Before I Let You In by Jenny Blackhurst

Before I Let You In

The next gripping psychological thriller by the author of How I Lost You, Jenny Blackhurst’s #1 international bestseller, about a psychiatrist and patient relationship that turns not only toxic…but deadly.Karen, Eleanor, and Bea have been best friends since childhood. They know everything about each other’s lives, or at least they think they do. Now in their thirties, though their lives are beginning to diverge: Eleanor is a young wife and ...

Details Before I Let You In

TitleBefore I Let You In
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherAtria/Emily Bestler Books
GenreThriller, Psychological Thriller, Fiction, Mystery

Reviews Before I Let You In

  • Maureen
    * Thank you to Netgalley and Headline publishing for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review*Hold The Front Page! Just when I thought the psychological thrillers I've been reading couldn't get any better - along comes 'Before I Let You In' and it just blows me away. Karen, Eleanor and Bea have been close friends ever since starting school. Now, as adults, they still meet up for coffee on a regular basis, and keep in touch in between. Kare...
  • Kendall
    So, apparently I've been living under a rock... since I've just now established this amazing author! Jenny Blackhurst is wonderful!!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.... this book was Fantastical (Kendall doing her happy read dance right now :):)). Beautiful and glorious 5 stars for this one ladies and gents!!! Just when I thought I wouldn't find a better psychological thriller.. "Before I let you In" came along and was a nicely wrapped present under my Chr...
  • Jules
    This won Book of the Month on my blog for February 2017:https://littlemissnosleep.wordpress.c...After having absolutely loved How I lost You, and talking anyone who would listen into reading it, I was a little nervous about this author’s second book. The first one was so good, could her second impress me anywhere near as much? In a word, YES! Before I Let You In is incredible, and now I want to tell everyone to read this one too.This story focu...
  • sue
    OMG Jenny Blackhurst. She's has climbed right to the top 10 of my personal charts for reading thrillers. After her last book I thought that was brilliant, and it was. This one was a topic of something else and it just bulldozed along. Have you ever thought you were loosing your mind? Then put yourself into one of the three women who are the main characters in this book.New baby, young child to take to school. Tired Mom.Then there is Eleanor and B...
  • Shannon
    Geez, Before I Let You In kind of blew my mind 🤯! The story was fast paced and has an ending I did not see coming. I believe this will be out in April in the US but from all the 5 star reviews on Goodreads I just couldn’t wait. Thank you Book Depository lolSo what’s it about? Karen, Bea, and Eleanor have been the best of friends since childhood. Now, in their 30s they still meet up for lunches out or at each other’s homes. Eleanor is the...
  • Louise Wilson
    Three women who are in their 30's have been friends since nursery school. In fact they were inseparable.Karen is the friend who fixes all their problems. She was the perfect one. She is a phychitrist and when she takes on a a new patient Jessica it seems the patient knows more about Karen and her friends than she should.I did not and could not where this phycological thriller was taking me but oh how this pulled me in from the first page. I will ...
  • Richard
    One of the best things that came out of Crimefest 15 was that I met Jenny Blackhurst and went on to read her debut novel (May 2015).I liked her as a person and I loved her as an author of How I Lost You. I have followed with some eagerness her writing career and waited for this her second novel expectently.The thing about her writing is that she thinks of an incredible plot and then twists it so that a simple story we would readily recognise and ...
  • Karen
    DNF at 43%. Cheating, I hate cheating!!! What the Hell???I wish there was a warning but no, I read 43% into the book and find this out. Seriously, I'm not happy about this!!! There goes my mystery!! No rating...
  • Kim Ebner
    Please check out my book blog at: www.thebuzzingbookmark.comAs far as I'm concerned, it's fairly rare to read a psychological thriller that isn't great. There's something about the twists and turns in the plot, the devious nature of some of the characters and the relationships between them, that just hook the reader. And let's not mention the often shocking twists that we are confronted with in the last pages! And so it was with this one.This ...
  • Joanne Robertson
    This book was on my wishlist from the minute it appeared on Amazon as I loved How I Lost You. But I have to say, after just this minute finishing Before I Let You In.....this is EVEN BETTER! What a twisted and devious mind Jenny Blackhurst must have! I just loved it! The three women at the heart of this book have been best friends since school. Now in their thirties, their lives have taken quite different paths but they have remained very close. ...
  • Karen
    Having enjoyed ‘How I Lost You’, the debut thriller by Jenny Blackhurst, I was very much looking forward to this as soon as I saw it announced.Karen Browning, Eleanor Whitney and Bea Parker have been friends for over thirty years. They went to university together, they know everything about each other’s lives, or at least they think they do.Karen is a psychiatrist and it’s clear from the start that she sees herself as a ‘fixer’. She w...
  • I read novels
    Review on including blog tour and questions and answers from Jenny Blackhurst.Fully twisted all the way. Karen a psychiatrist is happy doing her job fixing patients problems. The only problem for Karen is that she never knows who is walking through her door. But one patient knows more about Karen and her friends that are all like sisters. Psychiatric Report Jessica Hamilton. Age 23. Address Confidential. Medical hist...
  • The Book Review Café
    Before I Let You In has to be one of the best psychological thrillers I have read this year, it literally took my breath away. Jenny BlackHurst has written a very original and twisted tale that left my heart racing I’m pleased to say. Karen, Bea and Eleanor are the best of friends and have been since childhood, they know each other inside out or so they believe. When Karen a psychiatrist starts treating Jessica, a girl who seems to know things ...
  • Tracy Fenton
