When A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride, #7) by Eve Langlais

When A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride, #7)

A trip to paradise. A mystery to solve. And a seriously uptight dude who doesn’t know how to smile.
Stacey’s been intrigued by Jean Francois since the moment she first saw his granite countenance. Then when she found out he could fly… She never was one to leave her four feet on the ground.
While she might act like a princess, adventure is her middle name. Under orders from her king, she drags poor JF along with her to an exotic location...

Details When A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride, #7)

TitleWhen A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride, #7)
Release DateDec 7th, 2017
GenreParanormal, Shapeshifters, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Reviews When A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride, #7)

  • Jessica Frances
    Another great entry into the Lion's Pride series! I love how Eve writes such great heroines for this series. They are so confident, sassy and brave. It is a refreshing change to what usually happens in shifter books. I loved the slow burn romance between Stacey and JF. They were smoking hot together, and I loved the chase that happened to get to where they needed to be at to finally give in. If you have enjoyed the other books in this series, the...
  • Melanie
    Review originally posted at RabidReads.ca.I continue to love this series with it’s crazy lionesses. They continue to say things that always make me laugh out loud. In When a Lioness Pounces, we were introduced to a new type of creature called a whampyre. They have some characteristics of vampires, but they aren’t the same. We didn’t learn a lot about them in that book, but we learn more in this book.One of Arik’s resorts in the Caribbean ...
  • Dar
    It is all fun and games until you get attached to each other! Stacey and JF hit it off right away, in that, they don't get along. Despite the attraction, Stacey's fun loving ways, constant flirtation, and princess attitude isn't anything JF wants to be around. She is usually looking for a gentleman, but JF has calluses on his fingers that she wants rubbing on her skinShe wears down his resistance, because neither can deny the attraction that flar...
  • Paraphrodite
    3 stars.This one is Stacey (the wedding planner) and JF, Gaston's 2IC and a whampyr (which is like a gargoyle and vampire mix). The banter between the two feels old and forced and I really couldn't feel the connection. Wished there was more to the whole mystery but that got resolved quite quickly at the end. An ok read.
    I've Got You, Babe!!!Stacey Smithson had a crush on Jean Francois Belanger since the moment she laid eyes on him. When her Alpha Arik ( WHEN AN ALPHA PURRS ) received an anonymous video of a woman being abducted from one of the Pride's resorts in the Caribbean. He wanted to send someone to investigate what was happening.She volunteered to go because as an event planner she would had better access to places and people than anyone else in the Pride...
  • Georgina Parkin
    2.5 stars.I was close to enjoying reading this, but the hyperactive female kitty personality always seems to give me a bit of a headache. I love how badass they are but they really always hurt to read. I also didn’t like how she kept calling the chick after him a slut etc, especially when she’s trying much harder to get him. I get why she was saying it, jealous etc but it made me dislike her even more. Throughout reading this I told myself, t...
  • Rita C
    The heroine was almost completely unlikable. No means no, even if it's the guy who is saying it. I used to find these pride books kind of fun, but the lioness heroine in each successive book gets more and more unlikable. I think I have to give up on this author.
  • Mujde Oz
    Love this series so much!
  • Joanne Watkins USA
    OkNothing particularly new here. Another standard cray lioness whose purpose is to annoy her chosen mate. Getting a little tedious and repetitive.
  • Patti Ashley
    Lions over the topThe illnesses are so outrageous they take away a lot from the plot. The hero is so sullen you want to beat him.
  • Nathaly
    RepetitiveI've read all the books. All I can say, is this book was boring it dragged on and on. Not worth the money.
  • Jenn
    When a Lioness Growls is the 7th book in A Lion's Pride series. I'd rate this book at 5 stars! This book can be read as a standalone, my personal opinion is that it is best read in order so that you know the secondary characters that are talked about in the story. I really enjoy Eve Langlais's style of writing. I know that when I pick up one of her books I will laugh and it will pick me up, and this book is no different. Stacey is an event planne...
  • Kaya Primrose
    Loved it!Ahh Eve does it again. A spunky, twisted, fun loving feline with violent snooty tendencies and a hot whampyre confused, frustrated, and totally turned on by his feline heroine. I would say this book is totally worth the wait but I hate waiting for Eve's books to come out! So far this series is binge worthy!!! The only complaint I have about this book is that it didn't tell me a release date for the next 😉. I love that the book makes m...
  • Monica
    Talk about playing hard to get! I never thought JF would come around. He was sooo cute though right? Thinking Stacey would let it go? Awww poor wittle whampyr! Book is mainly set in a different location a tropical island that Arik owns and something is amiss! Stacey is sent in to investigate and JF is ordered to look after her. He HATES that idea and constantly complains and is annoyed by Stacey. However, she eventually gets to him and well she's...
  • Edith Torres
    Hysterical! Eve Langlais writes hot, sexy shifters like no one's business! And this is a puuuuurfect example. (Yes pun intended) The lionesses are at it again, or rather one in particular. Stacie is the party planning party girl. With outrageous clothes and a sex drive with no brakes, she has a certain male ready to rip out his own hair. Or whip out...something, because his lioness gets what she wants. And she wants Franciose. I couldn't stop la...
