Boys Keep Swinging by Jake Shears

Boys Keep Swinging

“Wow! So brutally honest and such a really addictive read.” —Elton John“One courageous joyride of a memoir. It should be illegal for rock stars to write so beautifully.” —Armistead Maupin“A wild, sexy, emotional ride through underground New York at the millennium…a tale that speaks to the outsider in all of us.” —Andy CohenIn this deeply affecting memoir, one of rock music’s most entrancing figures transforms the vividness o...

Details Boys Keep Swinging

TitleBoys Keep Swinging
Release DateFeb 20th, 2018
PublisherAtria Books
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Lgbt, Music

Reviews Boys Keep Swinging

  • Larry H
    I'm between 3.5 and 4 stars, so I'll round up."Writing about your life is panning your imagination for shiny bits. Much memory is grimy and covered with fuzz, like a component of some unknown thing that was left under your couch for years, attracting dust bunnies. When you find it, you're unsure what it was used for in the first place. You do your best to wash the pieces off and line them up on a table, in hopes that with a little concentration t...
  • Jennifer
    I am surprised this book wasn’t heavier with all the names he dropped.
  • Elissa
    I'm not a stranger to celebrity memoirs, especially musician's memoirs. (For some reason, I find musicians more interesting than actors, and have read a fair number of memoirs by artists I know peripherally: Jewel, Keith Richards, Posh Spice.) So when the opportunity came up for me to read Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters' memoir, courtesy of Netgalley, I took it, thinking that maybe I'd learn something new. I own their albums and even saw their sh...
  • Doug
    4.5, rounded up. This is a surprising book in many ways, not the least of which it isn't just the usual lame rock star autobiography - and Shears can really write. Given that he studied creative writing in college (he 'graduated', but never got his degree because he failed to turn in his final novella!), perhaps that shouldn't be such a surprise. And the majority of the book actually chronicles his years as a young, confused, bullied queer kid - ...
  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    “I knew in my heart that we were losing our lives as we knew them, but I also knew that the trade-off was going to be a singular experience that few people get.” – Jake ShearsBefore there was Jake Shears and Scissor Sisters and kikis to be having, there was Jason Sellards, a self-professed born showman who, even as a kid, knew he was destined for greater things. Boys Keep Swinging is his story, and it’s a brilliant one that begins with hi...
  • Constantine
    Rating: 4.0/5.0This memoir was very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Jake Shears have had his ups and downs, success and setbacks but he remains the guy who recovers from those setbacks. In this memoir, he tells us about his life from childhood to adolescent. His sexuality and how he was able to cope with it at a young age. There is also a lot of his relationships with different people and how they affected his life and how he affec...
  • Patricia Romero
    In his memoir, Jake takes us from his childhood in Arizona and the Pacific Northwest, and in neither place did he fit in. He was too flamboyant, too out there, just too over the top. But he didn't know how to be anything other than what he was. Gay, in a time and place that could get you ostracized but hurt.The relationship with his mother was one of total acceptance. His father more stoic silence. Trying to find his own identity and voice, he r...
  • Christopher Jones
  • Christina
    End at first few pages. Not my style of reading and refused to continue.
  • Alex Jackman
    A memoir from the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters, this book is part queer coming of age story and part rock band come up story. It's painted with a cast of memorable characters from coastal art and party scenes and household music industry names. Most name dropped: Elton John. The book is unapologetic in its presentation and of Jake Shears' life, and doesn't shy away from details, but covering a full life so quickly leaves little time to dig ...
  • Louis Skye
    I’ve never been much into autobiographies but I enjoyed this. I remember listening to Scissor Sisters in the early 2000s; I always thought their videos were so incredibly bizarre. Jake Shears, lead singer and author of this book, was one of the rare artists at that time who was unabashedly fabulous and flamboyant, with absolutely no compunctions about what he looked like on screen. I thought that was incredibly cool.I have only ever heard 3 son...
  • Jolie
    I am not a fan of reviewing memoirs, biographies or autobiographies. I like to read them but ask me to review them, no thank you. So, how did I end up with Boys Keep Swinging? A mistake. I didn’t read the blurb before I decided to push the Read Now button on NetGalley. I was multitasking, which is pretty common. Plus, I loved the cover. Anyways, I will do my best not to bore you guys with this review.Boys Keep Swinging is about Jake Shears. Fro...
  • Sue Trowbridge
    I picked up Jake Shears’ memoir Boys Keep Swinging because I was a fan of his glam-rock/disco band the Scissor Sisters, who have been M.I.A. over the past few years. Shears also wrote songs for the “Tales of the City” musical that I loved so much back in 2011; I still nurture a hope that it’ll go on to have a second life someday.As it turns out, Boys Keep Swinging doesn’t deal at all with the band’s lengthy hiatus, or “Tales of the ...
  • Stella
    I've read a ton of music memoirs. From The Dirt to Neon Angel, from Just Kids to Scar Tissue....they remain some of my favorite books to read. It's a look at the creative influence and process behind people who have put their soul on the line.Jake Shears is, above all things, a talented wordsmith. It's not wonder that he studied creative writing. Starting with his life in Arizona, to his youth in Portland, we follow young Jason as he struggles wi...
