To the Moon and Back (The Baxter Family, #3) by Karen Kingsbury

To the Moon and Back (The Baxter Family, #3)

Dear Jenna,Like I do every year, I wrote you a letter. In case you come to the memorial today. In case you want to find me as much as I want to find you.It was the beginning of a letter not meant for Ashley Baxter Blake, but somehow she finds herself drawn to it. And to the handsome stranger who left it tucked in a chain-link fence for someone named Jenna. That man is Brady Bradshaw.Brady was a child when the Oklahoma City bombing killed his moth...

Details To the Moon and Back (The Baxter Family, #3)

TitleTo the Moon and Back (The Baxter Family, #3)
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
PublisherHoward Books
GenreChristian Fiction, Fiction, Christian, Romance

Reviews To the Moon and Back (The Baxter Family, #3)

  • Ashley (5171MilesBooks)
    Check out this full review and many more at: 5171 Miles Book BlogMany thanks to Howard Books/Simon and Schuster for the chance to read and review this novel!I was absolutely delighted when Simon and Schuster contacted me about Karen Kingsbury’s upcoming release To the Moon and Back, part three in her much-loved Baxter series. Even before I was an avid reader I heard nothing but praise about Kingsbury’s writing. She is a family favorite and go...
  • Susan
    To the Moon and BackKaren KingsburyReceived from Atria BooksWow, all I can say is, TO THE MOON AND BACK blew me away! Keep the tissues close by as you are reading and be prepared to go on an emotional roller coaster ride like you have never experienced before. It is the third book in The Baxter Family series but it can easily be read as a stand alone, which is what I did.Brady Bradshaw returns to the memorial site every year to mourn his mother w...
  • Anna
    Ashley Baxter Blake and Kari Baxter Taylor and their families are taking a vacation together for Spring Break. Their neice, Amy, who lost her parents and sisters in a tragic car crash, wants to visit the memorial site of the Oklahoma City Bombing. She is hoping for a sapling from the Survivor Tree that they hand out on the anniversary of the bombing. She wants to plant it in their backyard as an emblem of her own journey of hope and moving forwar...
  • Jerry
    Karen Kingsbury hits it out of the park once again with this novel! Even though it's been a while since I've read any of the stories of the Baxter family, this felt like a reunion with old friends. Can't wait for her next book!
  • Laura
    I normally love Karen Kingsbury books, in particular the Baxter Family books....but I struggled with some of the storyline in this one.
  • Melissa
    The third novel in Kingsbury's Baxter Family series is heart tugging and emotional. Although at times it borders on preachy, the inclusion of the Oklahoma City Bombing and themes of surviving despite horrible circumstances will touch readers deeply. Brady's struggle with faith is raw, yet so realistic. Fans of the Baxters will love this newest offering with both familiar and new characters.When he was five years old, Brady Bradshaw's mother sacri...
  • Gabrielle Stoller
    Oh goodness. I keep wanting to love Karen Kingsbury latest works.....but there is always something that bugs me. Perhaps it is the now obvious endings we will get (think saccharine Hallmark). Maybe it's the "pray and/or have an interaction with an angel and everything will be alright." Maybe it's the emphasis on Ashley Blake.....and how it ALWAYS is about Ashley. I like that character, I do...yet we do have other Baxter family members we could ha...
  • Stephanie Dulac
    Karen Kingsbury does it again another wonderful book by her i swear as many books ive read about the Baxter family i cant get enough i could read on forever about them. One of the best parts about her books is she includes people from her other books so you get updates on what happened with them and i know these people are not real but they feel real!!! Must read. 100%
  • Melissa Henderson
    A beautiful story of loss, love, hope and faith. Karen Kingsbury writes with great details and compassion in her stories. This is another great one.
  • Ali (Ali's Bookshelf )
    I'm giving this book a 4 puppy/star rating. Will post a full review soon!
  • Kav
    Five Tissue Box Alert! (and then some!!)What an exceptionally moving story! Much more than a romance, To the Moon and Back is also (and more importantly) God's love story for us. Kingsbury expertly weaves diverse lives together in powerful ways. My goosebumps had goosebumps in places. And I cried buckets as these characters learned that "God isn't the reason bad things happen. He's the rescue." The author illustrates that in numerous ways through...
  • Kelly
    I have always loved these books, for the plots and also for the powerful messages they speak. How sad it is so easy for someone to be so hurt that it just consumes his or her life! I’m so glad, though, that God really can heal and change someone’s heart. Nothing is impossible with Him. Also, I am really glad that they focused on Amy in this book. I’ve always felt so bad for her. She is such an example of what a survivor really is. She didn...
  • Margaret Fraleigh
