Dog Man and Cat Kid (Dog Man, #4) by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man and Cat Kid (Dog Man, #4)

Hot diggity dog! Dog Man, the newest hero from Dav Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants, is back -- and this time he's not alone. The heroic hound with a real nose for justice now has a furry feline sidekick, and together they have a mystery to sniff out! When a new kitty sitter arrives and a glamorous movie starlet goes missing, it's up to Dog Man and Cat Kid to save the day! Will these heroes stay hot on the trail, or will Petey, the World...

Details Dog Man and Cat Kid (Dog Man, #4)

TitleDog Man and Cat Kid (Dog Man, #4)
Release DateDec 26th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Humor, Childrens

Reviews Dog Man and Cat Kid (Dog Man, #4)

  • Mary Lee
    You can just about hear Dav Pilkey laughing out loud to himself as he writes these. I mean, really. Allusions to Faulkner? A robot named 80-HD? (say it out loud so you, too, can get the joke)
  • Colby Sharp
    Cat Kid is becoming one of my all-time favorite Dav Pilkey characters!
  • Elizabeth Banville
    1. n/a2. First Grade3. This book is about the hero dog man and his new sidekick cat kid. A movie star goes missing and they must save her. Petey, the most evil cat gets in their way of saving the day.4. This book is appropriate for young children because there are few words. I think the illustrations of this book are great for children because they are not the most extravagant. I also think this book allows children to open their creative mind.5....
  • Kristy McRae
    My son is still loving Dog Man! (Me, too!)
  • Mary Beth
    I love when John Steinbeck references are mixed in with fart jokes.
  • Sarah
    *Reviewing this as a school librarian for how I think the kids will like the book.*Graphic novel style book with lots of child level gags and humor (including one illustration of a humanized taco's backside). Bright, colorful illustrations will engage the kids. This is not a book that is intended to offer deep insight into life but it does have several messages for the young reader. First, is not giving up on being the best person you can be even...
  • Daniel Aklilu
    I would read this book for anything
  • Juan
    The best one yet and there's even an homage to Ultraman! Love it!
  • Shauna Yusko
    OMG, I adore Cat Kid!
  • Keith Stone
  • Flora
    I used to love reading Captain Underpants when I was little, until my mother forced me to stop because they were "too immature."Imagine my glee when, a decade later, I find a comic book by the same authors in the university bookstore.This was my first time reading any of the Dog Man series. I was genuinely surprised to find references to classic literature, and some rather cute puns (e.g. the robot named 80-HD). At the same time, the characters s...
  • Julie Kirchner
    I have to say this Dog Man had me laughing out loud and reading parts to my husband and son. Dav’s humorous graphic novel, the fourth in this series, will be another huge hit in our library. We can’t keep these books on the shelf and this installment will be the same. Can’t wait to share with students when we return from winter break next week.
  • Mrs. Krajewski
    Big fans of Cat Kid over here!
  • Lauren S
    Out of all the Dog Man's so far, this is by far my favorite one. I think that this one and book 3 actually have good story lines and are interesting to read. I can't remember what book 1 & 2 were about, but I can clearly remember book 3 and now obviously book 4. I'll be interested to see what book 5 is about!
  • Angela
    supa funny "But he's the best cop we've got!!!"
  • Theresa Grissom
    My 4th grade son says this edition is his favorite so far. I liked it but it wasn't one of my favorites. The students in my library cannot wait until I can get copies of this book for them! The most popular series in my library.
  • Sarah
    I read an ARC of this, and I know my students are going to like it just as much as the others in the series!
  • Vinit Patki
  • Amber Johnson
    One awesome sires🤩🤩
  • Ms. Yingling
    Copy received from Young Adult Books CentralWhen Petey's clone shows up on Dog Man's doorstep, the super crime fighter takes him in. Of course, caring for a kitten capable of fixing robots takes some work, and when he is often late for work, Dog Man is glad to hire a nanny... who turns out to be Petey in disguise. Cat Kid gets sucked into Petey's evil plans even though he does not seem to have the same psychological make up as the evil super vill...
  • Lynley
    Has Dav Pilkey sold rights to the movie franchise, because if so that would make this book truly meta. In this story Dog Man gets his own movie. A more muscular version of himself turns up, and a sexified version of Sarah Hatoff turns up too. This Spanish-speaking stand-in immediately becomes an object of sexual desire (and I wonder what Latina readers think about that particular stereotype.) Dog Man enjoys getting his stomach rubbed by this sexy...
  • Jackie
    After Harold and George are forced to read the old-timey book, East of Eden. they get an idea for their new Dog Man adventure....a classic tale (or is it tail?) of good vs. evil ensues. When a famous Hollywood producer wants to make a Dog Man movie, a lot of shenanigans happen since Petey the Cat is enraged. Battles are fought, but good always wins in the end. Full of humor, potty jokes, and word puns. Full for all!
  • Joyce
    Last book so far. Looking forward to new one. Enjoy reading them with grandson. :)
  • Tyler Jones
    I confess on seeing the title of the latest epic Dog Man book, I said to myself, "Looks like Dog Man is going to jump the shark!" I could not have been more wrongerer. Here, in this wonderful cavalcade of silliness, Pilkey tackles the tricky question of destiny vs free-will better than Kant could. Well anyway, I liked it.
  • Emily Traasdahl
    Good book.
  • Snazzy Reads
    Liked it enough that I'll definitely read the next one.
  • Nicole Rembert
    My 7 year old loves Dogman. It is absolutely hilarious. Seriously 80-HD?? Lmao!! This book is definitely geared towards the younger kids K-1st grade, kids with a higher reading level will find it interesting. This books allows children to use their imagination and explore humor and comic book style books.
  • Amber Scaife
    Another silly/funny installment in the Dog Man series. Charlie is a huge fan and his giggles make me a fan of these, too.
  • Jenna Grodzicki
    My 7 year old son and I thoroughly enjoyed the latest installment in the Dog Man series. In this adventure, a movie based on Dog Man's life is set to be filmed, cleverly titled "The Dog Man." But filming will not go smoothly, if Petey has anything to say about it! Get ready to laugh out loud with Dog Man and Cat Kid!