Hearts of Resistance by Soraya M. Lane

Hearts of Resistance

At the height of World War II, three women must come together to fight for freedom, for the men they love—and for each other. When Hazel is given the chance to parachute into Nazi-occupied France, she seizes the opportunity to do more for the British war effort than file paperwork. Alongside her childhood friend, French-born Rose, she quickly rises up the ranks of the freedom fighters. For Rose, the Resistance is a link to her late husband, and...

Details Hearts of Resistance

TitleHearts of Resistance
Release DateJan 10th, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II

Reviews Hearts of Resistance

  • Lindsay - Traveling Sister
    4.5 stars! This was a captivating and powerful book!This novel tells an unforgettable story about three courageous young women whose lives intersect as part of the Resistance during WWII. Sophia, Hazel and Rose come from very different backgrounds and are each determined to become part of the Resistance during WWII. I am very drawn to WWII stories, especially those that involve the brave members of the Resistance. For me, this book is a stand-out...
  • Kathryn
    4.5 stars. Hearts of Resistance starts with a short prologue filled with danger that immediately starts me both worrying and asking questions about will these women survive? Then we are taken back in time and introduced one by one to three women, whom by the time the book finished I did not want to leave. Three women - one English, one German, one French and their lives are utterly changed by WW11.There is Hazel - English - engaged and watching h...
  • The Lit Bitch
    4.5 stars.This if my first official book of 2018….the first one that I read and reviewed this year. I read Lane’s earlier novel, Wives of War, back in June and was really impressed with her ability to write interesting characters and a romance that I was invested in.When Hearts of Resistance came up, it was an easy yes for me to review and I was thrilled to read it and see how Lane’s writing grew in the next book and what sort of romance wa...
  • Sue
    The history books would have you believe that wars are won only because of the men on the front lines while the women are at home knitting socks and growing gardens. This wonderful book puts an end to that myth because its about three strong women working in the French resistance during WWII. They all have different backgrounds and different reasons for fighting against the Nazi regime but their goal is the same.Rose lives in luxury in France. He...
  • Carol Boyer
    Wow! I am still swirling with emotions having just finished reading this extraordinary book! My heart has leaped with fear, in awe of these empowered women, Hazel, Rose and Sophia as they fight for freedom against the Nazis during WWII. They were strong women, courageous, facing unimaginable dangers, willing to risk their lives each for their own reasons and loves. Achingly beautiful stories for each women kept me reading with tears and cheers as...
  • Fanna
    Wow, I loved this! I was skeptical when picking this up since historical fiction is not always my cup of tea, but now I'm so happy I read this. Hearts of Resistance is a story set in the times of World War II that perfectly features, includes and revolves around women. The plot is centered around three women—Sophia, Rose and Hazel—who work against their expected roles at the time of a war. Instead of waiting on their partners to return fro...
  • The Just-About-Cocky Ms M
    I thought Wives of War was a bad, cliche-ridden potboiler with no sense of history, historical accuracy, culture, society, proper behavior by and among the characters, but this was worse, much worse.Sophomoric, pedestrian writing, the usual cardboard characters with nothing to distinguish them in any manner, predictable and poorly-constructed plot, and absolutely no idea about WWII. None.A ridiculous mash-up of Charlotte Gray, Sophie Scholl and t...
  • Erica (ricci.reads)
    Set during WW2 'Hearts of Resistance' follows three women from different backgrounds, exploring their roles in the resistance movement against the Nazis.It reads a lot like a contemporary romance, so you might enjoy it even if historical fiction isn't usually your thing.At times this novel was very suspenseful and each character had a distinct voice and background which was intriguing! However, the entire plot fast became unrealistic for me and c...
  • Jacki (Julia Flyte)
    I enjoy books set during WW2 about the Resistance - but not this one. It was so formulaic and superficial. It's about three Resistance workers in France who become close friends. The chapters move between the perspectives of Sophia (who is German), Hazel (who is English) and Rose (who is French), but they are so poorly characterised that they all felt like the same person. I read an online interview with the author that she spends one month doing...
  • Goldencam
    Hearts of Resistance, by Soraya M. Lane, follows three women through the devastation of WWII as they fight against the Nazi’s across Europe. The first third of the book is one long extended recruiting montage (in a good way, as we get to know the characters and their motivations). Sophia is in love with a Jewish man, Alex, but that won’t go over well with her Nazi father. When Alex’s family is taken away, Sophia hides him in her Berlin apar...
  • Denise Hershberger
    This was my first book by Lane but the cover, title, and back cover caught my eye. I love just about any novel set during WWII and I especially love strong female leads so this one about 3 strong women was perfect.I really enjoyed getting to know each of the women both separately and together. I was especially inspired by Sophia's bravery. In her circumstances I felt she was probably in the most danger for the longest amount of time. Truly though...
  • A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog
    I have always felt a pull to WW II; the era has always interested me. In Hearts of Resistance, that pull was very strong. From the prologue to the very end, I was drawn into the lives of Sophia, Hazel and Rose. These three women exemplified what it meant to be a survivor during a time of war and hatred. All of them were of such strong character; I know that the story is considered fiction; however, the attention to detail and to history of the ti...
