Blood Truth by Matt Coyle

Blood Truth

A hard-boiled PI novel for fans of Raymond Chandler, Ross MacDonald and Dashiell Hammett. From Anthony Award Winning and best-selling author Matt Coyle, the fourth in the Rick Cahill series.Rick Cahill has long feared the truth about his own blood—the blood of his father coursing through his veins.When a long-hidden safe unlocks clues about why his father was kicked off the police force twenty-seven years ago and then spiraled into an early dru...

Details Blood Truth

TitleBlood Truth
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherOceanview Publishing
GenreMystery, Fiction, Detective

Reviews Blood Truth

  • Karl
    I was a bit confused as to what ‘officially’ constitutes a P.I. novel, so I looked it up. The rules, according to ‘The Private Eye Writers of America’ organization, for Shamus award nomination is – “In general, the PWA defines a "private eye" as any mystery protagonist who is a professional investigator, but not a police officer or government agent. The full definition is, and I quote, "a person paid for investigative work but not emp...
  • Paul Falk
    I was provided this ARC compliments of NetGalley. My appreciation sent to Oceanside Publishing for making this available. An unbiased review of this narrative follows.The author, in his usual style, charged forward, full speed ahead in this fourth installment of the Rick Cahill series. The narrative of this unfortunate, sad sack's self-destructive life continued to spiral downward with non-stop action. The protagonist continued to insert himself ...
  • Dave
    Storytelling is a skill and Coyle has got it. This book is one that is easy to get into and keeps you interested till the end. It’s a story about bitterness and dying inside day by day. Its a story about wondering who your father really was inside and what the clues about him really mean. Was a hero or a crook? It’s a story about swindlers, cheats, and conspiracies. It’s a private eye story set in the modern age in San Diego and La Jolla wi...
  • Lena♥Ribka
    What I really like in the Rick Cahill Series , is a perfect pace of the plot. The author knows EXACTLY how to keep your attention: melancholic quite parts alternate with pure actions at a dizzying speed. It is why I recommend you not to start this book late in the evening if you have a list to do on the next early morning – there is a high risk that you'll stay awake and read the whole night through.And what I REALLY love is of course – the m...
  • Col
    Synopsis/blurb......A hard-boiled PI novel for fans of Raymond Chandler, Ross MacDonald and Dashiell Hammett.Rick Cahill has long feared the truth about his own blood - the blood of his father coursing through his veins. When a long-hidden safe unlocks clues about why his father was kicked off the police force twenty-seven years ago and then spiraled into an early drunken death, Rick determines to find the truth even if it proves the one thing he...
  • Sarah
    This is the fourth in the Rick Cahill P.I. series and for me, the most emotionally-charged. Rick investigates two cases, both involving loved ones so already, you know there’s a lot at stake. One case involves Kim, his ex-girlfriend, who hires Rick to confirm her suspicions that her husband is having an affair. The other dredges up Rick’s long-suppressed shame of his deceased father, a disgraced cop, when a safe is discovered in his childhood...
  • InD'tale Magazine
    4.5/5.0Rick Cahill is complex character with many layers. He fights for truth and justice and may bend the rules a bit to get the answers he needs.Read full review in the 2017 November issue of InD'tale Magazine.
  • Abby Slater- Fairbrother
    I am completely new to the writing of Matt Coyle, but I am a huge fan of American noir. I love the crime fiction novels that revolve around specific divisions of the justice system or like this one, feature an intriguing PI. Rick Cahill is the (PI) private investigator, he is the son of a rumoured disgraced police officer. Nobody has ever uncovered the truth, and this has burdened Cahill all his life. He deals with feelings of shame and self-hatr...
  • Nancy
    Read on Netgalley. Rick Cahill PI receives a call from a man who has torn down the house where Rick grew up and found a safe in the wall. Rick goes to pick it up and has an old .25 pistol and $15,000 in hundred dollar bills. There is a safe deposit box key also and so the mystery begins. All of this has something to do with his dad's leaving the La Joya PD 28 years ago and a still unsolved murder from that time. About the same time he is hired by...
  • Maddie Margarita
    BLOOD TRUTH is hard boiled California noir served over easy. Author Matt Coyle saddles disgraced ex-cop turned P.I. Rick Cahill with more than enough tragedy to sustain him through brief moments of joy (okay a Yeats rip-off here.) Unintentionally heroic and emotionally stunted –especially when it comes to relationships – Rick struggles under the weight of his failures and those of his father before him. So, when evidence surfaces that makes h...
  • Karen Turner
    Definately a must read. Received the book as an arc from netgalley for an honest review. Trying to solve a cold case is not an easy task.
  • 3 no 7
    “Blood Truth” by Matt Coyle is part of the Rick Cahill series, but it is not necessary to have read the previous books to absolutely love this one. Any background information a new reader might need is included as part of the narrative without spending pages and pages unnecessarily rehashing the previous books. Rick Cahill is a former police officer turned PI who is haunted by his past. Coyle takes us inside Rick Cahill’s head as he tries t...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Oceanview Publishing for a review copy of Blood Truth, the fourth novel in the La Jolla based PI Rick Cahill series.Rick is a busy man. His ex, Kim, has hired him to find out if her new husband, Jeff, is having an affair. Keen to protect Kim he investigates further than he strictly has to and uncovers something more than affair although he's not quite sure what that something is. In the meantime the owner of hi...
  • Tim
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley to read an review.BLOOD TRUTH by Matt Coyle is the 4th book in the Rick Cahill Series (the first novel in the series that I’ve read to date), and opens with a scene from his childhood playing catch in the yard with his father after he’s cut the grass, and after being hit by a ball that takes a bad bounce, his perfectionist and stubborn nature is revealed, along with a glimpse...
