Unwifeable by Mandy Stadtmiller


From the popular, “candid and bold, tender and tough” (Cheryl Strayed) dating columnist for New York magazine and the New York Post comes a whirlwind and “gutsy” (Courtney Love) memoir recounting countless failed romances and blackout nights, told with Mandy Stadtmiller’s unflinching candor and brilliant wit.My story is not unique. Single girl comes to New York; New York eats her alive. But what does stand out is my discovery that you c...

Details Unwifeable

Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherGallery Books
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction

Reviews Unwifeable

  • Sasha Brown-Worsham
    I loved this book. So honest and raw and beautiful. It made me want to spend even more time hearing Mandy muse on life. The writing is gorgeous, too. Just a complete winner. Don't miss it.
  • Lauren
    I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway.And I wish I hadn't.I've tried to write this review in multiple ways but every time I try it comes out meaner than the last. I'm not sure this version will be any better but I swear I'm trying.This book is full of problems and woes that I cannot relate to. It is full of problems that no woman I know could relate to. Though other reviews seem to point to some sense of a relatable cache of "problems wome...
  • Vanessa Botelho
    This is the most Raw and honest Memoir I have ever read. This book took so much courage and strength to write and I applaud the author for being so honest. I found this to be a very relatable book to many women and the struggles we go through in our lives. This book gives women hope for a better tomorrow. Once I picked up this book and started reading I was super interested and felt a connection with the author even though we have never met. I fe...
  • Up All Night With Books
    ***ARC provided for honest review***I’m rarely at a loss for words, but I find it difficult to put into words how I feel about Mandy Stadtmiller’s memoir, Unwifeable. At first blush (or second or third), this feels like a tawdry tell-all. Mandy does not mince words or descriptions of her life in NYC following her divorce.Parts of Unwifeable are so in your face that I felt like a voyeur reading it. Like it was a car crash or a train wreck, but...
  • Roxy
    There were some cringeworthy moments that made me think we she did the things she did. She clearly didn't like it, but she did it anyway.For a journalist, the memoir read like it was written by a high-schooler.
  • Sarah Ames-Foley
    You can find more reviews like this on my blog.This was a really difficult read for me. It felt like rubbernecking, like witnessing someone else’s painful life-changing crash and not looking away even though you know you should. This memoir was unbelievably candidly honest, peeling back the layers none of us want to see. It was awkward and filled with secondhand embarrassment, it was graphic and showy, I had no idea how to feel about it and I h...
  • Lisa
    "I am unloveable, I am unwifeable. I am a failure. I am not worth it." Wow - when I came across this passage in the book I was stunned because of the raw authenticity of it and also because I could 100% relate to the author. This is a memoir that will touch your life because it is REAL and profound and very very funny in parts. I could not put this book down once I started reading it. I so appreciate the author sharing her life with her readers e...
  • Debbie Pell Dunning
    This book knocked the wind out of me -- Mandy's story combined with her self-awareness and ability to touch the reader's emotional nerves make hers such a fresh and refreshing voice. Her soul-baring confessions made me remember choices and feelings of my own that I've never been brave enough to put into words. This has got to be one of the hottest books of the year -- I think that every woman should read it. Her life experiences are unique and un...
  • Virginia
    This might be the most depressing book I've ever read, and I’ve read Where the Red Fern Grows. Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Stadtmiller is a fantastic writer. She’s clever, self-abasing, unapologetic, and funny. Her climb up the ladder of success and social notoriety is also pretty interesting. But this was pure voyeuristic discomfort from start to finish. She turns things around at the end—sort of—and occasional gems of wisdom pop up from t...
  • Ronya
    I know you’re supposed to have compassion for those who are fighting addiction and have been the victims of abuse but I just could not find it in me to see Mandy as anything but an annoying, careless, selfish, name dropping gossip writer. It seemed to me more an opportunity to tell her tales and brag about her conquests than it was one to reflect upon her life, mistakes, choices, etc. I respect she had the wherewithal to get through that [20 ye...
  • Morgan Schulman
    I was given in advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review. I had requested this book because I loved XO Jane to death and because Cat Marnell's memoir was entertaining as hell. Unfortunately, this book is luridd without being entertaining , and just feels like I read somebody's AA 4th step or sat in on somebody's therapy session . I felt uncomfortable, not enlightened . Not sure what she was trying to achieve, but I don't think she ac...
  • Kayo
    Funny but a bit cringe-worthy. Sometimes a bit hard to read, knowing she allowed certain things to happen. Overall good.
  • Janilyn Kocher
    Unwifeable is a narrative of a woman hell bent on self destruction. She drank herself into stupors, had raunchy sexual escapades, and doped up on drugs and then wrote all about it for the NY Post. It's also sad that Stadtmiller valued herself so little that she imbibed in the dissolute rituals. In the end, she turns it around and finds her salvation, in more ways than one.
  • Rebecca
    A big thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada for sending along a review copy of this book. Fans of Cheryl Strayed and Stephanie Klein will enjoy this raw memoir that touches on everything from alcoholism and binge eating to sexual addiction. I wasn't familiar with the author and so when I glanced at the pink cover and title (I completely missed the cigarette on the cover), I expected some saccharine, cringey chick lit romance thing. Instead, I was ...
