I've Got My Eyes on You by Mary Higgins Clark

I've Got My Eyes on You

A new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author and “Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark.After a party when her parents are away, eighteen-year-old Kerry Dowling is found fully dressed at the bottom of the family pool.The immediate suspect is her boyfriend who had a bitter argument with her at the party. Then there is a twenty-year-old neighbor who was angry because she didn’t invite him to the party.Or is there someone else who ...

Details I've Got My Eyes on You

TitleI've Got My Eyes on You
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Suspense

Reviews I've Got My Eyes on You

  • Luffy
    Previously I would have read this book in two days, but for some reason, I've been having troubles committing myself. As you see, I rated my read 3 stars. There are reasons for that. But can I pin them down?Firstly there is a blatant and frankly clumsy attempt to extend the book's length by 50 pages or so. Extra characters which hog the 'limelight'. Superfluous people and their woes in which I have no investment.I wanted to like this book. But th...
  • Sara
    An excellent poet by the name of T.S. Eliot once said "This is how the world ends not with a whimper, but with a bang." yes I know I got this wrong, in the interest of honesty I'm keeping it as it isAlas the end for YUGE popular fiction writers tends to got the opposite way. Not with bang but with a whimper. That certainly seems to be the case with this very sad addition to the Mary Higgins Clark catalog.If you read my reviews you already know wh...
  • Louise Wilson
    Kerry Dowling is found fully dressed at the bottom of the family swimming pool after a party she had while her parents were away. She had an argument with her boyfriend and upset a friend who is also a neighbour by not inviting him to the party. But just who did push Kerry into the pool?Aline, Kerry's sister, does not seem to show much emotion after the death of her sister, but we all deal with grief in different ways. Aline works as a guidance c...
  • Suzanne
    Great mystery story but was a bit predictable since one of the characters was way more obviously shady more than the others. However, I don’t care if a book is predictable as long as the story has me hooked. I was from the first page. I have not read too many Mary Higgins Clark books but hope to fix that soon. I really enjoyed it and was hooked from the start in finding Kerry’s murderer. Great plot and group of characters. My quick and simple...
  • Sherri Thacker
    I believe this is my 4th book I’ve read by Mary Higgins Clark and I usually give her books between 4-5 stars. The short chapters made it for a quick read and I read it on a rainy Saturday. I literally could not put this book down. It grabbed from page 1 and left me guessing till the last page. 5 stars ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ for me!! I believe this is my 4th book I’ve read by Mary Higgins Clark and I usually give her books between 4-5 stars. The ...
  • Kathy Bell
    Mary Higgins Clark Wow! 90 years old and still writes an amazing book!
  • Kelly
    I keep saying I'm going to give up on MHC books, but I know I will continue to read every single one as long as she keeps writing. Her books have become very average over the past few years. I honestly wonder if she has a ghostwriter, or if she's just sort of given up. But I keep holding out hope of a really good one because I love her older books so much. Like many of her recent books, this one was pretty flat. Her writing style is just so dull ...
  • Megan
    While this was a very easy read, the mystery/suspense just wasn't there. I knew as soon as a certain character was introduced, they were bad and most likely the culprit...and I was correct. I also figured out nearly right away why the person murdered her. That being said, I still enjoyed reading the book but it was far from a great novel. Definitely a one time read. I found Aline, Kerri's sister, to show hardly any emotion (even internally) and t...
  • Natalie
    I keep saying I am going to give up this author, and then I keep reading them. I found this story to be very plot driven with not a lot of character development. I figured out who did it early on (it follows a bit of the pattern of the author's earlier books). On the plus side, it was a quick read.
  • Nattie
    I almost gave this book 1 star but it wasn't a bad story so I couldn't do that. The way it was written was absolutely awful. For the most part it felt like I was reading something meant for people who read at the same level as elementary school kids. I was really thrown off by that, but I think that has been an issue with a couple of Clark's more recent books. A lot of things have been issues with some of Clark's more recent books, including extr...
  • Ivy H
    I am huge fan of Mary Higgins Clark's mysteries and have read nearly all of her novels ( in my pre Goodreads era ) so I was looking forward to this one a lot. I'm such a fan of this author that I even have the dvd collection of her selected books that have been made into movies. That's why this was such a letdown. There was little thrill or nail biting suspense and the storytelling was dry. The murder mystery itself was not compelling and the sty...
  • Kirsten
    Mary Higgins Clark writes what I can only call the cozy thriller. And they are fun. A good suspense/mystery story with a subplot of romance. The romance is there and it's sweet but it's not overwhelming. This is only my second book by this author and I'm really enjoying her style.
  • CD {Boulder Blvd}