  • Dana
    I have always felt a pull to WW II; the era has always interested me. In Hearts of Resistance, that pull was very strong. From the prologue to the very end, I was drawn into the lives of Sophia, Hazel and Rose. These three women exemplified what it meant to be a survivor during a time of war and hatred. All of them were of such strong character; I know that the story is considered fiction; however, the attention to detail and to history of the ti...
  • Lynn
    Three women from three diverse backgrounds make the decision to become involved in the war effort in 1944. Their shared goal is to do whatever they can to stop the Germans, and help the Allies to win this seemingly-endless conflict. Rose is Parisian, fluent in French. Sophia is desperate to do something after her Nazi father catches his wife hiding Jews and hangs her along with all of them. Hazel is looking for a way to help after her fiancée le...
  • Anna
    At the height of World War II, three women come together to fight for freedom. Amid the turmoil and tragedy of warfare, they risk losing everything—and everyone—they hold dear. The book starts with Rose, Hazel, and Sophia in the middle of a very tense situation - and then jumps back in time and introduces us to the 'girls' and tells us how they got into that situation. I found myself liking each of the young ladies, especially Hazel, and cros...
  • Leah
    This work of historical fiction takes you on a wild, often difficult ride following three women as they make their mark on history as members of the Resistance in World War 2. Seemingly tough as nails and yet still feminine, these women are also shown to be human. Grief, fright, love, sisterhood. The story keeps the pages turning.I’ve seen some reviews that call this a romance novel, but that part of the story is mostly in the epilogue and I wo...
  • Jessica Birks
    What an incredible read. Soraya Lane is one of my favourite authors. She has the ability to make you feel like you are one of the characters in her books and with this you feel and share each emotion, happy or sad through laughter and tears. Hearts of Resistance had me on the edge of my seat. I literally couldn't put the book down. It really gives you insight into the horrors and triumphs some of the brave women experienced in WW2. If you haven't...
  • Kathleen Gray
    Whopping good historical fiction! Hazel, Rose, and Sophia all come to the fight against the Nazis from different places and for slightly different reasons but they make one heck of a team. You will find yourself really caring for these women who take on incredible challenges in great danger. The threat of discovery and capture is always there. Lane has done a good job with the menace they faced. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. This is for those ...
  • Vanessa thomas
    Such an empowering story.Wow. This story really pulled at my heart strings. I think its all to easy to forget about these most incredible brave women and how they sacrificed their lives so that we could live in a free world. They're truly inspirational. I thought the author did an absolute amazing job at relaying this book. I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between the three women. I would definitely recommend reading this book.
  • Rachel
    A sad and happy book. I am starting to love reading historical books, normally I hate anything about war because it makes me so angry. This book was well written and so smooth to read. I love all the chareters, it had me on the edge on my sit a few times. It makes me want to learn more about the brave woman in the war.
  • Janet
    This is the story of three brave women during World War II. At the time it was thought women couldn’t contribute much to the war effort. But these women, and others like them, proved this to be wrong. They sacrificed as much as their male counterparts and sometimes paid the ultimate price. This book is very well written and kept my interest until the end. Hazel, Sophia and Rose are the heroines of this story. All three of these brave women did ...
  • Heather Mulvihill
    Interesting book. Very intriguing. Loved the story. The author was new to me
  • Stéphanie Louis
    4.5 ⭐ RTC 4.5 ⭐️ RTC
  • Mary Sue Wilson
    CourageousThis is the story of three women who served in the French Resistance during WWII. It is a story of strength, courage and determination. It is the story of women who came forward during a time of need, willing to make the greatest sacrifice.
  • Jeanie
    Good WWII book about 3 women active in the French Resistance.
  • phylicia bischof
    Amazing amazing amazingI could not put this down. It was so well crafted and written. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a historical fiction book about empowering women.
  • June Finnigan
    Just finished this book and my god it was emotional. Soraya has brought to life the terrible experiences of three women, one from Berlin, one from France and the other English. The three are destined to come together as close friends and comrades in the French Resistance's fight for freedom. Really good read and highly recommended.June Finnigan - Writer
  • Marlene Waldner
    Amazingly intriguingPowerful 'fictional' account of 3 women during WW2 IN the French Resistance, relating their intense love for freedom against the hatred of the Natzis and the harrowing ugliness of war and torturing and murder of any Jew found. Their efforts helped win this war. True heroines.
  • Laurel
    I was given an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and independent review. Three women from different backgrounds united in their fight for freedom and their commitment to the Resistance. Whilst the book had the potential to be a real winner based on the subject matter, I felt that it was lacking in historical content and also in emotion. I wanted to feel their fear , feel the dangers they encountered and the risks they took. For me the ...
  • Polly Krize
    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I highly enjoyed Wives Of War and this book is written just as well. Three women risk everything during World War II, standing up for what they believe in.