Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2) by A.V. Geiger

Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2)

Love. Obsession. Jealousy. Murder.No one knows what happened to pop icon Eric Thorn. His Twitter account? Frozen. His cell phone? Cracked and bloody, buried in the snow. Agoraphobic fangirl Tessa Hart knows the truth, but she's finally left her #EricThornObsessed days behind. She has no intention of ever touching her Twitter app again. But Snapchat... That's safer, right?After months of living under the radar, Tessa emerges from hiding, forced to...

Details Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2)

TitleTell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2)
Release DateJun 5th, 2018
PublisherSourcebooks Fire
GenreYoung Adult, Mystery, Thriller

Reviews Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2)

  • Deanna
    My reviews can also be seen at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...Tell me No Lies is book two in the Follow Me Back Series by A.V. Geiger. I read Follow Me Back last year and enjoyed it. However, I hadn’t realized it was going to be part of a series so I was a bit miffed at the ending cliffhanger. I felt better once I realized there was going to be another book in the series. *** If you haven’t yet read book one in this series then I wo...
  • Danielle (The Blonde Likes Books)
    Love. Obsession. Jealousy. Murder.No one knows what happened to pop icon Eric Thorn. His Twitter account has been inactive since his cryptic tweet a month ago. His cell phone was found cracked, bloody, buried in the snow.Agoraphobic fangirl Tessa Hart knows the truth, but she’s finally left her #EricThornObsessed days behind. She has no intention of ever touching her Twitter app again, especially not after being stalked (partly involving Twitte...
  • Christy
    4.5 Stars! Review to come but that was unputdownable!Review:Holy crap, I just don’t even know what to say right now. Tell Me No Lies was such a wild ride! It’s very unputdownable and once I started, I just had to finish!.Tell Me No Lies picked up right where Follow Me Back left off which means you’re thrown right into the action! It also means that you can just read the first chapter because the next thing you know it’s several hours late...
  • Paige (Illegal in 3 Countries)
    Major warning for ableism, minor warning for spoiling Follow Me Back.*sighs*When I read Follow Me Back, I actually thought it was a standalone. Imagine my surprise when it turns out to be the first book in a duology! Having enjoyed the book so much, of course I'd go for Tell Me No Lies when I had the chance to read it.I rather wish I hadn't now.To give credit where it's due, Tell Me No Lies is exactly as readable as its predecessor and difficult ...
  • Dayle (the literary llama)
    Liked it but didn't fall head over heels like I did for the first book. Still, it was nice to have answers and to get a solid conclusion to this duology. Things I did love about TELL ME NO LIES were the interspersed police interviews and the mystery and suspense that they created. They kept the story moving forward and had that same fantastic spark of storytelling that the first book created. The use of social apps, on the other hand, sort of fel...
  • Sara (A Gingerly Review)
    I stayed up late to finish this last night and I have zero regrets. This was the story I was hoping for.#ericthornobsessed
  • Em
    Last year I had the amazing opportunity to read an ARC of the first half of this Duology, Follow Me Back (be sure to read my review here!) Ever since I tore through that book in a day, I've been dying to know what happens next. Did Eric really die? Did Tessa do it?I am thrilled to report that Tell Me No Lies did not let me down: it was every bit as heart pounding and fast paced as the first book. What I liked:Just like the first book, Tell Me No ...
  • Kelsey
    ***I was provided an eARC by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review*** So I have been waiting for this book for about a year!! I just fell in love with the first book, Follow Me Back, and I just couldn't wait to finish the story!!We start this story back up with Tessa Hart, our MC who suffers from agoraphobia. Her and Eric Thorn, her famous pop star boyfriend, have run away to Mexico after Tessa and Eric had a close call with a stalker. This ...
  • Meghan
    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. Rating: 4.5/5When I read Follow Me Back last year, it was at a time where my book reading and ARCs were a bit lacking. Follow Me Back was a light breath of fresh air, and I devoured it quickly. I even came to realize I super love the trope of celebrity/super star falling in love with a normal person! And then the cliffhanger came, and I was crushed. Heartbroken! How ...
  • Up All Night With Books
    4 starsReview by Amy W.Late Night Reviewer for Up All Night w/ Books BlogTell Me No Lies is the conclusion to the super suspenseful Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger. It needs to be noted that you must read the first book before starting this one.What happened to Eric Thorn? Tessa Hart has been gone for months and now that she is out of hiding people want answers. Answers they believe only Tessa can provide. It's time for her to face her past and dea...
  • Louise
    I hadn't read the first book in this duology but to be honest, as an adult reader of YA, it wasn't so difficult to piece together. This book was well-written and paced well - it was an easy read for me and think it would be suitable for an older YA audience - covers issues around mental health, social media and does this well without being sensational or blase.
  • falling asleep reading
    I thought this was really disappointing and far more juvenile than the first novel. A lot of what happened was simply…ridiculous. The first half of the book was BORING. This is the worst sequel I’ve read in a while. Hopefully there won’t be another book. :/
  • mindy
    I DNFed it. Maybe I’ll try again when it’s released? I just couldn’t get into the story
  • Ann
    Tell Me No Lies felt like a huge step down from Follow Me Back, which is fairly disappointing. Unlike its predecessor, TMNL was lacking in something essential to FMB: suspense. It was much much more predictable, and FMB's luster made the sequel look dull in comparison. While I appreciated that the formatting of the book (interviews, past-present sort of thing) followed through, I was generally underwhelmed by all that happened.Nothing about any o...
  • Lauren
    This book was pretty amazing! Full review to come
  • Trudi
    This book continues where Follow Me Back leaves off. What happened to Eric Thorne and is Tessa responsible.This duology takes a sinister look at the dark side of social media and what it means to be famous. I don't want to give anything away, so you will just have to read Tell Me No Lies to find out what happens to Eric and Tessa!Thank you to Edelweiss for the ARC and thank you to A.V. Geiger for the fascinating story!
  • Sarah
    It was nice to revisit the characters of pop star Eric Thorn and his biggest fan/girlfriend Tessa in this novel that picks up right where the first story left off. Without giving away any spoilers, the story is told in similar fashion to the first novel, with both text and transcripts from police reviews. The story reads quickly, is focused on social media (snapchat and twitter) and also deals with the safety of social media. There has been a mur...
  • Kat
    #Edelweiss #TellMeNoLiesI didn't realized when I requested this book is was a sequel to Follow Me Back. I am now going to have to go back and read it. Tell Me No Lies has a lot of twists and turns. It is a good solid young adult mystery with a interesting premise. I think that reading it as a stand alone was fine and since I didn't know about the first novel it really didn't bother the story. Tessa, one of the main characters, is a recovering ago...
  • Belle Ellrich
    *I WAS SENT AN ARC IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW*Holy crap. This book... I can't even begin to explain it. When I first read this on Wattpad, I was stunned. A.V. Geiger is an AMAZING author, and I am happy to have her books on my shelves. Honestly, she is such an inspiration to me, and I hope that I can be like her someday.Back on topic, this book picks back up at the end of Follow Me Back, the first book, where it was said that Tessa Hart, a fu...
  • Ashley Urquhart
    Check out my other reviews on my blog!TL;DR – Not as good as the first book in the duology. The author spreads herself over too many minor plot points and the main plot suffers.I don’t remember really having an issue with the main characters in the last book, but man, in this book both Tessa and Eric are kind of annoying. All of the sudden they both just seemed really young to me. I mean, I think they’re both supposed to be like 17? And the...
  • Olivia Farr
    I was surprised to find out that "Follow Me Back" was actually part of a duology, and I knew I needed to read it! However, as "Follow Me Back" could have stood on its own, I am not sure I actually should have read the sequel. "Tell Me No Lies" picks up after the first book ended, and we follow the past and present in alternating sections- the past right after the first ended and the present where characters are being questioned about a murder- bu...
  • Casey Frank
    “Follow Me Back” was a four star read for me- I enjoyed the explorations of what male sexual objectification feels like, and teasing out the mystery of the trauma that incited Tessa’s agoraphobia. I also enjoyed the unsettling cliffhanger of ending, and honestly the tension of that ending is part of what earned it a fourth star. When “Tell Me No Lies” picks back up we soon learn the fate of Tessa and Eric, while also introducing us to a...
  • Cherie'
    When I finished Follow Me Back last year I was stunned and shocked, such a cliff hanger and have been drooling since, only to find out the sequel won't be out until June 5th. Ugh. How unfair.However, I was extremely lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this second book Tell Me No Lies by Net Gallery and Amazon Digital Services and I sunk my teeth right in.This is pretty good (not as good I felt as the first, but I was on the edge of my seat wi...
  • Jenn
    After Eric Thorn's phone was found cracked and bloody in the snow, but no Eric Thorn, who knows what's going on? Fangirl Tessa Hart knows the truth. She's been in hiding the last couple of months. But now she's forced to face the consequences. Back in the interrogation room it seems as though there are more questions than answers.This is the conclusion to Follow Me Back. To be honest I don't remember a whole lot about that book, only that I had f...