Seduction (Curse of the Gods, #3) by Jaymin Eve

Seduction (Curse of the Gods, #3)

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Details Seduction (Curse of the Gods, #3)

TitleSeduction (Curse of the Gods, #3)
Release DateJul 9th, 2017

Reviews Seduction (Curse of the Gods, #3)

  • Mellissa
    Cant wait!!! This series is AMAZING!!! I can totally see Willa tripping in that dress too!! Lol😄I LOVE the headline on the top of the cover! "There is a fine line between Death and Immortality"Maybe a hint about her becoming the Beta the Abcurses don't want her to be??Please, please, PLEASE be a really soon release!!
  • Marissa Spurgeon
    I neeeeed this book!!