  • Roseanna
    Oh my. All that sass. This book makes me want my own whampyr. Tall, dark, and brooding doesn’t even cover JF. Stacey is a hoot, she made me snort laugh so much, so very much. She is exactly what Francois needs. Exactly. I love how they grow as characters, and their reconnection is super steamy. And Jan, don’t get me started on Jan. I was cheering when paybacks came that way. If you're looking for a super great read, this is the baby for you. ...
  • Jan
    How can you not love this series. These "biatches" are kicking ass. When Stacey goes to check out one of the resorts the Arik owns, she has Jean François with her. JF keeps fighting the attraction he has for her. And Stacey is being, well Stacey. Flirting and tempting him at every turn. Man, was it tough reading JF trying to hold back. Thank goodness he finally feel into her arms, well actually Stacey fell into his. These two are perfect togethe...
  • Victoria
    Not 5 stars because the plot seemed to have taken a back drop to their steamy attraction for each other and their constant inner monologues were distracting. Not to mention, we never found out what happened to his blood and why was it bad for someone to have it??With that said, the hilariousness of each of the felines are so much that it makes you laugh continuously while reading this series. Those lions are never boring ...as one would say. And,...
  • L M
    Funny and entertaining with a good story as usual but lacking romance for me. I found the first books much more romance based with the main H’s.Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed reading this crazy fun book I came away feeling let down about the relationship between Stacey and Jean Francois.Lots of spark, sex and hotness but no connection or real romance. JF just keeps saying NO all the way through, they have sex and then seem to be a couple.Apart fro...
  • Terry
    The New and improved Scilly and Mulder teamStacey and JP are on and venture that will change their lives. They are comical and romantic. Stacey makes it her mission to drive sweetcheeks crazy. He throws down the challenge and she accepts. Somebody are abducting woman from the resort and then the woman are remembering it when they return if they return. I want to be able to get bang out in the clouds. This was the first time I read a debut as an a...
  • Nancy Bodie
    Good story.This was a well written story. The characters while not my favorite of this series were interesting. The storyline fits the series but again not my favorite of this series. That's not to say that there is one thing wrong just not my favorite, so that's why 5 stars because there is nothing wrong with the writing or narrating as I purchased both additions, and I am looking forward to the next in this series.
  • Miranda Beazley
    A trip to tropical paradise with an uptight cutie, what’s a girl to do? Stacey and Jean Francois are investigating the disappearances of women at a resort owned by the pack.Stacey and Jeans attraction is evident right from the start in this book. Jean tries to fight it but how can he win against a determined lioness? There’s action aplenty as well as a mystery to solve. Along the way is plenty of “the world revolves around me” attitude an...
  • Donna
    When A Lioness Growls is a wonderful addition to the series and like the others can be read standalone. Opposites attract in this fun romp. Stacey is a petite firecracker and Jean Francois has been burned before. True it wasn’t the hot redhead but he refuses to get involved with another lioness. The last one changed his life irrevocably. Stacey has never backed down from a challenge and Jean Francois may be the most delicious challenge she has ...
  • Jamie Stephenson
    loved it!!!! I love all the lion's pride books and this one was no different. they're always so funny. I love the super confident lady lionesses and their hunky men. JF was an inigma since we met him and I'm glad we got to see his story. I was super excited to learn more about the wampyres as well.. I love that they look like gargoyle/demon mixes.. so cool and different. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Diane Selander- maglioli
    Paradise Gone WrongStacy is a lioness who is going to the pride run resort to investigate mysterious disappearances. Jean Francois, who is a wampyre, is sent to help protect Stacy but she can't seem to keep her hands and mind off of him. This book will make you laugh out loud and wonder, did she really say or do that? I can't wait for the next book
  • Heather andrews
    Stacey knows how to push all of Jean's buttons, “why the eff would I do that? I don’t have wings for show.” Jean somerimes has to be to tough one in the relationship, "in order to ensure no further distractions after that, he banned Stacey to her room. “Don’t come back until you’re wearing some darned clothes, woman.” I liked this book, Jean just would not give in easily to Stacey's charms.
  • Puna
    Fun and funny, like most of this author’s work. Finally a big cat shifter book that mentions they (lions) don’t purr! I would have given it 4 stars just for that. Books that have shifter lions, tigers, and other large cats purring is one of my biggest pet peeves. I’m fine with humans turning into these big cats but having them purr is one step too far in my thinking, lol.
  • Pamelia Grady
    LionessGaston's second in command Francisco - was sent to provide security for Stacy at a resort job. He didn't like to be around felines, any type. Can JF do his job of keeping Stacy safe on a resort where people have been going missing weeks. The Price as well as Gaston wants these disappearances stopped. Can Stacy and JF work together to solve a problem?
  • DKW
    Stacey and JFLoved it. Funny, sexy and a mystery to solve. Can a lioness and a whampyre find love together? Who's kidnapping women on a pride owned island? Couldn't put it down, so good and funny. No cliffhanger and an Hea. Great series.
  • Stacey Randolph
    The pride is awesome!I only review when the read was so great, I have to tell someone. So please, if you don't read anything else, read Eve Langlais' pride series. These never disappoint. Keep them coming!