  • Portia Kapraun
    Wow. I don't usually gravitate to music autobiographies, but this one caught my eye with a fun title, bright cover, and an author whose music was the soundtrack to a very specific time in my life. Jake Shears knows how to tell a story, and he skillfully weaves together both the fantastic and the mundane events and experiences that lead up to the Scissor Sisters. The book can sometimes feel like a series of events rather than one narrative, but as...
  • Jocelyn
    DNF @ 51%I was enjoying this book up until the halfway point. I made the mistake of putting it down for a couple weeks and by the time I was able to come back to it, I only got through a couple pages before realizing I was no longer interested. The way Jake Shears talks about his childhood and upbringing got me hooked, but he lost me soon after coming to NYC. There were far too many off-hand mentions of people and places that he never really gave...
  • Eric Kennedy
    A bit scattered, but an interesting read for fans of the Scissor Sisters and Jake Shears. The book is divided into three parts: Youth, New York, and Scissor Sisters. The transition to the last part (which accounts for about 50% of the book) is a bit jarring, but eventually finds its footing. Interestingly, the book ends after the release of Ta Dah (2006), the band's second album. Having read about the band's various disagreements and struggles th...
  • Brian
    I really enjoy the band the Scissor Sisters so naturally when I saw that the lead singer had written a memoir I had to pick it up. The book tales about Shears' childhood as well as his rise into fame. The book goes into detail about Jake's coming to terms with his sexuality as well as some of the more extreme jobs he had to take on in order to support himself. The book falters a bit when it arrives at the conception of the band. The thing that wa...
  • George
    I enjoyed hearing about his journey, but I was disappointed it ended just as Shears and his Scissor Sisters bandmates were rehearsing their second album. That was more than a decade ago! I wanted more! Guess I'll have to wait for part two (assuming there will be one?). Would like to have heard more about his depression and recovering from it and the making of the second album, which seemed to be glossed over. He also talks about meeting the love ...
  • Kristine
    Boys Keep Swinging by Jason Sellards/Jake Shears is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early March.Okay, so I'm coming in with a fair amount of bias, due to 'Take Your Mama' being one of my all-time, dance party of one, booty grind favorite songs. Not only that, but my father and boyfriend's family all live in Arizona, so I was able to relate to bleak beigeness of Shears' childhood and adolescence quite keenly. Other than that, he spins fancif...
  • Cody
    Highly addictive and emotional read. I've admired Jake Shears since I discovered Scissor Sisters when I was coming out in college. The band helped me to understand that being queer in this world is not only okay, but that it is something to truly celebrate and embody with pride. Shears writes about his life with humor, brutal honesty, and moving insight - I'll admit that I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of his writing. Knowing the storie...
  • Eric Lawless
    I really enjoyed this music memoir, one of the better ones I've read. TO be honest, I only had a passing knowledge of Scissor Sisters music but the book was recommended to me and looked interesting. There is a, "I've just arrived in New York City, and I'm trying this drug, having sex with this person....times 20" that got a bit tedious. I got it early on, you got laid a lot and experimented with drugs, becoming an avid Ecstasy user for a
  • Louise
    This made me immediately want to find my long buried scissor sisters CD and play it at full volume.As someone who's seen them a fair few times,and always enjoyed the energy they had on stage... it was interesting to know the back story... Not just of how Jake and Ana didn't have the best relationship you imagined for them,but how Jason became Jake shears.Enjoyable,funny in parts and totally likeable... Now,where's that CD?????
  • Natalie Morgan
    I read this book early thanks to #NetGalley. Boy, was it an adventure! It was funny and meaningful. I loved the glimpse of what life was like for Jake in New York in the 90's. Parts 1 and 2 covered childhood,high school, and college. Once the book transitioned to the Scissor Sisters, I felt there was a lot more name dropping than was quite needed. Aside from that I love this book.
  • Preston
    He should stick to writing songs, not books, but he’s cute and recounts his slutty misadventures, so it held my interest. Kind of all over the place, but so is he. Fun read for fans of the Scissor Sisters.
  • John Amory
    Such a refreshing read from a celebrity author. As much a memoir of a time and place (New York in the late 90s/early 00s), this is an unashamed, honest coming-of-age story about the road to and price of fame.
  • Sheena
    Really liked this one. One of the better memoirs I've read in awhile.
  • willowdog
    Honest and revealing look at what it takes to be successful in the music business. As a gay youth, Jake exposes the struggle to come to terms with one's sexuality early in life during the late 80's-early 90's and the myth of the ease of coming out for this x generation. Enjoyed the honesty of Spears revelations of drugs and sex during this time. Thought it was interesting on how other successful people (a community of talented individuals) assist...
  • Lillian
    First, thank you, Jake Shears, for sharing. I listened to all your music on you tube. An amazing glimpse of what it takes to be inside the life of an artist. Touring, writing, making music. The energy expended. #JakeShears #ScissorSisters