When A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride, #7) by Eve Langlais

When A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride, #7)

A trip to paradise. A mystery to solve. And a seriously uptight dude who doesn’t know how to smile.
Stacey’s been intrigued by Jean Francois since the moment she first saw his granite countenance. Then when she found out he could fly… She never was one to leave her four feet on the ground.
While she might act like a princess, adventure is her middle name. Under orders from her king, she drags poor JF along with her to an exotic location...

Details When A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride, #7)

TitleWhen A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride, #7)
Release DateDec 7th, 2017
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance

Reviews When A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride, #7)

  • Roseanna
    Oh my. All that sass. This book makes me want my own whampyr. Tall, dark, and brooding doesn’t even cover JF. Stacey is a hoot, she made me snort laugh so much, so very much. She is exactly what Francois needs. Exactly. I love how they grow as characters, and their reconnection is super steamy. And Jan, don’t get me started on Jan. I was cheering when paybacks came that way. If you're looking for a super great read, this is the baby for you. ...
  • Terry
    The New and improved Scilly and Mulder teamStacey and JP are on and venture that will change their lives. They are comical and romantic. Stacey makes it her mission to drive sweetcheeks crazy. He throws down the challenge and she accepts. Somebody are abducting woman from the resort and then the woman are remembering it when they return if they return. I want to be able to get bang out in the clouds. This was the first time I read a debut as an a...
  • Heather andrews
    Stacey knows how to push all of Jean's buttons, “why the eff would I do that? I don’t have wings for show.” Jean somerimes has to be to tough one in the relationship, "in order to ensure no further distractions after that, he banned Stacey to her room. “Don’t come back until you’re wearing some darned clothes, woman.” I liked this book, Jean just would not give in easily to Stacey's charms.