Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein

Judgment Detox

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein comes a clear, proactive, step-by-step process to release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life.This six-step practice offers many promises. Petty resentments will disappear, compassion will replace attack, the energy of resistance will transform into freedom and you’ll feel more peace and happiness than you’ve ever known. I can testify to these results because I...

Details Judgment Detox

TitleJudgment Detox
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherGallery Books
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Spirituality

Reviews Judgment Detox

  • Steve Sanders
    Bernstein dials back on the mysticism of her earlier works enough to make Judgment Detox accessible even to skeptics like me. The book provides a simple yet effective technique for identifying and eradicating resentment and its toxic effects from your day to day life. (Docked one star for the shout out she gives to Joel Osteen who this Houstonian isn’t yet enlightened enough to forgive for keeping his church closed during Harvey.)
  • Mandi
    There have been a couple of Gabby’s books which literally were life changing for me. This wasn’t one of them. The first half felt forced and I almost didn’t finish it. I’m glad that I did, because I did feel that some of the last chapters were helpful.
  • Christina
    Three stars but really this was between a 2 1/2 and 3. I thought the book was ok, and I did like it, but I find after having read a lot of her books, it is a lot of the same information recycled and re worded. There is certainly nothing earth shattering in the content, but there are a lot of great reminders of concepts I am already familiar with so overall, a pleasant read.
  • Peg Samuel
    The concept of judgement holding us back is thought-provoking, Gabby makes it relatable & easy to understand giving a toolbox full of actionable directions to guide us back to a joyful & serene existence.
  • Jess Macallan
    I've read most of Gabby Bernstein's books, and Judgment Detox will satisfy readers who love her forthright but loving teaching style. And like her other books, it will challenge readers to face plenty of uncomfortable thoughts and moments with the ultimate goal of freeing them from that unnecessary emotional weight.What I like best about this book is that she clearly and thoughtfully takes readers through techniques to acknowledge and address the...
  • Drobg62
    Did not find much of valuePurchased this book after hearing the author on a podcast. It is a subject that I am quite interested on different levels but this book provided little information that I found helpful. The author seems to borrow many ideas without exhibiting much real depth of understanding. While her candid self revelations might be refreshing for some I was somewhat taken aback by her seeming lack of mastery on a subject she was autho...
  • Daria Zeoli
    I am judgmental, a grudge-holder. I strive to be more compassionate with myself and others. This book gives six steps that, when practiced, lead one away from judgment and towards live.While I’ve not begun my own judgment detox, having read this book over the past week, I plan to go back and follow the steps. Journaling and meditation are two practices I’ve long wanted to do successfully, and tapping has interested me after hearing about it o...
  • Donna
    This was the first Gabrielle Bernstein book that I have read. I found the concepts very interesting and it was a great guide for me into starting to meditate more. I think this book is a great complement to your faith, whatever it is, and helps you connect to yourself on more of a spiritual level. ---To find yourself spiritually. I love the concept of the inner spirit guide and I found the tapping technique to release negative energy and judgemen...
  • Maria
    If you’re looking at this cover and thinking “Nah, I’m good. I don’t need to read this,” that means you should! Excellent book with tips you can apply immediately. Release your judgment through the powerful tapping exercise. I was surprised to find myself crying as I did it. What a release! Judgment - especially self judgment - is a work in progress, but this book will help you let some of that $hi* go. 🙌🏻
  • Dixie
    I found this to have a lot of truth that I can pull out and use within the Christian world view through which I process life. It was pan-theistic to a degree that I felt somewhat uncomfortable buying into it fully.I voluntarily read an advanced review copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley and offer my honest opinion in response.
  • Gina
    Once again, Gabby doesn’t disappoint. No truly new information, just great reminders in the tone of a chat with a good friend. A spiritual pep talk, if you will, and encouragement to stay on the path.
  • Laurie
    Every few years, I come upon a book that is life changing. I read this at the right time for me. All the puzzle pieces are clicking into place. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) exercises, the prayers, the meditations and the journal that comes with it all have transformed how I am living my life. At first I thought, how can I do this? Not judge anyone for anything? Jeez. That is impossible. Especially self judgment. I am my harshest critic. ...
  • Jane
    I’ve been a fan of Gabby Bernstein for a while. This is the first of her books that I’ve read. I had really high expectations for this book because I’ve heard so many rave reviews about her other books. I was a little disappointed. Some parts of the book were not as enlightening as I anticipated. I read one of the top reviews for the book, and it said that parts of the book felt forced, and I agree. I also wish she had left the short portio...
  • Angela Jones
    Full disclosure--I haven't finished this yet. I may never finish this book. It may not be the sort of book a person is ever meant to finish and shelve away. This book is hard. It requires you to go deep within yourself and evaluate your own judgement--without judging. See? Hard. This book makes me realize how often I judge myself and other people and how reliant I have been upon judgement to numb my pain.What this book does is makes you aware of ...
  • Room2Grow Garden
