Look Alive Out There by Sloane Crosley

Look Alive Out There

Sloane Crosley returns to the form that made her a household name in really quite a lot of households: Essays!From the New York Times-bestselling author Sloane Crosley comes Look Alive Out There--a brand-new collection of essays filled with her trademark hilarity, wit, and charm. The characteristic heart and punch-packing observations are back, but with a newfound coat of maturity. A thin coat. More of a blazer, really.Fans of I Was Told There'd ...

Details Look Alive Out There

TitleLook Alive Out There
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherMCD/Farrar Straus and Giroux
GenreWriting, Essays, Nonfiction, Short Stories, Autobiography, Memoir, Humor

Reviews Look Alive Out There

  • Sharon
    Despite not being an author who is famous enough to be invited to do a walk on for a popular tv show, or having a distant relative who is a retired porn star, or having any desire to go mountain climbing under less than stellar (or really any) circumstances, it's amazing how often Crosley manages to connect with the average reader. Alternating moments of "I can't believe that happened to her" with "I could completely see that happening to me", I ...
  • Jamie Bernard
    I’ve loved Sloane Crosley for a long time. She has a snarky wit about her that is unrivaled. I’m just not sure what to make of this collection of essays. Some were amazing. I especially enjoyed reading about her interactions with neighbors and a story about a relative that worked in the sex industry. Others fell flat. Her earlier works were funny because they were so relatable. I’m wondering if she has lost touch with her audience a bit? Th...
  • Adam Armstrong
    Sloane Crosley’s return to the essay is most certainly a welcome one. To the surprise of certainly not this reader, this collection of essays is just as remarkable as Crosley’s previous books. Whether she’s trimming her downstairs’ neighbor’s grape vines, engaging in a one-sided war with a teenager next door, or contemplating whether or not she wants to have children, Crosley manages to weave a profound thread of sadness, loneliness, an...
  • Tracy
    Delightfully snarky! If anyone could ever make me want to live in NY, Sloane could do it. She's got a great talent for taking what might be an ordinary event in someone else's life and turning it into a fantastic story that you will first laugh at and then want to tell your friends. Plus also, I will never ask a friend if I can hunker down in her isolated California house where the only neighbors are...well, you'll have to read the book.
  • Kaycie Hall
    I found an advanced copy of this essay collection (thank you to whoever passed it on to the used bookstore I frequent) and it did not disappoint. I’ve always been a fan of Sloane’s essays. I looked forward to diving into these on my daily commute. “Outdoor Voices” was my favorite but there are also some gems on mountain climbing, losing your domain name, and egg freezing.
  • Lisa
    I received an ARC of this title from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.This is a solid essay collection. I loved the fact that Crosley, despite being in her late 30s, does not focus on the perils of dating/being single/marriage, or childbearing (at least not until the last essay). It gave her essays some weight that I really appreciated.
  • Blake L
    Sloane Crosley is the best. I had not realized how long I'd been waiting for her to come back and reclaim the personal essay. These are hilarious and poignant and I enjoyed the mix of long and shorter essays. I guess I miss more than Crosley -- I miss Ephron, too -- but since more material from her is an impossiblity, I'm happy to have Sloane Crosley instead. She offers both a rarified and everyman view and I have no idea how she manages to pull ...
  • Summer
    She’s hilarious. Such good pacing to this book!
  • Laura
    Excellent essays. Sloane Crosley is great.