Sunny by Jason Reynolds


Sunny tries to shine despite his troubled past in this third novel in the critically acclaimed Track series from National Book Award finalist Jason Reynolds.Ghost. Patina. Sunny. Lu. Four kids from wildly different backgrounds, with personalities that are explosive when they clash. But they are also four kids chosen for an elite middle school track team—a team that could qualify them for the Junior Olympics. They all have a lot of lose, but the...

Details Sunny

Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherAtheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Sports and Games, Sports, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Cultural, African American

Reviews Sunny

  • Kristen
    Edelweiss provided me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Sunny's story is very different than that of Ghost or Patina. First, his story is a series of diary entries--a diary he keeps to help control all the thoughts and ideas swirling around in his head. And Sunny's brain doesn't process things like other kids ( that I'm typing that...his brain probably processes things like A LOT of other kids)--he jumps from tho...
  • Alicia
    Fast-paces both in its use of white space as Sunny writes in his diary and in how Reynolds keeps us moving through Sunny’s world where his birthday is coming up- which also means that it’s the day his mother died. Sunny has to finally soon share with his coach and his father that he doesn’t want to run anymore- it is what his father wants because that’s what his mother did. But he wants to dance and Coach, being his usual awesome mentor s...
  • Jen Petro-Roy
    I don't think Jason Reynolds can write a bad book.
  • Stefani Sloma
    Oh man. Sunny. I've been waiting for your book. Written entirely in diary entries, SUNNY is beautiful, sensitive, and an absolute masterpiece like all of Jason's books. I thought the way that Jason represents Sunny's love of music and dancing, the way that he sees the world, was really cool. I think this is my favorite of the series.
  • Cindy Dobrez
    I loved Ghost and liked Patina and I think I may love Sunny even more than Ghost! This kid won my heart on page nine with a beautiful passage about crying and breathing and not crying and not breathing as he relates that his mother died giving birth to him. I stopped breathing for a long beat myself. And by page 41 Sunny is so nervous to confront his coach who is mad at him that he "wanted to puke myself out of myself, like blooepp and just lay t...
  • Theresa Grissom
    Thanks to Edelweiss Plus for an advanced copy of this book!Jason Reynolds is a master storyteller! Each book I read brings me to like him more. I adore this Track series. Sunny is told by diary entries so it's a bit different than the first two. I will never tire of reading Jason's books.
  • Amy
    Thank You Jason, Thank You Caitlin Dlouhy, and Thank You Simon + Schuster for another elegant and important middle grades book.I will post a more complete review closer to publication date.*I received a promotional ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.*
  • Lynn
    I loved this! Sunny's voice is so funny and so heart-breaking and so so real! A wonderful addition to the "field."
  • Kristen Unger
    Loved the creative use of language. Keep on dazzling, Reynolds.
  • Harold
    A GoodReads GiveAwayA book for ten-year-olds. I wonder if said readers will like the writing style ... but who am I to blow against the wind?
  • Kristin
    ARC via EdelweissI loved this third installment in Reynolds' Track series! Sunny's story is different and unexpected. Yet, heartbreaking and heartwarming like those of Ghost and Patina. I can't wait for the final book to tell Lu's story! As usual, Reynolds' storytelling was spot on!
  • Sam
    4.5Huge thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada for this ARC!As many of you know, I am an insane Jason Reynolds fangirl. I started reading his books last year and since then have read everything he has published to date. When Simon & Schuster Canada sent me a package of Jason Reynolds books, I was rolling on the floor in utter delight. The Track series is one of my favourite middle grade reads and one I constantly recommend to parents who have reluc...
  • Amy
    Many thanks to Edelweiss Plus and the publisher for an advance eARC copy of this title for review. All opinions are my own.Jason Reynolds has done it again. He continues to write astounding, real, raw stories from a variety of perspectives, all while making his characters relatable and endearing. There is something about his writing that draws you in, and lets you feel the character. Sunny leapt off the page in this story, and his voice was crys...
  • Jen McGeown
    Thanks to Edelweiss Plus for a DRC of this book. Oh Sunny, you poor boy. Sunny struggles with so many things...the death of his mom during his birth, not wanting to run track anymore, having a distant relationship with his father-just to name a few. And Sunny just can’t stop moving...his brain, his body, and his noises. I enjoyed this super quick read, reading about Sunny through his diary entries as he processes his world and the world around ...
  • ❇Critterbee
    Sunny is the third in the Track series, and I was really looking forward to getting inside Sunny's mind, because so far he has been a bit of a mystery. Sunny is one of the four 'newbies' (with Ghost, Patina and Lu), the long distance runner. He is quiet, nice, supportive and that is almost all we know about him before reading his book. And that his relationship with his father seems painful and distant. Right at the beginning of the book, Sunny d...
  • Cathy
    I lunched and read Sunny and had to set it aside in some parts because, well, Darryl and Sunny: their father-son relationship, or lack thereof felt like it was written from experience.And Reynolds does it again: just when I was getting attached, I turn the page and gasp! No more, the end. This is the one book in the series where I’d welcome more pages, I got the feeling there was more of Sunny to share and his story was just starting.While diff...
  • Karen Arendt
    Sunny is an amazing book. The diary format was a surprise for me because the first two books were not written in that style. That suits Sunny’s story though. Sunny struggles with how he fits in- with his family and with his track teammates. But when the time is finally right for Sunny all the pieces come together just like the puzzles he and his dad work on. I look forward sharing this title with my students.
  • Jennifer
    Reynolds continues his Track series with the story of Sunny, a boy who is all movement all the time. He tells his story to his diary, about his strained relationship with his father because his birth caused his mother's death. He's been a runner, just like het, but now he wants to dance, also like her. He wants to start to find his own way instead of always doing what is expected to pay tribute to her. It's a voice that a lot of kids will relate ...
  • Autumn
    The Louise Fitzhugh tribute album of Jason Reynolds books, and I am here for it.Probably just my own Fitzhugh-stan eyes seeing elements of Harriet the Spy (journaling and a magical adult friend/mentor), Nobody's Family is Going to Change (love of dance, rhythm, physicality) and really difficult, cold familial relations (all of it, basically). Love the poetic feel of the language -- this one is going to be a particularly great audiobook.
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusThis is very different from Ghost and Patina, in that there are not a lot of details about the track team. It's fine that Sunny would rather dance than run, but there could have been more details about his interest in dance. The largest part of this book concerns the trouble Sunny and his father have because of the death of Sunny's mother shortly after his birth.
  • Eti
    Things I'm thinking about after reading Sunny: the powerful unique voice that captures Sunny's struggles and experiences, the raw emotion and heartbreak of loss that its impact on families, how amazing it is to see each of the Defenders from new perspectives, how I'm going to read this book - and so will kids - many times and discover new things each time. I'm also super excited for the audiobook version with narrator Guy Lockard, who narrated th...
  • Jessica (novelcravings)
  • Dylan Teut
    Loved that this was written in diary entries. Loved Sunny's voice. If I was Sunny's age, he'd be someone I'd want to hang out with.
  • junia
    This is not about the book but about the book description. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH ALL THE SPOILERS?!!!? Why even BOTHER to read the book of you're going to give everything away!???? 🙇🏻♀🙇🏻♀🙇🏻♀ This is not about the book but about the book description. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH ALL THE SPOILERS?!!!? Why even BOTHER to read the book of you're going to give everything away!???? 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍...