Happiness Is a Choice You Make by John Leland

Happiness Is a Choice You Make

An extraordinary look at what it means to grow old and a heartening guide to well-being, Happiness Is a Choice You Make weaves together the stories and wisdom of six New Yorkers who number among the "oldest old"-- those eighty-five and up.In 2015, when the award-winning journalist John Leland set out on behalf of The New York Times to meet members of America's fastest-growing age group, he anticipated learning of challenges, of loneliness, and of...

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TitleHappiness Is a Choice You Make
Release DateJan 23rd, 2018
PublisherSarah Crichton Books
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Personal Development, Psychology

Reviews Happiness Is a Choice You Make

    John Leland wrote a well-received newspaper series about "the oldest old," people who are eight-five and up. "Happiness is a Choice You Make" originated from his year-long interaction with six individuals in their eighties and nineties. Some are ill, while others are relatively healthy, if you discount the aches and pains that afflict everyone sooner or later. Ninety-one year old John Sorenson has lived for forty-eight years on the Upper West Sid...
  • Sharon May
    Thanks so much to NetGalley, Sarah Crichton Books, and John Leland for the opportunity to read and review this book - should be a must read!John Leland, a journalist for the New York Times, spent a year with a select group of "elders" - those oldest of the old in our society to see what lessons they could impart on the rest of us. What followed is this book - we get a glimpse at our society, the government and families treat this segment of the p...
  • Debbi
    I listened to this book on Audible. The Narrator seemed to be a good fit for the material. I had read some of the author's profiles in the New York Times and found them interesting. I like John Leland's writing style and enjoyed hearing about the relationships he cultivated with his six subjects. By the end of the book some of the stories felt a little repetitive and occasionally grim and yet after finishing, I think it was time well spent with s...
  • Kristen
    Happiness is a Choice You Makes is an enjoyable book about the the authors interviews and interactions with several of New York's "oldest old", people over age 85. It was very interesting to hear the author's take on what he learned from these people: what their lives are like, how they feel about being old, and the ways that the find (or struggle with) purpose and satisfaction in their daily lives.To best sum up:Be grateful for small thingslive ...
  • Melissa Dee
    I am grateful to John Leland for his engagement with “the elders” and for writing this book. As a middle-aged daughter of precariously-healthed parents, I found much to inspire me in “Happiness is a Choice You Make.” I’ve thought about many of the issues he discussed, but found comfort in many more. The day-at-a-time, purpose driven life that seems to drive the engine of the happiest elders is a life to which I aspire.
  • Y.S. Stephen
    Happiness Is A Choice You Make is a documentation of a middle-aged man's experiences among six elderly acquaintances about what makes people happy and fulfilled.WHO WOULD ENJOY READING IT?If you love the spiritual, self-help, or personal development genre, then this is right up your alley.A word of warning, though - this is not a book with rah-rah, you-can-do-it, seven-steps-to-greatness ideas. A large chunk of it is full of discussions about dis...
  • Kathy
    I am as surprised as John Leland was at the lessons learned when he undertook (as a New York Times journalist) spending a year visiting and interviewing six elderly people. The people chosen were a very diverse group; married, single, several ethnicities, some with health and/or money issues, some without.He expected to find that the elderly among us are a rather glum, plodding lot, focused on their aches and pains. What he found instead were eng...