Where I Live by Brenda Rufener

Where I Live

This evocative debut YA novel tells the story of Linden, a homeless teen secretly living in her high school. Together with her makeshift family of close friends, Linden struggles against the hardships of her past and begins to shape a bright future. Perfect for fans of Jennifer Niven and Nicola Yoon, this is a stirring novel about overcoming all odds. LINDEN ROSE HAS RULES FOR SURVIVAL.1. Prevent the in-class nap.2. Never carry too many belonging...

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TitleWhere I Live
Release DateFeb 27th, 2018
GenreContemporary, Young Adult

Reviews Where I Live

  • Rachel Solomon
    In WHERE I LIVE, Brenda Rufener explores homelessness in a uniquely wrenching way, one that forced me to confront my own privilege. Poverty is a topic still so rarely explored in YA. Most protagonists are upper-middle-class, and money only becomes an issue when it's time for college. The daily life of someone with so little -- that's what we see here, and it's so needed. The struggle to eat, to bathe, to find a place to sleep. The matter-of-fact ...
  • Cassandra
    *An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review* "The worst part about lying to those you love is that you question if they are worth the truth." Wow. I mean, seriously. I went into this book with a bit of hesitation. I wasn't really in the mood for it, and I was a tad bitter that chronological preference was going to have me read it before All of This Is True. Then I read the first chapter.Right off the bat, I knew this wa...
  • Cindy
    This is another 2018 debut that I've been eager to get my hands on ever since I first heard about it. I can't honestly think of another book about a homeless teen, written for teens, that I've ever seen (though I'm sure they exist). Rufener writes Linden's story with such sensitivity and nuance; what I love best about WHERE I LIVE is that it's not a story of a high school girl's homelessness, it's a story about a high school girl, dealing with re...
  • Amber (Books of Amber)
    I've never read a book about a homeless person before, so when I saw Where I Live pop up on Edelweiss, I had to grab it. I have incredibly mixed feelings about this book, and I struggled to figure out how to rate it after I read it. Having sat on it for a couple of days, I think I've finally figured it out. On the one hand, it was great to read about Linden, who had been homeless for a while. I've never read a YA book that explores poverty in thi...
  • Amber Smith
    A powerful, stirring debut, WHERE I LIVE takes us on a journey into a hidden world that exists all around us—exploring homelessness, poverty, love, and grief with insight, sensitivity, and most of all, hope. A 2018 must-read!*I received an ARC*
  • Madison
    4.5 stars - As expected, Where I Live is an incredibly powerful book. It snuck up on me and simply stole my breath away. In addition to raising the very needed and important topic of teen homelessness, Where I Live is a beautifully crafted novel that examines relationships in all their forms, and balances heartbreak with hope, offsetting challenges that knock you to your knees with the joy of living. Linden is hiding in plain sight. Every day she...
  • Sophie Elaina
    What a heart wrenching, emotional ride of a story. Wow! Seriously though, this book is incredible!RATING: 5 Stars(I’ll post my full review closer to the release date.)
  • M. Lynne
    As a high school student, it was refreshing to see the lives of teens so accurately portrayed in WHERE I LIVE. The characters were realistic and well developed, and the challenges they faced were relatable. Also, Linden was easy to identify with, despite not being homeless myself. The novel tackled homelessness in a way that made it seem like Linden, while still struggling with the important issue of homelessness, was a normal teenager with norma...
  • Derek Milman
    A powerful and beautiful YA debut from Brenda Rufener, about Linden, a smart, cunning homeless girl who lives at her high school school--but really finds the means of her survival among her group of friends (who do not know her secret). With a distinct voice, vivid characters, and a subject hardly touched on in current contemporary YA, Rufener sensitively paints a compelling tale of friendship, love, the secrets we keep, and the toll survival tak...
  • Anna Henderson
    I was given an uncorrected advance copy in exchange for an honest review. While reading this story I went from smiling to actual tears. I love the view of the main character, Linden, and how unique her personality is. While I was sympathetic for her situation I was still sitting on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. The book is a romance mixed with the struggle Linden has living on her own high school, and somehow it all ties toge...
  • Flor Robles
    Love it!!!...Full review coming soon.
  • Miranda Asebedo
    Where I Live by Brenda Rufener is the contemporary YA we need to explore the very heartbreaking realities of homelessness in America. The protagonist, Linden, shares her world and her hardships with the reader in a frank and unapologetic way. Linden’s journey toward sharing her troubles and forming a found family are inspiring. The book opens up conversations about how close many Americans are to homelessness, and how so many of the people we m...
  • Lauren Deal
    I read an ARC of Where I Live, and I had mixed feelings. I liked that the book tackled the subject of homelessness, and it was eye-opening to see how Linden had to live - trying to find places to sleep and ways to prevent anyone from realizing the truth. There were several places where the book was just confusing though, especially the Homecoming dance; I was trying to follow the action and figure out what was going on but the action was so chaot...
  • Read InAGarden
    While the story somewhat focuses on Linden and her life as a homeless teen it also focuses on the drama of a typical high school. The novel feels as it was edited heavily and there are instances where the narrative feels choppy.
  • dearlittledeer
    The action was hard to follow and I was not a fan of the secondary plot line -- a shame because I really like the premise of this book.
  • Candace Miller
    Received ARC.
  • Viktorija Rutkauskaitė
    Well, you could feel that this is a YA debut. The plot is not that interesting, it doesn't speak a lot about living in the school or being homeless more about the drama in high school.
  • Marta Sala
    DNF1* of 3x1