    This is the first book I’ve read from this author, and I enjoyed it. The title grabbed my attention, so I instantly set my own expectations for the content. There is a lot of great advice that can apply to anyone as long as the reader heeds the warning not to judge the spiritual perspective. We all have difference religious/belief backgrounds and could easily get tripped up over the definition of God and/or Holy Spirit. If you are capable of re...
  • Debra
    A few weeks ago, I saw an interview with Gabrielle Bernstein on the Rachael Ray show. I have a healthy sense of spiritual curiosity and an appetite for self-improvement, so I added her book to my reading list.The book is well written, and ultimately hope filled. If you do pick it up, expect to read about spiritual teachings, such as A Course in Miracles, and spiritual techniques, such as meditation, prayer, journaling, and EFT or tapping. I didn...
  • Edward
    Tricky one this ... I listened to the audiobook via Audible. The content of Gabby's book is, as usual, excellent. The messages are succinct and actionable.However, as the book goes on there are a number of daily meditations. These are great in that they are guided, but you really need to bookmark them to be able to jump in and out later. This is a bit of a challenge to do if you are driving!The format of the book would be better restructured for ...
  • Kathy
    This book really lays out the steps for getting relief from our pain. Forgiveness just might be the cornerstone to finding happiness inside yourself. What a relief to not carry around injustices and being able to turn it over to God for healing. For me a really important piece that she touched on was that you don't have to contact the person you need to forgive, and also you don't have to do anything about a situation that you need to forgive. Ou...
  • Amanda
    I’ve been reading this through slowly to try and process the information as well as to stop myself from hurling it at the wall at times. I’ve got fairly mixed feelings about it.On the one hand, it presents an interesting perspective on how to catch yourself in judgement and how to shift your views. On the other hand, a lot of the advice was to offer it up to the spirit/universe/God/flying spaghetti monster and let them take care of the rest.A...
  • Janet Savill
    I wanted to put this book down a third of the way through but I thought, am I judging this book? I finished reading it and still felt the same way as I did in the first few chapters: the topic is important but what you get out of this book really depends on how you feel about the author. Bernstein spends time relating anecdotes from her life and work that may resonate with fans but fell flat for me. I won't be using her "6 Step" techniques for re...
  • Jessica
    This book was very in line with Gabby’s others. It was a very short read, everything was double-spaced and there were many pages that were quotes or meditations (which were nice, but a little reparative). I loved the general message. I am a judgmental person and I can always use a reminder that these judgements do not serve me or make me happier. I like how Gabby gives you tools and a clear-cut method for dealing with judgements. I also like he...
  • Allison
    As Gabby mentions in Judgement Detox I think the book came into my life when I needed it and was ready to receive the information. Even just realizing that I was judging made me stop and think about what I was doing and try to be more positive. I really loved the guided meditations that she gave in this book as well. There are so many little nuggets of information that I have taken from this book and already implemented into my life so that I fee...
  • Katrina Holtz
    What I loved: always a fan of Gabby Bernstein's wisdom & approach. So many great practices...especially around compassion & forgiveness. This: "Or you can choose to see this person with compassion, accepting that a happy person wouldn't treat someone so poorly." Such a valuable lens.What I left: I've read all of Gabby's books, so parts of this felt repetitive for me. Not really a negative, because the teachings meet you where you are. **I rec'd a...
  • Christina
    I received this book from Netgalley, and although I have loved her previous books, this one just did not resonate with me. I am assuming that it's me, and not the book, because everyone else seems to love it just as much as all of her others! I am a fan of her, but this one fell far short of my expectations. I thank the author and publisher for sending it to me, and I will buy her books in the future, and may come back to this at another time and...
  • KrisTina
    I put myself on hold for this book and thought - hmmmm whatever. But after listening to this book, I want to buy it and go through all her steps. Just the past few days I have noticed myself "judging" in ways that I never would have characterized it as "judging' before but I can see how it does nothing to benefit anyone and instead just makes me miss out on amazing things. Anyone want to be my check-in partner and go through the whole process tog...
  • Melissa
    This book was okay. There were parts that I found interesting like when she told personal stories, but a lot of it felt like repeated material from other books I’ve read. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t find it very compelling. I think she has written better material.I do appreciate receiving this book as a giveaway and wish I could say that I loved it, but I didn’t. ***I received this book as a complimentary Goodreads giveaway.***
  • Mital Patel
    Best book to change the way we judge Just one word, Amazing!!! I started noticing how much i judge anyone and anything all the time after reading this book. And to solve i am practicing Gabby’s steps and they are so powerful. I am simply in love with this book. I already recommended this book to many needed souls 😍
  • Missy
    It all comes down to compassion and forgiveness. This is just what I needed to hear right now. Gabby has a kind way of calling us out for our judgement - of ourselves and others - and she offers concrete and helpful ways to change that behavior.
  • Stephanie
    I like Gabby, and find her books motivational and practical. She's a coach more than teacher, and that's fine! This felt good to read, amidst so much lowest common denominator discourse in the air these days.
  • Jenna Amundson
    I very much enjoyed this book. It gave me good tools for combating something I think we all struggle with, judgment. I have noticed changes in me as I have worked through the process and Gabby is very much right along there with us. Worthy read.