  • Maranda
    Detective series about Rick Cahill. This was a stand-alone read that gumshoe Cahill kept moving on a mission of a personal nature. Lost Love Kim Parker needs PI Cahill to trail her husband who she suspects is having an affair. Childhood demons of his father Charles haunt Rick when a hidden safe is discovered. Police could be called to assist but which one would help out and which one will prove fatal. Wanted more about Rick's side kick detective ...
  • Cathy
    Loved this book, it reminded me of the old TV shows: Columbo, Rockford Files, etc. Lots of twists and turns as Rick Cahill sets out to clear his father's name and solve a few murders along the way.I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway.
  • David
    The best noir crime thriller of 2017!
  • Joyce
    4 starsOur story opens with Rick going to his old home where he lived with his now deceased father. The current owner is remodeling and found a safe under the floor. He wants Rick to have it.He then gets a call from a former girlfriend Kim who is now married. She wants him to follow her husband Jeffrey to ascertain if he is cheating on her. Reluctantly, Rick takes the case. In no time at all Rick and Moria his sometimes assistant track the man to...
  • Kathy
    This was my first experience with Matt Coyle's Rick Cahill series and I LOVED it!! Not having read any of the prior books in the series did not diminish my enjoyment of this book one bit.Blood Truth has Rick, a disgraced former policeman and now a straight-shooting, get-it-done PI, taking a case for a former could-have-married-her girlfriend, as well as following an unexpected lead that may finally tell him the truth about his father.Rick is brou...
  • Jud Hanson
    La Jolla PI Rick Cahill makes his living mainly by investigating adultery cases, until one day he gets a call from workers at his former home. It seems they’ve discovered a safe behind a hidden panel in a closet that belonged to his now-deceased father. Cahill has to have the safe opened by a pro. Inside is a key to a safe deposit box. When he finally manages to view the contents of the safe deposit box, he is shocked. He finds a Saturday Night...
  • J.D. Dehart
    Author Matt Coyle knows how to write suspense well. At its center, this book is the story of a father and son, but it's also a mystery that takes many of the classic elements associated with this genre and transports them to a contemporary place.What worked best for me about Blood Truth is Coyle's use of first-person to build the tension in the story. We get to know this character (Rick Cahill) very well, and we get to know precisely what he is t...
  • Pamela
    Matt Coyle has developed an intriguing protagonist, Rick Cahill. He is a PI, formerly with the LAPD. The reader senses his disgrace and depression, although we don't know the cause. The reader is privy to something lurking in his background and his relationships that leave him damaged and desolate. This is the first Cahill book I have read; I am quite sure that these characters traits/flaws were fleshed out in the beginning of the series ( this i...
  • Jean Jenkins
    Rick Cahill, PI, is a man on a precipice, held there by the past, reluctant to meet his future, a man resigned to living day-by-day but champing at the bit to be free of ugly rumors and a dark past. Once again, trouble lands in Cahill's lap. A cop from his old PD is the latest victim. Suicide, say the cops. No way, says his sexy widow. Cahill is hired to prove or disprove--and he'll do almost anything for a pretty lady. Author Matt Coyle's writin...
  • Jay Williams
    Rick Cahill's on-going struggles with the La Jolla Police Department, his ex-wife, his former girlfriend and a PI colleague add sparkles of interest to a case that begins with a simple request to check up on his former girlfriend's husband and grows to a conflagration of murders, bribes, treachery, and elements of Rick's father's past problems. The style of writing is clear and follows a distinct timeline. The characters are unique and developed ...
  • Mel
    Book #4 in the series (Rick Cahill). I haven't read the previous 3 but I don't think it was neccessary. Fast paced and engrossing from the beginning this book is about Rick trying to solve a cold case involving his father from decades ago. As he tries to solve his personal history he works on cases as a PI and gets reinvolved with an old flame. The story has twists, turns and keep you on your toes wondering what is going to happen next. Definitel...
  • Diane Plant
    Thanks to the publisher for the chance to read and review this book.An excellent book. Just where do these authors go to find the plots they put into their stories. This one led me from the past and running along with the now and back and forward and not losing me along the way. Very entertaining and readable.
  • Edie
    i read this after requesting from NetGalley.. it was a ARC. .The book was a great read...i enjoyed the characters, the plot and the scene. there were a few typos I noticed, but really insignificant.... apparently this ia number four, in a series about PI Rick Cahill, but in all honesty, a new reader to the series could pick this book up and br able to follow and enjoy it right away!
  • Laura
    How have I missed Matt Coyle??? Blood Truth was a fantastic read, full of crime and investigative twists and turns and for a newbie to the Rick Cahill saga, fully followable. Looks like I have a new author to get well and truly stuck into, I could not be happier!This was a Netgalley ARC copy but the review is all MINE!
  • Norma
    ( Format : audiobook )"Even more than the truth."Rick's father had been a cop for 22 years, respected by all and loved and admired by his son. Until suddenly, after the killing of a man named Phelps, a murder still unsolved 28 years later, Charlie Cahill was suspected of being dirty, of taking mob money, and dismissed from the force. He turned to drink, his wife left him, and he spiralled downwards to die an alcoholic just 8 years later. By then ...
  • Amy
    As soon as I finish this review I am looking up every other book in the Rick Cahill series and any writing by author Matt Coyle. This book was amazing! Yes, it is #4 in a series, but I read as a stand alone without any issues. Rick Cahill is a bad*** PI and this story begins with two different story lines that seems worlds apart but somehow Matt Coyle tells this story flawlessly and ties everything together. I don't want to give too much away but...