The Taster by V.S. Alexander

The Taster

Amid the turbulence of World War II, a young German woman finds a precarious haven closer to the source of danger than she ever imagined--one that will propel her through the extremes of privilege and terror under Hitler's dictatorship . . . In early 1943, Magda Ritter's parents send her to relatives in Bavaria, hoping to keep her safe from the Allied bombs strafing Berlin. Young German women are expected to do their duty--working for the Reich o...

Details The Taster

TitleThe Taster
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II

Reviews The Taster

  • Holly B
    4.5It's 1943- Magda Ritter, young ,naive and German. She is a food taster for the Fuhrer.Her position would place her in the Teahouse at Hitler's Berghof, The Wolf's Lair and The Furer's Bunker in Berlin.-Is this a job she seeked? NO-Did she want to be separated from her parents/family? NO-Was she a supporter of Hitler or the SS Party? NO-Did she fear for her life and the lives of her family and loved ones? YESMagda lives with her parents in Berl...
  • Christopher Hawke
    A unique look behind enemy lines. In “The Taster” we follow the story of young Magda Ritter, the newest poison tester for Adolf Hitler, as she wrestles with her beliefs (and what to believe) in the midst of war-torn Europe. A winning novel, well worth reading!
  • Alyssa Maxwell
    Magda Ritter is a young German woman intent on getting through the war and living her life. Politics don't particularly interest her, and she has no use for Third Reich idiologies. When, by necessity, she goes to the party looking for a job, she's thinking it will be something inocuous, maybe clerical. What happens next changes her life and her outlook on her country forever, challenges her faith in human nature, and at times makes her question h...
  • Traci Hall
    I remember being fascinated with the Holocaust when I was a teenager and I couldn't get enough of what life might have been like. Anne Frank was a favorite. The Taster shows another view entirely as Magda--impoverished but with her family, comes of age as a young woman during the war. German born, she is forced to do her "duty" and work for Hitler as his food taster. She struggles with her own views politically, and morally, and yet finds the cou...
  • Sue
    This is a different look at World War II than readers are used to reading. The Taster is from the perspective of a young German girl and is about life inside Germany during the war. It's a coming of age story for a young girl with little to no interest in politics and war to a young woman who begins to see the moral dilemmas of the war and the inhumanity of the Nazi party.Magda's parents send her out of Berlin because the allies have started bomb...
  • Barb Klein
    The circumstances surrounding the death of Adolph Hitler have long been discussed and disputed since the end of the war. “The Taster”, written by V.S. Alexander and published by Kensington Publishers is a novel based on a woman who was among Hitler’s “tasters”. These women were chosen for their fidelity to the Fuhrer and were required to taste every bit of food and drink prior to its presentation to Hitler. Hitler was scared to death th...
  • Bethany Swafford
    When she goes in search of a job, Magda finds herself assigned to be a taster for Adolf Hitler. Though she had little political inclination herself, she slowly comes to see just how inhumane the war is. Somehow, she must keep her true opinions to herself as she lives in the heart of the Reich.To be honest, this left me with mixed feelings. The story is well researched and, for the most part, well written. Magda starting off with no real opinion a...
  • Truusje
    The Taster tells the story of Magda, a young woman who tasted Hitler’s food to make sure he didn’t get poisoned. It’s an interesting premise, but sadly the book doesn’t live up to it. I think the main issue is the writing. It’s very distant, with lots of telling instead of showing. I never felt connected to the characters or the events described in the book. The story covers several years and is told in a linear fashion, without any sus...
  • John Pendolari
    The Taster by V.S. Alexander is an exciting World War II novel with a twist. This riveting book is set in Nazi Germany and includes a believable cast of characters including the heroine, a food taster for Adolf Hitler. The Taster chronicles Magda Ritter's journey from ordinary German girl to an opponent of the Nazi dictator.Well researched and brimming with suspense, the novel sheds light on the war in a way that others of its kind have not. Men,...
  • Amber
    This was just a book, nothing special. And when you add in the main is on the side of Hitler for the first part, not a winning strategy.