    I'm not sure how to rate this one. It's probably more of a 2 star versus a 3 star read. MHC has been one of my go to authors for years. But lately, after each new book, I say I'm not reading the next new one. And again, I'm thinking this should be the last one I read. The plot could be good, but the reader can figure it out with the introduction of each character. The bad guy is obvious and the reason behind the murder is just as obvious. There i...
  • Mary Higgins
    One of the worst Mary Higgins Clark books I’ve read. I thought , as I was reading it, “was this written for adults?” I felt like it was written for a 13 or14 year old kid. The premise was even more for a teen’s book, but it was not developed enough into a mystery. It was a fast read if you can keep reading it, but I kept putting it down because it was so poor. Very poor, do not recommend it.
  • Adelyn
    DNF at page 50. This was impossible to get into. Flat, stereotypical characters and a blow-by-blow plot that failed to tell me why I should care. It seemed like the author wasn’t even interested in her own story.
  • Yovita
    3.5 stars.I enjoy.enjoy.enjoy the tensions Clark throw in the beginnings.I definitely LOVE the short-paged chapters. it encourages me to keep munching the story.I know it has neat word-building, absolutely chop off the unnecessary things to talk, and I partly enjoy it sometimes because I gain solemn focus to follow the story and characters. I'm not used with Clark's super clean, straighforward, and no elaborated words; like she goes a then she do...
  • Joann
    First of all, let me say I have read and enjoyed almost all the Mary Higgins Clark books. I struggled through this book and finally found the word "simplistic" to describe my read. I skipped through the chapters at lightning speed since it is repetitive - especially what a prisoner has to go through when picked up and charged with murder. I'm thankful to a friend who loaned me this book, so I didn't have to waste my money on this one.
  • Susan Lindemulder
    Typical Mary Higgins Clark--love her books and think I've read them all. I enjoy the different places in Bergen County she incorporates into her story. The ones I recognize, I can picture and it's almost as if I'm there in her story. Quick read, although I have to say on this one I figured out "who did it" very quickly on. Still a fun read.
  • Lisa Konet
    So this was a quick because it is MHC! This is not a continuation of her Under Suspicion series, this was a separate novel....It had surprises and plenty of twists. I still love her writing and strong female characters. Will always be a fan and avid reader of Mary HIggins Clark
  • Susan Snodgrass
    I read Mary Higgins Clark's first book 43 years ago, as a senior in high school. Where Are The Children was the title and I've read it several times since. I've been a fan since the first read. I eagerly look forward to her books every year. She is a very prolific writer and has not lost one bit of her talent over the years. At the age of 90, she is still going strong and I still can't manage to figure out the culprit!
  • Kirsten
    I knew from the first chapter that this was going to be garbage. Wasn't wrong.
  • Matt Garcia
    I listened to this on audiobook. This was my first book by Mary Higgins Clark and I have to say it was the epitome of average. It’s formulaic and cliche in seemingly every way. If you’ve ever read a mystery/thriller/who done it? novel then you’ve essentially read this. The characters were cardboard cutouts and I guessed the murderer as soon as the book started. It’s fairly simple to figure out if you have any sort of experience with the g...
  • Mary
    Another great book!This tells the story of an eighteen old girl who is found dead in her family's backyard pool!Kerry Dowling was having a graduation party while her parents were away. Her parents and sister Aline found her face down in the backyard pool.The first suspect is her buyfriend, Alan Crowley, then the second is the special needs young man that lives next door. But it turns out that either was the right person.I enjoy reading Mary's boo...
  • Donna Hines
    There is a sudden death in the backyard pool after a drinking party and someone is going to pay!Lets just go down the list of invitees and those not in attendance because there lies the answer to this interesting mystery.Mary Higgins Clark has provided a quick shot of adrenaline with I've Got My Eyes on You tucked into a bundle of pure thrills.We all know crazy teens but is this the case here or is there more to meets the eye?With a disabled neig...
  • Olga
    So vanilla. These "cozy" mysteries remind me of YA novels or Lifetime movies. This one really reminded me of the old Nancy Drew books. Such a simple mystery (which I had solved pretty easily and quickly myself). The writing seemed very juvenile and the plot was pretty basic.But these are very quick, easy reads, and so I guess I will keep on reading them as long as she keeps putting them out.
  • Donna
    3.5 stars. Eighteen year old Kerry Dowling threw a party while her parents were out of town and it's the last thing she ever did. They found her at the bottom of their swimming pool when they got back home the next day. Here's the list of suspects: The boyfriend, the simple-minded boy from next door, the guy who changed her tire last week, or the one referred to as BIG GUY. Mary Higgins Clark utilizes short chapters to keep this book moving at a ...
  • Lesley Strom
    This was good but sometimes I feel like the writing doesn't do the story justice.... the writing seems so simple and then of course the story finishes tidily at the end of the book.
  • Mary-Kathryn
    2.5 starsI found it a bit predictable.
  • Melanie Johnson
    A fluffy little read in between some heavy stuff. I have a soft spot for MHC, even though her books aren’t hard to figure out. She made me love reading even more as a young adult.