Sticky Fingers by Joe Hagan

Sticky Fingers

A delicious romp through the heyday of rock and roll and a revealing portrait of the man at the helm of the iconic magazine that made it all possible, with candid look backs at the era from Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Elton John, Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, and others. The story of Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone's founder, editor, and publisher, and the pioneering era he helped curate, is told here for the first time in glittering, glo...

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TitleSticky Fingers
Release DateOct 24th, 2017
PublisherKnopf Canada
GenreMusic, Nonfiction, Biography, History, Culture, Pop Culture, Biography Memoir, Politics, Cultural, Writing, Journalism

Reviews Sticky Fingers

  • Michelle
    Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine is an outstanding biographical work of literary achievement. Author Joe Hagan received an invitation to Wenner’s home in 2013, originally he wanted Hagan to write for Rolling Stone, and later suggested Hagan pen his (authorized) biography. Hagan interviewed over 250 people: famous celebrities, musicians, industry insiders, including Jann’s former wife, Jane. Jann had...
  • Still
    A masterpiece. Absolutely the best book I've read all year.If you ever had a heart and you grew up with Rolling Stone Magazine then you'll almost bleed out in the final 7-8 pages.Joe Hagan, the author has done an awesome job chronicling the misadventures of the conflicted genius Jann Wenner and Wenner's professional and personal relationships throughout his life.So laugh-out-loud funny, so misty eyed wistful, so searingly tragic.I've yet to read ...
  • William Sedlack
    I admire Hagan's writing and think that he did a stand-up job but I was so sick of Wenner by the end that I was thankful that the book was over.
  • Harry Buckle
    A five star book...about a less than one star opportunist, Rolling Stone Magazine owner Jann Wenner. Having my self spent 50 years in the music industry, fortunately with some success, I observed the birth of Rolling Stone and followed it- both the US and ill fated UK edition, until the current day. I share the view of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, John Lennon and others that Wenner was an odious hanger on, and remarkably free of charm or talent. ...
  • Jason Diamond
    I love a good media/publishing bio, and Joe Hagan's is one of the best I've ever read. Sure, the excess and greed on display make the subject into some coked up Machiavellian character, but it's also the people around him (some literally out of a Joan Didion novel), and the way Hagan uses his subject as a mirror to hold up to an entire generation, that makes this such a compelling book.
  • Sarah Paolantonio
    I went to see author Joe Hagan speak at WORD bookstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn the night I purchased this biography. Before I say anything else, I admire Hagan as a reporter and a biographer. I think that writing the biography of someone like Wenner who gave himself the post as gatekeeper to rock and roll and its history is more than an undertaking. Wenner has always controlled the narrative and this book is the first time he isn’t. What Hagan ...
  • Brandon Forsyth
    Absolutely brilliant. Joe Hagan has crafted something truly special here that manages to be equal parts even-handed biography, sobering social critique, and gossipy tell-all. Wenner has truly been in the middle of U.S. popular culture for so long that it would be easy to make this book a look at how the counter culture of the '60s sold out and got nice private jets, but Hagan excels at always putting the emotional life of his subject at the foref...
  • Roger
    I know why Jann Wenner apparently did not like this book. He is referred to as "plump" about 47 times. Also, he comes off as a jackass. To be fair, he really seems to be one.
  • Hank Stuever
    Exhaustive (in almost every sense), but luckily it comes with a meticulously detailed index, which enables some necessary skimming once a reader hits whatever part he or she doesn't find that interesting. Because it can't ALL be interesting, even when the subject is Rolling Stone and its impact on culture. Jann Wenner, whose ego was already legendarily huge, says he doesn't like the book -- probably because it dwells too much on his overdue comin...
  • Jeff
    No review will be endeavored given that Joe Hagan didn't bother to write a biography. Rather, it's a group of essays, poorly formed, about its subject. Wenner has become someone rich and powerful, so perhaps it was too difficult to sit on the interviews to which Wenner's power gave Hagan access. There was news in the chorus. He's interviewed Dylan, McCartney, Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Pete Townsend -- the lot. There's a subject matter in Jann W...