Harry Potter by Monique Peterson

Harry Potter

Discover the wands of your favorite Harry Potter characters.In the Harry Potter films, each wand is as unique as the witch or wizard who wields it. From Hermione Granger’s elegant, vine-wrapped wand to the bone-inlaid wands of the Death Eaters, each was designed and crafted by the filmmakers to reflect its owner’s identity.Harry Potter: The Wand Collection is a visual guide to these magical wands, their makers, and the characters who mastered...

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TitleHarry Potter
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
PublisherInsight Editions

Reviews Harry Potter

  • Andreas Porwanto
    What a fun read! And I got to see dem gorgeous wands 😍
  • Rebekka Hindbo
    This was so interesting! A lot of the information about the characters I knew, but it was fun to know more about wands and what the actors thought about their wands :D
  • Lisa
    This is so interesting for a Harry Potter fan. It has a list of all of the main characters and shows their wands and does a little blerb for each one. Some of the stuff you may have known and some stuff maybe not.
  • Rosie Vince
    I really enjoyed this book lots of information about the wands, how they were made, how the characters used them and wand chirography. Worth the money and a great gift for a Harry Potter fan.
  • Ellie Wyatt
    this is SUCH a beautiful book, and so interesting!
  • Sarah Russell
    Shame about the ‘sorcerers stone’ references from a British franchise and the black pages that attract far too many finger marks...
  • Valentina Christod
    *3.5 stars. I was expecting more..
  • Tamara
    Beautifully produced book, however it lost a star because I would of liked to have seen more stats for each wand such as wood type and core, which is what I was expecting to find.
  • Angie
    Quick but fun read. Interesting seeing the Wanda close up and there are more characters included than i expected :)