Heart of a Cowboy (Elk Heights Ranch, #1) by Kristin Vayden

Heart of a Cowboy (Elk Heights Ranch, #1)

A stubborn cowboy has sworn never to forgive or forget—but one special woman may find a way to change his mind . . . Hospice nurse Laken Garlington helps people face the end with peace and dignity, surrounded by their loved ones. But the son of her new patient didn’t come home to reunite with his dad. So why is Cyler Myer back in horse country? It’s clear the sexy, six-three hunk with the steely eyes has a score to settle, and Laken doesn...

Details Heart of a Cowboy (Elk Heights Ranch, #1)

TitleHeart of a Cowboy (Elk Heights Ranch, #1)
Release DateDec 19th, 2017
PublisherLyrical Caress

Reviews Heart of a Cowboy (Elk Heights Ranch, #1)

  • ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰
    4.5 "But first, coffee" Stars Laken is a palliative care nurse who cares for people in their most darkest times. She goes to a ranch for an interview where she meets Jack a grouchy straight talking Cowboy who I fell for straight away with his sharp wit and sarcasm, it could also be his love for coffee. "Good. I was worried for a minute. You can't trust a person who doesn't drink coffee. Unnatural." Jack is in his early 70's and has been given 3 m...
  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    4.5 "But first, coffee" Stars Laken is a palliative care nurse who cares for people in their most darkest times. She goes to a ranch for an interview where she meets Jack a grouchy straight talking Cowboy who I fell for straight away with his sharp wit and sarcasm, it could also be his love for coffee. "Good. I was worried for a minute. You can't trust a person who doesn't drink coffee. Unnatural." Jack is in his early 70's and has been given 3 m...
  • Kathy Coopmans
    My first Kristin Vayden book and I'm now a big fan.Heart of a Cowboy is incredible. This lady and her words lit me up and set my heat factor soaring.She did more than that too.She made me laugh, cry, and gave me all the feels we love in a book. I loved this couple and her name, Laken. Perfect.I've come across a genius with a gift in reading Kristin. I can't wait to read more of her books!!
  • Le Ann Foster
    **Reviewed for CherryOBlossoms**I gave this book 4.5 stars!From the moment you meet Jack, Laken and Cyler you will be on a emotional roller coaster, so be forewarned. This book will tear you apart, put you back together, give you all the feels of a great book and I'm so glad I had a chance to review this new to me Author. The storyline is not for the weak or faint of heart....no were not talking of murder or anything but does touch on a very sens...
  • Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews
    For a short book, it sure does pack a punch! This was so well written, with beautiful writing, sexy characters. I couldn’t believe I was crying a lot throughout this story. I loved everything about this world, and I look forward to the next book in the series. I’m not going to spoiler it, because wow. It’s quit an emotional story, that everyone should read. If your looking for something that will make you feel, give you joy and laughter whi...
  • Cathy Geha
    Heart of a Cowboy by Kristin VaydenElk Heights Ranch #1This book hit close to home. With two parents having died of cancer and both having home health workers having the heroine such a lovely caring wonderful nurse made me happy to think there such wonderful people who help those moving from life to death do so with grace and dignity. So, if you had not picked up on this already…this is the story of Jackson Myer “Jake” and his hope to redee...
  • Kelly
    Heart of a Cowboy (Elk Heights Ranch)by Kristin Vayden ☆☆☆5 stars☆☆☆Amazing and beautiful story of second chance love, overcoming tragedy and facing past mistakes. Jack and his son Cyler have a very complicated past, bringing a head to the present, when they meet again after years apart. Laken has been brought in to care for a poorly Jack, but what she steps into is so much more than she ever bargained for. She's a beautiful soul, who...
  • Kathy Rouchelle
    Beautiful story! A different type of second chance at love read (at least that's how I saw this story). This wasn't about a second chance at love between a man and a woman, but a dying father and the son he wronged so terribly. Its a story of letting your guard down and allowing love to enter once again, to learn to trust someone with your heart. So, you could say it was a second chance at love, just not with the same two people. I loved this sto...
  • Wriwra
    3,5 or maybe 4 What I loved most about the book was the dialogue, it was clever and witty, even the story was nice and emotional and the characters lovable but the style was a little outdated.
