Shot on Gold (Play by Play, #14) by Jaci Burton

Shot on Gold (Play by Play, #14)

In the new Play-by-Play novel by the New York Times bestselling author of The Final Score, opposites attract when a figure skater and hockey player lace up their skates--and go for the gold...Will "Mad Dog" Madigan is making his second trip to the Winter Games, and he couldn't be happier. Hockey is his life and playing for the U.S. team is a privilege. Then he meets U.S. figure skater Amber Sloane. She's beautiful, ambitious and driven--everythin...

Details Shot on Gold (Play by Play, #14)

TitleShot on Gold (Play by Play, #14)
Release DateFeb 13th, 2018
PublisherBerkley Books
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Sports and Games, Sports, Hockey, Contemporary, Sports Romance, Fiction

Reviews Shot on Gold (Play by Play, #14)

    4 Stars!-“When you find that person you want to be with, you’ll move mountains to make it work.” Amber Sloane is a 24 yr. old U.S. figure skater from Long Island. She’s in Vancouver for the international games and is competing for her third and final time. This is her last chance, and her time to shine. She’s worked hard, and is ready to win the gold. She feels this is going to be her year. Amber is an introvert, and has never made time...
  • Auntee
    This used to be my favorite contemporary/erotic romance series. But after 14 books, the series has sort of lost its luster for me. Compared to the first five or so of this series, the last few have paled in comparison. While this was a perfectly fine romance between two athletes (one a figure skater, one a hockey player) going for the gold in the Olympics, it just didn't have that zing .The hero, hockey star Will, seemed like a great guy. Friendl...
  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    This series has come a very long way since the first book in the series. Beginning as an Erotic Romance series, I feel like it’s become much more about Contemporary Romance, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I used to see these books as one-stand-night reads because they were quick and fun reads, but Jaci Burton has injected this series with much more heart over the course of the series and has made it much more stronger.SHOT ON GOLD is book fo...
  • Wit & Wonder Books
    **ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**Exhilarating, unique take on a sports romance. Jaci Burton has delivered another enticing novel in her Play by Play series with Shot on Gold, a romance rotating around the Winter Olympics. Jaci did her due diligence in her research on not just her knowledge regarding one sport but multiple sports. As a fan of ice skating, I really enjoyed Will and Amber’s romance. Two veterans retur...
  • Beth
    I received this ARC copy of Shot on Gold from Berkley Publishing Group. This is my honest and voluntary review. Shot on Gold is set for publication Feb. 13, 2018.
  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    "This is how it works." Confession, Shot on Gold was my introduction to Jaci Burton. Though it is book #14 in the Play by Play series, I read it as a standalone. Yes, I've been hearing the buzz about this author in the book world, and her work has been on my TBR. I might have even purchased a book or two, but I just never got around to reading one until now. Dumb, huh? Well, you can consider me schooled. I get it now. Consider me properly chastis...
  • Elizabeth
    Reviewed for NetGalley:This one made me tear up a little. I don't know if it was just patriotism about the Olympics or what, but when ... certain things happened in the plot, I was a little emotional. I enjoyed the story, but thought the resolution of the tension between the heroine and her mother was solved a little quickly. I also liked that this one brought in a couple of new sports she hadn't done yet, and since it was an olympic team some ch...
  • Misty (Red's Romance Review's)
    Knowing this maybe his last trip to the Olympics Will "Mad Dog" Madigan is determined to bring home gold, he plans on staying focused and keeping all distractions out, but then an unexpected, and oh so beautiful distraction skates into his life and changes everything. He wasn't planning on meeting a woman like Amber Sloane, but fate brought them together, and now he is determined to not let her get away once their time at the Olympics is over. At...
  • Julianna
    Shots On Gold is the fourteenth installment of the Play-By-Play series by Jaci Burton. This can be read as a standalone, however, I highly recommend reading the entire series. It’s amazing and I have loved every page, book in this series since the first book, The Perfect Play.Once again, Jaci Burton has written a well family oriented story that brings two amazing people together. Will Madigan is a hockey player in his second trip to the Winter...
  • Heather andrews
    Will has a way with words, “now let’s go inside and sit by the fire. I’m freezing my balls off out here.” Amber's timing could use some work, "he had a rocking hell of a hard-on and she wanted to talk about his tattoos? Now?" I liked this book, Amber and Will were the perfect fit.
  • Susan Parks
    I received a free copy of this book from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review. This book was completely in my wheelhouse. Sports, romance, good friends, the international games (OK the Olympics) and hot sex scenes. This is the 14th book in this series, but it can be read as a stand alone. Characters from previous books make very, very brief appearances, so you don't need to have read the other 13 books. I hope we get to see Will and Amber i...
  • Seena
    When I learned I won this ARC, I was so thrilled and beyond excited. As soon as it came I ditched all responsibilities and read it! Amber Salon is a lovely figure skater looking to win gold for her final time competing in the Winter Olympics. Then we hand all around cool badass Will ‘Mad Dog’ Madigan coming for his second time to compete for the US Olympic Hockey team (which hello in real life should be a thing!). Throughout the story we lear...
  • Jessi
    Love on the ice, a figure skater and a hockey player find true love at the Olympics. For Amber Sloane, this is her last chance at gold. She was at the Olympics twice before and is about to age out of the general age of figure skaters. Like many elite athletes, she's been sheltered in the past but, like many romance heroines, she's ready to break out of her shell. And the Olympic village is the perfect place to to do that. And Will "Mad Dog" Madig...
  • Allyson
    “Besides, you haven’t even seen my long program yet. Now that’s packed with some sizzle.”He leveled her with the wicked desire in his gaze. “Babe, you haven’t seen my long program yet, either. Trust me, I’m packing some heat, too”Truly enjoyed this Olympic sports romance by Jaci Burton. As a huge fan of ice skating, I liked how Jaci did her due diligence on her research on the subject matter not only on the two sports but on skiin...
  • Rowena
    Another enjoyable sports romance from Jaci Burton. It wasn't my favorite book in the series but it was still a sweet romance. Will and Amber were a great couple and I enjoyed getting to know them but there was something missing to make me completely love this book. The dialogue was a bit on the cheesy side (a lot of these athletes were such sweethearts to each other, everyone was amazing and supportive and just not that believable, that kind of t...
  • Michelle
    Man oh man, what a disappointment. Granted, I haven't read anything in this series since the first four or five, so maybe it has just taken a direction I wasn't ready for. I love sports romances and I love the Olympics, and I've been a fan of Jaci Burton's writing for a long time. I had high hopes for Shot on Gold. Unfortunately this one just didn't do it for me. I didn't feel anything for either Will or Amber. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I wasn't interest...
  • Nicole Rezler
    This book was very good. I just love this whole series actually. The setting for the book was great and I loved all the characters that were back as well as new ones.
  • Cathleen
    Figure skater and hockey player ...... Please it's a fairy tale that writes itself. Jaci Burton add steam! Hot Hot!