adam's high poi...
  • Atiya
    This book was not lol funny it was LOL funny. Full of anecdotes of the kinds of things you see in the obs-gynae ward (like a woman who put a ring in a Kinder surprise egg which she put in her vagina for her boyfriend to find), to heartbreaking C-sections where the baby doesn not survive, Adam Kay shows the reader the world of the National Health Service with jokes and a double dose of compassion. After reading this you will go thank your mother f...
  • Karen
    Thanks to two longish train journeys I started and finished this book today. You can believe the blurb, it is hilarious. Properly laugh out loud funny. It's also poignant and a timely reminder of what a resource the NHS is and how it has been eaten away by politicians. You really should read this book, you'll love it. Unless you are squeamish or pregnant. If you are pregnant, wait till your baby is born then read it. If you are squeamish, read it...
  • Rich
    (3.5/5.0) This is not a book, but mere compilation of notes, that have been somehow made like texts with proper structure.I wasn't even going to rate it good, since most of the time wasn't getting to a point, but stating how awful Adam Kay's life was... But in the end, the last speech got me.MY LIFE AS A DOCTOR IS AT THE SAME TIME SO SIMILAR BUT SO DIFFERENT FROM WHAT HE EXPERIENCED. And I am afraid that even if I could cope with my situations di...
  • Mubeen Irfan
    Have you ever read a book where you are laughing out loud every single page with a big smile on your face throughout and then choke up on the ending page? I do not know of any book where I have dropped so far down in so little time. Maybe a few Breaking Bad episodes but no book that I can recall. That is the beauty of (Dr.?) Adam Kay mic drop. I ended up googling junior doctor crises, reading up on how NHS is faring so bad after setting health ca...
  • Debs Carey
    I saw a clip from the book on Twitter which tells the story of Adam Kay - when he was still Dr Kay - commenting that he was late for a Halloween party and now had no time to go home & change into his costume, whilst observing "I am currently dressed in scrubs and splattered head to toe in blood. Would it be SO wrong?" I immediately bought the book.I've raced through it and it's made me laugh out loud - quite literally - more than once. It's no wo...
  • Michelle Rudd
    Bloody, brilliantEx RGN here. Hooray for Dr Kay. The profession eats its young and the politicos shovel more and more onto the plate. I am immensely proud of the NHS, even running as it does on goodwill and duct tape. It's not negotiable, it's not for sale, and we should nurture and protect it and the people who keep it running, like Dr Kay here who,it seems, is a tragic loss to his chosen profession. But an excellent writer. Tragedy and politics...
  • Chrys
    Taken from the diary of a junior doctor, this no holds barred memoir is eye opening, shocking and extremely well written with plenty of gallows humour.It's terrifying to think that his experiences were more than 10 years ago and that the NHS and it's doctors are experiencing even poorer conditions with things looking likely to deteriorate further.I'm really hoping that this title gets the exposure that it deserves and helps to educate people, it'...
  • Lizbet
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, had planned to keep for holiday as a casual read book but read it in two sittings!! Made me laugh and cry, I suspect you are a huge loss to your patients (clients!!). I wholeheartedly agree with the comments at the end of this book, I am a recently early retired NHS worker with an overworked paediatric sister for a daughter in law. I am so fearful of what is happening right under everyone's nose, we have no concept...
  • yvette aldridge
    Great bookAn amazingly great read. Tears of sadness in places but there were lots of things that really made me laugh loudly. But it highlights just how badly the NHS treats junior doctors - and this was 10 years ago and things have just got worse since then.Our NHS is a wonderful thing but is brutally overstretched and Adam's memoirs describe these struggles in enough detail but without the constant requirement of skating the service in every ot...
  • John
    A genuine funny harrowing poignant read with laugh out moments and genuine heartbreaking moments. Makes you value even more the work junior doctors and all the NHS and if you dont support our NHS and support junior doctors and nurses in their campaigns im not sure what well....the final chapter is just so sad with the brilliant open letter to Jeremy Hunt . Well worth reading for anyone interested in our NHS or thinks junior doctors are overstatin...
  • Laura
    An eye opening, belly achingly funny, inspiring, honest and heartbreaking account of what it's like to be a junior doctor and the pressure and lifestyle that comes with it. I will never look at a doctor in the same way again - the job they have to do for the money they get paid is just shocking. I knew it was bad but not this bad...I think this should be required reading for everyone, everywhere. It's a landmark of a book.
  • Zoë
    The sort of book where you read out excerpts to anyone who will listen, so funny and bitter sweet is Adam Kay's memoir. Also a memoir I believe to be hugely important as war is waged on the UK's junior doctors and our NHS. Read it if you can it's the sort of book you can devour in one or two sittings but leaves a lasting impact.
  • Fiona
    This book is recommended for everyone who loves stories about the foibles and peculiarities of peopleThis book is a must-read for those who love the NHS, and feel for the people working in itThis book should be a mandatory educational text for anyone who thinks Jeremy Hunt is right about doctors, and that privatising the NHS 'a bit' wouldn't hurt.A fuck-off big lesson in how not to be a dick when a whole series of cunts line up in front of you an...
  • David Robinson
    A book marred by foul language.Interesting enough to read, but spoiled by needless obscenities. Trying to be a big boy does not work. Sad waste of effort on author's part by making book unpleasant to read. He needs to grow up properly.
  • Mark Poulson
    A well written, honest funny account of life as a doctor and the cost. Read in one sitting. Should be mandatory for all people wanting to study medicine. Despite it all, there's nothing I'd rather do.
  • Clara Owen
    I received this book at an event on Wednesday, started reading it the next day on my break, and finished it that very same evening. That's just how good this book is.Rarely does a book give me genuine "laugh out loud" moments, but Kay had me helplessly spluttering on several occasions. Actually, make that many occasions. If you want light hospital humour, then dip in and out of this book and enjoy every moment you spend with it. Equally, if you'r...
  • Ian Mason
    Incredibly funny, poignant dissection of life as a junior medic in Obs&Gynae. Heart-breaking in places and unputdownable.
  • Leah
    An incredible book - heartfelt, funny, and so important.
  • Laura Elizabeth
    Incredible book. Funny, insightful, emotional. A fantastic representation of a struggling profession.
  • Alistair James
    The funniest book I have read in ages, right up to the end, which was so tragically sad.
  • Rory Foye McCarthy
    A masterpiece, the funniest book ever written
  • Patricia
    Fascinating and scary and sad. What a mess the NHS is.
  • Lauren Tainsh
    Absolutely brilliant
  • Amelia Payne
    Fabulously funny and truthfulAbsolutely wonderful book that truly does sum up what it's like to be a doctor. A must read for anyone who works or uses the nhs!
  • Kehinde Brown
    That's not cheddar, Rose!! Loved it! Insightful, humble and full of heart, oh and it will really make you laugh!
  • Colin Butcher
    Funny, revealing thought changing and well written. Put it on your must read list it really is an incredible book. If you don't laugh until you cry then you are made of ice