  • A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog
    This was my first book written by the author. I’m not one for “cowboy” books but this book was so much more than a book about a cowboy and a ranch. This book was about family, forgiveness, life, death and finding love when you least expect it. Laken and Cyler’s relationship was perfectly developed. I look forward to reading more from the author.
  • Britt Red Hatter Book Blog
    Heart of a Cowboy has a beauty about it that knows no bounds. More than just a simple story of two people falling in love, it’s filled with loss, pain, but even more hope, forgiveness and healing. Deeply touching, and truly sweet Heart of a Cowboy is a romance that goes beyond. You’ll definitely need to break out the tissues for some parts with this one, but it’s perfectly balanced with a sweet romance and plenty of humor too. Laken and Cyl...
  • Heather
    Cute, predictable love story about two people who meet during one of the darkest times of one person's life. I wanted Larken to have a little more of a backstory, but it is what it is. The story itself was predictable but I still enjoyed it.
  • April Symes
    Heart of a Cowboy (Elk Heights Ranch) by Kristin Vayden is a short story that is about family, forgiveness and 2nd chances. This isn’t the type of 2nd chance story which is between a man and woman who find love with each other again but this is the 2nd chance at love between a dying man and his son he wronged so bad. Its also about letting love back into your life after you have been hurt before—learning to trust again and to find happiness. ...
  • White Hot Reads
    A poignant book that reminds us even in the hardest times love is what we all need to survive. ~ Heather, White Hot Reads"Life is full of things that can either give us joy or steal it. But Laken, that's part of its beauty. So enjoy it. " Meet Laken and Cyler, two people who couldn't be more wrong for each other, except they're not. They're so right! Their banter and quips kept me both on the edge of laughing, crying and wanting to shout througho...
  • Mary
    Such a surprise for me. Laken has a true calling to work as a plaintive care nurse, helping patients in their final days. Her next assignment is Jack, an ornery, stubborn rancher, with a heart of gold when you get past all his bluster. As she helps him prepare for the inevitable, Jack reaches out to his estranged son Cyler, never expecting Cyler to visit. Oh Cyler. His father truly decimated their relationship but when he gets the call that Jack ...
  • Books and Spoons
    A touching story of forgiveness and love, life at its lowest lows and its highest highs, a heartwarming story about family, redemption, and soul mates finding their way to each other.The realistic picture of dying and death and the mental work, pain, and sorrow everyone involved has to go through, it not only demonstrates the development of the characters in the story, but it spoke to me personally of the beauty of letting go peacefully, moving o...
  • Liz ~ Liz's Reading Life
    Laken Garlington is a special person inside and out. Her job isn't easy and she always gives one hundred percent to her patients. Her latest patient will prove to be one that gives her just as much as she give him.Cyler Myer never expected to be back on the ranch after all that happened between him and his father. Coming back was supposed to a quick in and out trip, but all that changes when he see the nurse hired to care for his father.The attra...
  • Beth ~ Panda & Boodle
    Life was slowly sifting away, leaving a chill in its wake. Cyler closed his eyes, breathing deep, waiting. Because that’s all they had left. If there’s one thing that nearly guarantees I’ll take a chance on a new-to-me author, it’s the promise of cowboy. Which explains, in part, how I came to read Heart of a Cowboy by Kristin Vayden. It is a lovely read—heartfelt and feel good; a book to make you smile despite the sometimes-heavy subjec...
  • Jen
    This is the first full-length novel of Vayden's that I've gotten a chance to read. I'd read a novella of hers that was in an anthology previously. So I was pretty excited to see what she had to offer. I got even more excited when I dived in and found that it was set in my neck of the woods (well kind of...). I always find it exciting when an author writes about another part of Washington that's not Seattle. I will tell you I had a few starts and ...
  • Trisy
