It Occurs to Me That I Am America by Jonathan Santlofer

It Occurs to Me That I Am America

In time for the one-year anniversary of the Trump Inauguration and the Women’s March, this provocative, unprecedented anthology features original short stories from thirty bestselling and award-winning authors—including Alice Walker, Richard Russo, Walter Mosley, Joyce Carol Oates, Alice Hoffman, Neil Gaiman, Michael Cunningham, Mary Higgins Clark, and Lee Child—with an introduction by Pulitzer Prize–winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen.When ...

Details It Occurs to Me That I Am America

TitleIt Occurs to Me That I Am America
Release DateJan 16th, 2018
GenreShort Stories, Fiction, Writing, Essays, Politics, Anthologies, Art

Reviews It Occurs to Me That I Am America

  • Andrea
    I wanted to like this book so bad.  I was so excited when it was released.  A collection of fiction and art themed around a liberal and timely political message?  Yes, please.  My high expectations were affirmed as I began reading an inspired introduction from Viet Thanh Nguyen, who remarks: "Rather than making America great again, we should help America love again."But as I continued reading, my expectations for enjoying each story decreased...
  • David Melbie
    Wholeness. Well-being. Strength. Freedom. Escape. Rescue. Refuge. Spectacular! My favorite was the poem, Hate for Sale, by Neil Gaiman.
  • Jason Robinson
    A powerful and accessible anthology of short stories, essays, and art collected by and sponsored by the ACLU in response to the first complete year of the Trump Administration.
  • Ella McCrystle
    This book is a direct result of the current President of the United States and the sheer terror that many feel since the election of 2016. The general idea seems to have been: gather up nearly every writer in the US, ask them to write short fiction, put it all in a big Coffee Table anthology, add visual art and cartoons from American artists, and do it all for a good cause. In this case the cause is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU.)So, i...
  • Julia
    This is a collection of short stories, poetry, art, essays and graphic novel panels as a reaction to the election of Donald Trump. In just over three pages Mary Higgins Clark, who I don’t think I’ve ever read, writes about a 92 year- old veteran of World War II watching a Veterans Day parade and remembering his twin. So much character in so few words! “Intersection” by Mark Di Ionno is about a criminal defense attorney defending a Dreamer...
  • Jen
    So, I didn't read every page of this - I went through and looked at all of the art and appreciated it.I also read about 7 of the stories from my favorite authors. At that point I was so depressed I had to stop. I understand the purpose of this and it is a beautiful book both content and presentation. However, I am currently feeling like that cartoon that says I am balancing my staying informed and staying sane. I love that lots of artists are com...
  • Lee
    This is a collection of short stories and art by noted American writers and artists who donated their royalties to the ACLU. Some stories are strong and very timely commentaries about the turn our government has taken since 1/20/17, about challenges to the rights of women, immigrants, and people of color. Others didn't hold my interest, but with about 30 pieces, you can treat this book like a sampler and pick and choose at will.I found the art le...
  • kb
    Full disclosure: I did not listen to every story in this collection. I found myself dragging through around 20-30% into listening, and realized I didn't like one of the narrators. I started skipping through and listened to stories by authors I knew/was more interested in. Overall, this is a good collection of essays/stories/poems, with a really great thematic undertone/current events. I just couldn't really follow or get into it. I think it might...
  • Bree Taylor
    An impromptu pick up at the library that took me MUCH longer to read than I thought it would.As with most anthologies, some of the stories were excellent. Others were just uninteresting. I was particularly moved by a number of stories that will stay with me for life - because of the interesting twist at the end. I was particularly unmoved by stories that seemed trite or had a "been there done that" quality.Four stars because some of the stories t...
  • Joe
    This is a lovely collection— a group of smart and talented artists responding to a dark moment in our collective history. Lots of pieces worth reading, but I was especially struck by Elinor Lipman’s memories of death-camp survivors who came to America, Richard Russo’s fine acount of his working-class dad, and Paul Theroux’s lovely story of learning to identify with the people who work at the Stop ‘n’ Shop, rather than those who manage...
  • Carla
    I had mixed feelings about this book. Mark Di Ionno's Intersections was outstanding! It was a tender heart-wrenching story that I'll remember for a long time. I was inspired by Vietnam Thanh Nguyen's introduction and Ha Jin's Finally I am an American at Heart. A few of the rest were OK, but many were depressing or disturbing or just plain puzzling to me. I am happy that any proceeds will go to the ACLU.
  • H. Dair Brown
    Full disclosure: I cherry-picked the authors I wanted to read in this one. It’s a nice mix of essays and fiction and art. Definitely on the bleak/frustrated side, but it’ll make you think and a low hum of hope can be heard under the words and images.
  • Joann
    Really a 3.5. I enjoyed it.
  • Patti
    Good stories from authors well known and unknown to me. A timely read. Reading Together We Rise about the Woman’s March history.
  • Touchstone Books
    We are incredibly proud to be publishing this collection in support of the ACLU. For more information check out!
  • Susan Dunham
    I really wanted to like this, but just couldn’t. Some of the short stories were good, others just bad, and no cohesion woven among them. Missed the mark for me.
  • ems
    like most anthologies --- when it's good, it's very good & when it's bad, it's very bad. at least the proceeds to this one go to the ACLU.
  • Charlie Shaw
    An anti-conservative and anti Trump collection of stories that are very eye-opening.Do read it if you are against most of the things that Trump is for. Trumperites - no.