Behind the Bars (Music Street, #1) by Brittainy C. Cherry

Behind the Bars (Music Street, #1)

When I first met Jasmine Greene, she came in as raindrops.I was the awkward musician, and she was the high school queen.The only things we had in common were our music and our loneliness.Something in her eyes told me her smile wasn’t always the truth.Something in her voice gave me a hope I always wished to find.And in a flash, she was gone.Years later, she was standing in front of me on a street in New Orleans.She was different, but so was I. L...

Details Behind the Bars (Music Street, #1)

TitleBehind the Bars (Music Street, #1)
Release DateDec 7th, 2017
GenreRomance, New Adult, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Music

Reviews Behind the Bars (Music Street, #1)

  • Christy
    5+ stars!!!! “No woman can only fall in love with the music of jazz. She always quietly yearns for the musician behind the bars.” Brittainy C. Cherry is a wordsmith. She is one of those people that is doing exactly what she was made for. Behind the Bars is another masterpiece. I can’t say enough good things about this book! It moved me and gave me the feels on an entirely different level! It was brilliant and a top favorite of mine this...
  • Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    “Who knew things could be painfully beautiful?” Wow! This book was everything I was hoping for and more… much more. I am a huge fan of Brittainy C. Cherry and have been ever since reading Loving Mr. Daniels a few years ago, and then I fell even harder for her after each one of the Elements stories. Behind the Bars is a phenomenal story of love, hope, friendship and two lonely souls coming together through their love of music. If there is o...
  • ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader
    What a beautiful story! I loved this book so much! It was perfect!Brittainy C. Cherry is one of my favorite authors of all time. She just has a way of writing the most beautiful and heartbreaking stories. This one is not an exception. Elliot has such a beautiful soul. He goes through so much (the bullying was so hard and sad to read about) but he’s not tainted. He loves deeply and cares so much for his family and friends. I am so in love with h...
  • warhawke
    Genre: Contemporary RomanceType: Standalone book in a seriesPOV: First Person - DualRating: Jasmine Greene was born to be a star. Coming from a family of musicians, she was poised to be a household name. But behind the talent, she was unhappy and lonely. That was until she met a kindred spirit.Elliott Adams was shy and awkward. Music was his only way to escape real life. His friendship with Jasmine opened up his eyes to what a good life could be....
  • Jennifer Kyle
    4 StarsBrittainy C. Cherry delivers yet again another heartfelt story. This couple shares a love of jazz and of one another and their connection is simply beautiful. There were so many lovely quotes as Jasmine and Elliott find their way back to one another. I enjoyed this story and will always read anything this author pens!
  • Hulya Kara Yuksel
    Ugh Ms.Cherry, you're always making me cry... 😢😢😢This book was so good. ❤❤❤
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    4.5 Unique Stars “You’re the music in a mute world, and my heart beats because you’re here.”Such a beautiful story, it was emotional, heartwarming and sweet!I didn't expect anything less from Brittainy, for one more time she delivered a beautiful story!The writing is flawless and her characters original! "We were polar opposites. We weren't meant to fall for one another, but when we blended together, we were some kind of beautiful."Behind...
  • Sophie
    “You were, are, and will always be my Jazz. You are every beat, every note, every bar. You are the lyrics, the harmony, and the melody. You were, are, and always will be my favorite song.”4,5 stars All along two thoughts were twirling in my head:“Oh Elliott, no…” when he was pushed and pushed“No Jasmine, please don’t do it. They won’t love you for this.”They both tore my heart in tiny pieces, quietly, one piece at a time.Poor, b...
  •  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕
    Brittainy C Cherry has always managed to bring out the emotional side with her readers. Every word that's been written into the pages feels like a warm protected blanket and you can’t help but bask in it’s safety and strength. Never striking down for the emotional feel, Behind the Bars keeps you locked into a heartbreaking grasp about love, loss, hope and finding the perfect tune. From an early age , Jasmine has been groomed to be the next p...
  • Wil Loves Books!
    “You’re the music in a mute world, and my heart beats because you’re here.”  Brittany Cherry writes beautiful, amazing books, that’s a fact. She’s definitely on of my all time favorites and an instant one-click. Her stories are so real and amazing, and her writing is just beautiful and moving. This one is no exception. This book is about live, love, loss and ,music.  “I noticed the loneliness most, because I knew the distinct loo...
  • Olga therebelreader
    ***4.5 stars***Loved this book, I literally couldn’t put it down, I’ve been reading all day. I found humor in the right parts, sorrow, drama, vulnerability, understanding, lust, chemistry, friendships and love and yes, violence too! Elliott, oh my dear sweet, Elliott... I really felt sorry for this guy, he had truly be handed a shit hand of cards to make his life. Jasmine knows what is expected of her, perfection. She has quite the messed up ...
  • NMmomof4
    3 StarsOverall Opinion: Well...I think this was one that I sadly went into with big expectations that it didn't quite live up to. I liked the characters, I felt bad for what all they went through, I was happy with the ending (feels like I should add "for once" with the books I've been reading lately)...but I just didn't love it. I guess I never really felt their connection past a really good friendship. I'm not sure why either. I felt sad when t...
  • Kandi Steiner