    HEART OF A COWBOY is book one in the Elk Heights Ranch series and is my first read from author Kristen Vayden. This is a slow burn, contemporary romance set in a small town with a cowboy (kind of!) that'll make you swoon! Wow, I honestly wasn't expecting all the feels that I got from this book. It's not just another love story, it also deals with issues that we all have to face eventually. Ms. Vayden's writing was beautiful, she created a story t...
  • Theresa Payne
    A very heartwarming book.Oh Jack..... such a stubborn but funny man. Loved Cyler and Laken. This book reminds us how precious time is and beautiful it can be. A must read
  • 2OCC Reviews
    Heart of a Cowboy is a brilliant story of not only found love, but the importance of forgiveness and healing. The topic of palliative care is handled with grace and dignity that anyone who has had an occasion to interact with professionals in this field will appreciate for what it is. Not only do they care for the patient, but also those around them. To help them move through a process that no one can be prepared for.Laken is in this profession a...
  • Karen
    Beautiful story! This story had all of the feels. I cried, laughed, and got angry throughout this story. It was a beautiful story of a family going through a tragedy, but regaining their family in the process.Jack is a rough rancher who made some bad choices when he was younger and hurt his son and his wife, and lost their love in the process. He is terminally ill and wants to make amends with his son before he dies. Cyler, Jack’s grown son, ha...
  • Lisa
    Oh my gosh, this pulled at the heart strings and brought all the feels. Laken's career choice as a palliative care nurse shows an amazing heart, kindness and compassion. When she becomes nurse for Cyler's estranged father, her genuine, kind nature do more than just bring peace to a dying man but help to heal the rift between father and son. Cyler has every reason to hate his father, don't get me wrong. As Laken and Cyler grow closer, the relation...
  • Amy Stephens
    Heart of a Cowboy is an absolute perfect read. I'm new to Kristin Vayden's work, but man, is she a powerful storyteller. This book has it all--a tender love story, forgiveness, and a little humor. I really enjoyed Laken. She was a smart woman, happy with her career choice as a hospice nurse, and dedicated to being the best she can be. Cyler was unique too in that he was carrying a grudge for something that happened early on in his life. And Jack,...
  • Barbara
    What a wonderful story about love, life and living life to the fullest. The author has written an extremely touching story about the circle of life. The characters she has written are just so perfect for the storyline as well: full of wit, wisdom and charisma.Jack is dying. He hires a nurse, Laken, to stay with him for his final few months to aid in his care. Jack also has a son that he hasn’t spoken to in years due to wrongs Jack commented yea...
  • Brittany
    *Recieved an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review*I thought that this was a sweet romance! It is a really quick read so if you are looking for something feel good that you won't have to think too hard about the plot then this is the book for you! The book didn't breaking any new ground. The story was predictable but I was still able to enjoy it. There wasn't any unnecessary drama and the characters in the story seemed to be down ...
  • Heather andrews
    Cyler was one delicious man, "...he nipped at her lower lip, his body hardening as she traced her tongue along the seam of his lips in return. “Ready for bed? I’m exhausted.” He feigned a yawn then pulled her up so that she straddled his hips as he hooked his hands under her sweet ***." I really liked this book, I fell in love with Cyler and Laken was feisty and spunky.
  • Julie
    Heart of a Cowboy is one of those books that tears at your heartstrings. You know from the beginning that you're going to cry - it's inevitable. But it also warms your heart, makes you giggle and even laugh out loud. There are times that I got frustrated and angry - yet all worked out as it should in the end.Laken couldn't be more perfect - truly, I can't think of a flaw except for her lack of cooking skills. Jack certainly is a stubborn old coot...
  • Nicole Smith
    This book has an underlying sadness to it because of Cyler's dad, but there is also possibility of hope. At first Cyler comes off a little jerky with good reason, but soon we glimpse at the true man deep inside. Laken is a strong character. Her life's work can be challenging but it's also rewarding to her. Her newest assignment is going to change her life forever. One of my favorite things about this book is the flirting and bantering between Cyl...