For Every One by Jason Reynolds

For Every One

Originally performed at the Kennedy Center for the unveiling of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and later as a tribute to Walter Dean Myers, this stirring and inspirational poem is New York Times bestselling author and National Book Award finalist Jason Reynolds’s rallying cry to the dreamers of the world.For Every One is just that: for every one. For every one person. For every one dream. But especially for every one kid. The kids who dre...

Details For Every One

TitleFor Every One
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherAtheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
GenrePoetry, Young Adult, Teen

Reviews For Every One

  • Whitney Atkinson
    3.5 StarsNetgalley provided me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI'm a simple woman: I see anything by Jason Reynolds, I pounce on it. This is a poem/letter for "dreamers" in the world. It's as much of testament of Reynolds' trials and errors as much as it is a call-to-action for the readers. The writing style is very clean and this probably only took me 10 minutes to read because it's barely over 100 pages and it's designed in...
  • David Schaafsma
    Originally performed at the Kennedy Center for the unveiling of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and later as a tribute to Walter Dean Myers, this short speech by great performer and children’s author Reynolds is vaguely titled, but it is addressed to young people about the importance of dreams. In it the now successful Reynolds reveals how he was unsuccessful most of his life, and never gave up. His principal accomplishment seems to be the...
  • Lata
    A quick read of an inspirational poem aimed at younger readers, exhorting them to dream, to have courage, and to take action.The words, while not groundbreaking, are heartfelt, and I would have liked to have read the sentiments when I was much younger and wondering what direction I should go.
  • Trevor
    2.5 stars
  • Jesse Nicholas
    Comforting and inspirational!
  • Critterbee❇
    Beautiful. Everyone would benefit from reading this letter/poem of dreaming and jumping and persisting and accepting."Your dream is the molebehind your ear, that chip in yourfront tooth, your freckles.It's the thing that makesyou special,but not the thing that makes you great.The courage in trying,the passion in living,and the acknowledgement and appreciation ofthe beauty happening aroundyou does that." Jason Reynolds, I love you.*eARC Netgalley*
  • Jillian (bookishandnerdy)
    inspiring and uplifting
  • Melissa Veras
    3.5 stars! I don't usually read this kind of books, but it was not bad at all. I enjoyed it.
  • Madalyn (Novel Ink)
    This review originally appeared on Novel Ink.I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This poem/letter came along at exactly the time I needed to read it. I had been through a rough few weeks, and this was just… everything I needed to keep me going. (Once again, Jason Reynolds saves the day.) But seriously, this was a fantastic poem I think everyone w...
  • Danielle
    A letter of encouragement for dreamers, and for anyone thinking of giving up on a dream.
  • Aliza Werner
    A letter to himself. A letter to the dreamers. Jason Reynolds setting words on fire...per usual.
  • Kate
    Jason flipping Reynolds!
  • Lauren Stoolfire
    Never give up on your dreams. I highly recommend as read by the author, it's an incredibly powerful yet short listen.
  • Erika
    When life gives you lemons, read Jason Reynolds. Lord, this man! This poetic letter to every one is for everyone. The dreamers. The doubters. The hijacked. The prospered. Those afraid. Those with courage. The jumpers. Whichever you are...JUMP.
  • Molly Dettmann
    I want to curl up in these words, share them, and live them.
  • Melissa ~ Missy (FrayedBooks)
    read this and more reviews on Frayed Books:http://frayedbooks.wordpress.comFor Every One is just that – for everyone. I listened to the audiobook, which is read by Jason himself, and I highly recommend it. It’s only about 30 minutes long so it’s a quick read or listen – but so powerful, you’ll immediately want to read it again. (Which, yes, I did hit “replay” after I finished it once.)Jason speaks so honestly in For Every One; “I ...
  • Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
    A short, yet powerful read to never give up on your dreams! Jason Reynolds has a way with words. This book will make you realize that on the road less traveled, you're not alone. On the dreams you feel as though have passed you by, really haven't. No matter the fear, the obstacle etc, JUST JUMP! This book makes the perfect gift. It's the motivational speech that everyone needs.
  • Marco Morano
    Jason Reynolds has become a new favorite author of mine, but this one is kind of a disappointment. However, it has to do more with the fact that I rarely love poetry (unless it's telling a story or unless it's spoken word), so I would still recommend it to people. That, and it just felt a little bit cheesy and was too short for my taste.
  • Brittany
    Jason Reynolds continues to amaze me.
  • Mary Lee
    This was the right book at the right time for me. I think every time I pick it up, it will be the right time.
  • Mrs. Trekas
    Crying I love it so much. Jason Reynolds is definitely my favorite author right now
  • Rachel Polacek
    Inspiring and motivating - I love how Jason Reynold gets at the heart of how messy dreams can be. How we don't always understand it, or know what we're doing, but we just have to keep jumping.
  • Alicia
    Is he superhuman? Who is his editor? Does he even need an editor? Why waste money on other authors when you can put your money on anything Reynolds writes? Gosh, this quick verse inspires anyone because it's for everyone. Everyone who ever had a doubt. No one knows the answers to all the questions or life, but you can try and work at it and it'll still be okay. The formatting is spot on, the font choices and placement on the page is visually appe...
  • Saniya
    If I were teaching high school or even middle school kids, this would be the first book I'd make them read. It's a little too advanced for elementary school lmao. Needless to say I'm going to try and reread this every day or at least every week. It's a well needed reminder that life is life, the struggle is real, there are others who share the struggle, and it doesn't matter if you make it only that you tried and enjoyed trying.
  • anna
    if you haven't read anything by jason reynolds, start with For Everyone.if you enjoy poetry, read For Everyone.if you're a dreamer, read For Everyone.if you need hope, read For favorite poems:(pg. 28)All of us out here,slumped over wearingweird fakebroken smiles, trying to avoid the truth:THAT WE ALL GOT ROAD RAGE.(pg. 43)YOU HOPEthe voice thatdelivers theloudest whispersof what you envision never silences.That it never cowers behind ...
  • Colona Public Library
    I read Jason Reynolds other book "Long Way Down" and absolutely loved it. So, when I saw that he published another Young Adult Novel, I could not wait to get my hands on it. This was written similarly and it was an inspirational read. It was only a hundred pages so it was a quick read. Perfect for teenagers who don't want to commit their time to reading. This was such a great book to read for anyone who is feeling lost and needs some direction in...
  • Liz
    Read it twice thru and then keep a copy forever for the nights you need it most! It's Reynolds' love letter to the world and as usual, he masters the economy of language and his poetry packs a punch. Do I say that in every review I write for him? It's just so true.