    Having read and absolutely loved How I Lost You by Jenny Blackhurst I was very excited to read her new book Before I Let You In and even more delighted to know I was one of the first to read it. This gripping and tense psychological thriller tells the story of 3 best friends in their 30's who have been inseparable since nursery school. It's apparent from the opening chapter that something awful has happened but you don't find out what until the l...
  • BookwormDH
    Karen is meant to be the one who fixes problems.It's her job, as a psychiatrist - and it's always been her role as a friend.But Jessica is different. She should be the patient, the one that Karen helps.But she knows things about Karen. Her friends, her personal life. Things no patient should know.And Karen is starting to wonder if she should have let her in . . .I keep saying it has been an excellent year for psychological thrillers and here we g...
  • YC
    I'm not with the majority on this one, I didn't enjoy this book. I felt the plot was way drawn out and could've been cut down by a good third. It felt repetitive at times and too far-fetched to be enjoyable. Even though I spent hours reading, I wasn't invested in these characters at all and didn't really care for what happened to them. The 'twist' was a let-down. It was truly a struggle to finish the book.
  • Laura von Eden
    Psychothriller sind für mich immer etwas schwierig, da viele Bücher, die diesem Genre zugeschrieben werden, für mich keine wirklichen Psychothriller sind. 'Das Mädchen im Dunkeln' hält jedoch was es verspricht!Die Geschichte fängt zunächst recht harmlos an, doch sie nimmt schnell an Fahrt auf. Hiermit meine ich vor allem die allgegenwärtige beklemmende Stimmung und den wirklich gut gespannten Handlungsbogen. Wer Action und viele Leichen e...
  • Miriam Smith
    This debut crime novel by Jenny Blackhurst is cleverly constructed and written, about the complex web of lies and secrets between 3 best friends. With twists and turns this keeps you gripped from the start and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to readers who love psychology thrillers. As a little note I would have liked a day/date with each or certain chapters (since it was only put on the first chapter) as I was a little confused to begin with of...
  • Julia
    Oh my oh my oh my, hands down, one of the best books I've read all year! Thank you to NetGalley, Headline and Jenny Blackhurst for the ARC of Before I Let You In.I love this book: it is clever, brilliantly plotted, really well written, creepy and twisted. The characters are three-dimensional, the pace is perfect and the multiple narrators device - one of my favourites - is used well. One or two of my suspicions along the way were right, but most ...
  • Eva
    Definitely one of the best psychological thrillers I've read in a while and sure to be in my top 5 books this year. So twisted and gripping. A true page turner. I was utterly convinced I had figured the whole thing out and was proven completely wrong. I love it when that happens. Can't wait to see what Jenny Blackhurst comes up with next.
  • Cara Edgar
    This book is my second of Jenny Blackhurst and probably my favourite so far. It follows a group of three women who have been friends since they were 5 years old. They have known each other all their lives and so believe they know each other as well as they know themselves.. Is this the case?This book goes between the three woman's perspectives and then also a further unnamed character, as it is done this way it makes it intriguing and you just wa...
  • Anne
    There are some incredibly talented authors being published at the moment. They are writing brilliant psychological thrillers, stories that twist and turn and lead the reader astray. Back in April last year, when I read and reviewed Jenny Blackhurst's debut novel, How I Lost You, I commented that she was a worthy entry to the stable of fine thriller authors. I thought her story was clever and compelling, not without a couple of niggles, but very w...
  • K.L. Slater
    This psychological thriller kept me turning the pages throughout. All of the characters are interesting and we witness them going through big changes, dealing with their respective problems and suspicions and the storyline did keep me guessing as to who the mystery client was and who could be responsible for certain deeds.The characters were all well-drawn and the narrative is tight, pacy and well-constructed.Recommended!
  • Sibel Hodge
    A fabulously addictive read with an amazing twist! :) xx
  • Jen
    Karen, Eleanor and Bea have been friends since they were five years old. They all lead very different lives and yet their bond seems to be unbreakable. Karen is a psychiatrist, always wanting to help her friends and fix theirs and other people’s problems, unimpeachable in her attitude to life and language. Eleanor is the dutiful wife and mother, her life governed by baby feeds, dirty nappies and school runs. Bea is the life the soul of the grou...
  • Hans
    Very well told! A believable story with a surprising end.
  • Kate
    Before I Let You In is the second novel from Jenny Blackhurst, her first was How I Lost You. This book centres around three women, Karen, Eleanor and Bea, who have been friends since school. The women now in their 30s are still very close despite each having their own lives to lead. When psychiatrist Karen takes on a new patient (self referred) called Jessica something about her just doesn't sit right and Karen becomes increasingly uncomfortable ...
  • Sharon
    Three friends inseparable since childhood and now in their 30s - the bond between them seems unbreakable but their lives are about to be torn apart.Karen seems to have her head together, a junior psychiatrist who considers her role as to look out for her friends; Bea the single one who loves a great time - the party girl of the group and Eleanor - new mum and struggling with the responsibility - but they all have secrets - how much will their pas...
  • Leona
    OMG Jenny Blackhurst what an absolutely brilliant, fantastic, unputdownable book this is. It hooked me right in from the very first page. The twists and turns throughout this book were fantastic. Every time I came to the end of a page I just had to keep going and read more. Another thing I loved about this book is that each page was exciting, there was no long gaps filled with senseless words to drag the book out. Every page, every sentence was m...
  • Semjon
    Ich bin begeistert. Von der Autorin habe ich zuvor noch nie etwas gehört, aber ich bin auch kein ausgewiesener Thriller/Krimi-Fan. Oft lesen sich diese Bücher für mich wie schlechte Drehbücher zu einem langweiligen Tatort oder wenn sie mich packen, dann enden sie einfallslos. Doch bei diesem Buch hat für mich alles gepasst. Der Konflikt zwischen Therapeutin und Patientin bildet den Spannungsbogen von Anfang bis zum Ende. Vielleicht hat mich ...