    I have never been so emotionally moved by a book in my life. I didn't just fall in love with these characters, I walked 300 pages in their shoes, I BECAME then, and I am forever changed. Behind the Bars is true Brittainy C. Cherry magic. 5 achingly beautiful stars!
  • Jemima
    Title: Behind The Bars Author: Brittainy C. Cherry Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Publication Date: December 7, 2017 It's good to be alive! Why you ask? Because you get to read books like this! Behind The Bars is such an amazing book. It's written beautifully.. I can't tell you how good this book was...I loved it!ok...I've been sitting here for the past 15 minutes, trying to write this review but I know for a fact that my words just won'...
  • DW
    When Going into a book by this author, I know there is going to be so many emotions. HappinessSadnessAnd then happiness again. So many emotions but always so worth it!!
  • Lo Bookfrantic
    4.5★★★★Stars  Genre:  Contemporary Romance Type: Standalone book in a seriesPOV: First Person – Dual  “One can’t truly heal if they pretend the cracks don’t exist.”  Jasmine Greene childhood was not any normal and typical one.  Her mother was obsessed with making her a star. It was clearly that she was talented and she had the potential for success but her mother's constant push to be perfect made her feel lonely and sa...
  • Diana
    I was up until the wee hours of the morning to finish this little gem up. It does have angst, but my advice is to push through it.It is a beautiful story about Elliot and Jasmine, two lost and lonely souls that find each other as teenagers. Elliot is constantly harassed and bullied at school for his stuttering, while Jasmine is gorgeous and popular, but that is only on the outside. She is struggling with trying to find herself plus she has a mons...
  • Pick a Book
    English / Português “Jasmine?”he whispered one more time. “Yes, Elliott?”“Does this mean we’re friends?”I laughed and nodded against his shoulder. “This means we’re friends.”- 4,5 starsI've known Brittainy's books for a long time. My first read was one of the first ones she launched; THE SPACE IN BETWEEN. And from there she has grown extraordinarily in her writing. The Elements Series, for me, was the best, that kind that you...
  • Beatrice ~ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic
    Full review posted at Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Behind the Bars is the first book of Brittainy C. Cherry’s new series, The Music Street series. The story is set in New Orleans and it’s about a soul singer Jasmine Greene and a saxophonist Elliott Adams. It started with an awkward friendship turned into lovers briefly and years later rekindled for the second time around.Soul music was J...
  • Jean
    Simply magical! Loved this book! Love this author.....she never disappoints me. Her stories are so emotionally moving and unique.Elliott is the skinny, nerdy, glasses-wearing kid in school who always got picked on by the popular crowd. He tries to blend into the background, but would do anything for his sister, Katie.Jasmine is the new popular girl. She has a stage mother who pushes her to be the best....singing, dancing, acting....her mother has...
  • Melissa_lifeinthebooks
    The first half of this book upset me, the fact that the adults knew what was happening to Elliot at school and let it go on for so long was just ridiculous. What Jasmine did so those boys would leave Elliot alone just turned my stomach. Then what happened to Elliot’s sister was just a bit too much for me. Suffice it to say the first half was not my favorite. But I kept reading because I really liked Elliot and Jasmine and I was really intereste...
  • Amy
    “You don’t see music, you feel it. Music doesn’t see color. Music transcends all stereotypes.”“Jazz is….um, jazz is the reminder that when I’m alone, I’m not really alone.” “That’s what soul is to me.” “It’s my best friend when everything else in the world is just an acquaintance.”“Life happens. Sometimes you just have to go with the waves.”“You’re the music in a mute world, and my heart beats because you’r...
  • Carol
    4.5 stars.I am not gonna lie. This book is divided into two parts and Part 1 of this book was really hard for me to read. I badly wanted to put it down and quit several times as the story was so harsh and also unrelenting in the abuse and suffering that both MC's experienced. I am a total wimp when it comes to the type of bullying that Elliot had to endure at high school but I am glad that I persevered and made it to Part 2 of the story which tak...
  • Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover
    :::3.75 Stars!:::BCherry knows just how to gut you. Full review to come:)
  • Snowtulip
    "One can't truly heal if they pretend the crack's don't exist."
  • Gabby
    DNF at 200 pagesDamn, I really wanted to love this book. I even included this book in my 5-star predictions video and I couldn't have been more wrong. Brittainy C. Cherry is one of my favorite authors and she's written some of my favorite books of all time: Loving Mr. Daniels, The Gravity of Us, and The Air He Breathes. POSITIVES:-Takes place in New Orleans-POC characters -The plot revolves around musicNEGATIVES:-I didn't care about the character...
  • Doris
    This is the first book that I have read by Brittainy Cherry and I did enjoy it. The one thing that I was curious about is, it details the lives of the main characters when they were teenagers and yet the end seemed a bit rushed. Both of them have terrible teenage years, one with being bullied by his classmates and the other by her own mother. When separated one goes though a tragedy that he can not recover while the other lives a life she complet...
  • Love N. Books
    ellie's $0.02:So you see the cover of the book. You see the title of the book. My mind immediately went to "Ah yes. Biracial romance, they are behind thr bars of racism" or something of the likes.Boy. Was I wrong. So fucking wrong. Huge applause to Brittainy for handling a biracial romance as.... not one. Brittainy tore down any lines of thought of race in which the reader is so engrossed with the characters that all thought of skin color is gone...