    Love Karen Kingsbury books.This book is no exception. This story is about the Jenna and Brady and their interactionwith the lady family. It is a love story and how it came about. You may need to grab a tissueand have it handy. This tugs at the heart strings.Thank you Karen for sharing your amazing gift to write stories that draw us closer to God.
  • Leah
    A wonderful story about love, loss, and healing. The main focus of this story is bringing two survivors of the OKC bombing back together. Getting there was a wild ride. The Baxter Family were involved in the story and brining the couple together. I like how everything worked out in the end, and the journey was bittersweet and fascinating.
  • Nedra Haymon
    Oh My! This one here, if you are KK fan, you have this book at the top of the list as the best written one since Redemption. Man, that's all I will say. God bless you Karen Kingsbury for always hitting the mark with the message of Jesus through your stories.
  • Janet
    I want to give this 3.5 stars. I am a huge fan of the Baxter family and always enjoy catching up with them. The 4th of July chapter was so much fun to read. This story is about a strange that Ashley sees at the Survivor tree and involves herself in finding Brady's true love. It was a bit of a stretch for me. But as you can see it read it in one day so I enjoyed it.
  • Kristina
    I didn't like the beginning of this book at all, but did start to enjoy it a lot more once the storyline finally began to focus on the two main characters. The ending was particularly inspiring and made me feel that it was a worthwhile read afterall.
  • Reagan Soper
    a Karen book is always a good read, and this was no exception!
  • Jenn
    There's just something about books, that are based around real life tragedies, that suck me in. I read, and very much enjoyed, Karen's 9/11 series. Being a wife of a public service employee, I find myself sucked into these types of stories very easily. When I saw that this was about the Oklahoma bombing, I knew the same thing would happen. And I was so right.It's been a while since a book pulled all these emotions from me. My eyes were wet more t...
  • Kelly
    I wanted to get to the ending and see what happened. However, this was kind of a far fetched story to include the Baxter Family with another storyline and strangers unrelated to them. It was a stretch and not of the high quality I have read in the past. I listened on audio book--simple storyline which is helpful for audio driving to and from work mainly. I found myself rolling my eyes or giggling at points in the reading as it just seemed to over...
  • Cathy
    Amazing and inspirational Once again KK has written a book that gets in your heart and mind and lives there. This poignant story of survivors of horrific tragedies was at times heart wrenching but also heart warning. The love story between Brady and Jenna was incredible. And the bravery and faith of young Amy Hogan was inspiring. My heart was deeply touched by this book and I highly recommend it!
  • Barbara
    Love!!! Emotional, romantic, faith filled! What more can you ask for!
  • Gianna
    It’s typical Karen Kingsbury - short, to the point, cliched, obvious ending. Some of her older books were great but her more recent ones are just sub-par. I still read them because they’re an enjoyable way to catch up with the characters but honestly, they aren’t very good. I also think this book presents a dangerous message - the two characters met each other once when they were 17 and yet they are “meant” to be together? It’s very s...
  • Rachel Sides
    It always good to read about the Baxter Family and Ashley is most people's favorite, so seeing Ashley play a pivotal role was great.The storyline involves Brady Bradshaw and Jenna Phillips who were both 5-years-old when the Brady's mother and Jenna's mother and father were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995. They met at age 17 on anniversary of the bombing when they both visited the Memorial, Jenna on her first visit and Brady ...
  • Jennifer
    2018-05-22 a plate of the most delicious food you could imagine, I devoured To the Moon and Back.Brady Bradshaw was a child when the Oklahoma City bombing killed his mother. Every year, Brady visits the memorial site on the anniversary to remember her. On one such trip, he met Jenna Phillips, who was also a child when her parents were killed in the attack. Brady and Jenna shared a deep heart connection and a sing...
  • Brent Soderstrum
    This is the third book from the Baxter Family series by Karen Kingsbury. There are a lot of other Baxter connected books I have found out, although I have only read the three from this series. Kingsbury refers to things that have happened in her all her pervious books when a character appears in this book which is a little irritating at times. The references have nothing to do with the story and are thrown in merely to connect the various series....
  • Melanie
    Karen Kingsbury has done it again!! To the Moon and Back is a powerful love story about two kids that meet at the Survivor's Tree at Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial on the anniversary, Brady and Jenna. Brady lost his mother in the bombing and Jenna lost both her parents. Jenna and Brady developed a bond that day that they met so many years after the bombing. Brady went to the memorial every anniversary to see if Jenna returned. Both had suffered m...