  • JP
    There were times when I was reading this book that I was thinking about this review score. Had I rated it at various times throughout my read it would have been a 2 star, a 5 star, a 3 star. Finally I landed on this 4 star review. The prose at times is 2 star. The content however is 5 star all the way. This is one of the most salacious and honest memoirs I have ever read. Tragic, gripping, and at times horrific. There is brutal honesty and reflec...
  • Debbi DuBose
    I was fortunate to win an ARC of: UNWIFEABLE - A MEMOIR by Mandy Stadtmiller through a Goodreads Giveaway and Gallery Books. I have to admit this: when I started this Memoir; I wasn't sure that it was a book I wanted to read. MY FIRST OPINION WAS UNEQUIVOCALLY MISGUIDED!! Ms Stadtmiller pours her heart and soul into writing her Memoir which takes place during the decade of her 30's. It begins with her move to NYC to take a position to write for T...
  • wellreadtraveler
    I’m not usually one to pick up memoirs, and I have to admit I didn’t know who Mandy Stadmiller was intially so I Googled her before I started the book. I love comedy, so I watched a few of her stand up tapes. She was really funny so I was looking forward to that crossing over into her book. I found myself laughing, being mortified on her behalf, and I felt like a cheerleader with each new relationship, hoping this one would be “the one”. ...
  • Michelle Arredondo
    Okay....so little known fact about me: I am a reality show junkie. Bravo being my channel of choice...you will find me watching anything from something with Housewives, something about a certain city and the most popular socialites of that city....reality t.v anything....I am all for it. Sometimes I like a book that provides that much pleasure and more. This book was it. Unwifeable: A Memoir by Mandy Stadtmiller is titillating, pleasing, salaciou...
  • Zibbernaut
    I got sent an ARC of this by Goodreads because I won a giveaway, so I was thrilled to read the free book. The version I had included a few spelling mistakes, but overall I don't think the book will change much from the version I read. This book is raw, as many other people have said already, and honestly I was surprised the depths that the story devolved into. But at the same time, I wasn't startled by it. Mandy tells the story in a way that ease...
  • Jenna Whalen
    I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway.It's refreshing how open, raw, and honest Mandy Stadtmiller is in her memoir. She could have easily glossed over parts of her life to make herself look better and still have a good book, yet she chose to write about it all. She is open with her problems, mental health issues, and therapy. It's wonderful seeing someone write so openly about all of that. I felt like Mandy was one of my friends... I was r...
  • Derek Milman
    An absolute un-put-down-able, laugh-out-loud, dizzying, breathtaking masterpiece. Stadtmiller's voice is as sharp and gleaming as a surgical scalpel. The memoir is fearless, taking on some tough subjects, tackling some difficult questions, and never afraid to show its dark side. A soon-to-be modern dating & romance classic! Not to be missed.
  • Megan Prokott
    Overall? If you love celebrities, gossip, and reading about a wild woman’s journey towards self-love and getting her shit together, Unwifeable is going to be right up your alley. But it wasn't for me.Full review here: http://meganprokott.com/review//unwif...
  • Heather
    Yay! A memoir about how messed up your life is AND being a comic? Two of my favorite things! Good memoir, she did some crazy shit out of hating herself and don't we all identify and I'm glad she has pulled herself together. Great memoir, great listen.
  • Kayla Tornello
    This book is so raw and honest. The author candidly tells all the details about her downward spiral after her divorce. It was so sad to see the way that she tried running from all her issues instead of actually resolving them. I like that this book shows that it's possible to dig yourself out of a deep, dark pit, even though it might take a long time and there will be many missteps along the way.I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway. Yay!
  • Hannah Orenstein
    I couldn't put this down! If you ever watched Sex and the City and thought, "Huh, what is it like writing about your relationships?" — you need to read this book. Mandy explores how dating in the public eye transformed her relationship with men, alcohol, and herself.
  • Meredith
    Not for Merediths.
  • Jessica Delfino
    I love everything that Mandy writes because her heart is a faucet left on and what comes out is a pure, cold, fresh drink when your mouth is full of sand. She gets into the cracks of your spirit and sits there and you find yourself thinking her words days, weeks, months, years later. She is one of those writers who changes you--you don't see the world the same anymore after reading what she wrote. Unwifeable hit me the same way other things I've ...
  • Stella
    I need to preface this review with the caveat that I am not a Mandy Stadtmiller fan. I never have been. Her column in the Post was a hate read for me for many years. I also saw her standup a few times and did not find her funny in the least. Her writing on xojane was avoided. I found her crass and just plain unlikeable. THAT BEING SAID....Unwifeable is a very open and honest memoir about her life and struggles with self acceptance. YES, there are...
  • Jessica Sorentino
    Listen, if you like to laugh with someone as they comically share their life with you, Unwifeable is your next book. I was at first drawn to Mandy's memoir because of it's cover, but quickly became immersed in the pages as she described her young divorce, late-20's move to NYC, working in the media, scandals of dating, living publicly and financial disregard. I was so reminded of Cat Marnell's memoir from last year (which you know I loved), and f...