Seduction (Curse of the Gods, #3) by Jaymin Eve

Seduction (Curse of the Gods, #3)

Willa Knight: Dweller? Sol? Accidental evolutionary hiccup?Willa has never been a particularly useful dweller: she isn’t very good at chores, she isn’t very good at worshipping, she isn’t very good at not having opinions, and she isn’t very good with rules—but none of that matters anymore.The rules are changing.The dwellers are trying to make their own way in the world, and Willa can’t seem to help getting tangled up in their plans.Lu...

Details Seduction (Curse of the Gods, #3)

TitleSeduction (Curse of the Gods, #3)
Release DateNov 30th, 2017
GenreFantasy, New Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Magic

Reviews Seduction (Curse of the Gods, #3)

  • ☆★Tinja★✮ A Court of Pizza and Laziness
  • Roxy D.C
    5 out of 5 stars⭐ "What I actually said was that you are ours. I've claimed ownership of you, Willa Knight." I AM DEAD RIGHT NOW!!! I’ve died and gone to heaven😍!!! This was an emotional ride for me and I loved every second of it. The love between Willa and her boys have stepped up to the next level in this installment, it was just so damn cute, adorable and sexy🔥!Now for the review😊, this book was definitely more on character develo...
  • Helen 2.0
    This series is like a fungus:-it's a little bit funky.-it develops in weird ways.-and if you're not careful, it grows on you like crazy.Seduction is the third book in the Curse of the Gods series and the best yet. Jaymin Eve's fast-paced crazy/hilarious plot and Jane Washington's obsess-worthy relationships finally come together perfectly. Where in the first two books the romance felt rushed and the story felt chaotic, in Seduction everything som...
  • Marguerite (Lady RH) ❀
    Rating : 5 stars, what else?♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Spoilers ahead, just so you know~This express non review is for those heretics who thought Willa would chose only one of the Abcurses. - Hashtag Willa Knight for the win- Yum yum yum yum yum yum- The deed is done- I repeat : the deed is done- Holly dweller babies i did not see that coming- Hmmmm... I lov...
  • AMY ♥(pronounced AH-MEI)♥
    I can't write a coherent review because I'm like this:
  •  ⚔ Sh3lly - Grumpy Name-Changing Wanderer ⚔
    ERMEGHERD. YAS. This was the best!You get an Abcurse and you get an Abcurse and you get an Abcurse!Well, not really, cuz they are ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HahahahahaThis book really pushed it over the top into the LURVE ZONE for me. It made everything that came before worth it. So much happens. Trust me, you WILL BE PLEASED. If not, then your name must be Ronald or Jeffrey and you must be a Server on Topia (which means like a robot with no emotions)...
  • Danielle Sherman
    This series is one of those that you wish you had started after all of the books were released because waiting for the next in the series is torture! I just finished Persuasion and I already crave the next installment. Release date?
  • Corinne
    That's it? I can't wait for the next book!
  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    Update -So it's been nearly two months since I read this and that (view spoiler)[sex scene (hide spoiler)] is still pissing me off. It's nearly the equivalent of meeting a great guy whos funny and attractive and then getting him naked and him having (view spoiler)[the smallest ugliest penis ever. (hide spoiler)]I'm no over exaggerating here - can you imagine that. Meh3.5 starsThese books always seem to end too quickly. While I enjoyed Willa's adv...
  • Vicky
    I'm not gonna lie, this series has thousands of problematic issues, but I'm addicted My main pet peeve with this book is (view spoiler)[ the sex scene needed to be longer and more detailed. It was almost like it was just Willa and Rome and Yael was just there being ignored, did he... um find his release? I'm a kinky reader and I demand next time there's a threesome we get a clearer picture. (hide spoiler)]
  • Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠
    This book was way too short!!!! I want more. Gimme the next book!
  • Karen
    1 likeable heroine3 books5 lovable guysDozens of moments of mounting sexual tensionThousand of eager readers waiting for the moment when finally, the sexual tension turns into a mature relationship.All for almost nothing(view spoiler)[ WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT SEX SCENE? She was upset because her mother is now dead, and then she gets all horny. I thought she was depressed, and then everything the mother supposedly means to her becomes nothing. Noth...
  • Talltree
    4.5 stars!
  • ❤Rachel Anne's Romance Must Reads❤
    5 friggin' stars! It was everything I was hoping for. Worth the wait... although I'd really like to not wait for the next book.I always worry that during a longer series, one of the books will sort of drag so I was super happy to find that this wasn't the case. The story is just as entertaining as the 1st and 2nd. Since it's a 3rd book there's not a lot I can say that won't give things away but what I wanted to happen?...Effing YES! Finally! Will...
  • Saya ☽ Queen Of The Night
    current mood:bloody deceased so i just wanted y’all to know that i’m getting married to all of the Abcurse brothersrsvp when you canand no you can’t flirt or fantasize with my to-be husbands what can i sayi’m petty and protective UPDATE 09/04: WE HAVE A BLOODY DATE, YESSSSSSS! I NEED THIS BOOK YESTERDAY, I NEED MORE ABCURSE BROTHERS IN MY LIFE
  • Paige
    " Does anybody know what I am?" " You're Perfect"" You're ours" SWOON***Mild Spoilers***Holy Hot Abcurse boys...Seduction is without question my fave from the series so far, it begins with Willa being the special kind of, well special she is..not so covertly following best friend/almost sister Emmy around trying to find out what she is hiding.This is something that never goes well for her and in true Willa style shit goes wrong.I almost spat my d...
  • S
    well. I read that entirely too fast and now it's OVER! I've waited so long for this book. now I have to wait foreverrrrrr for the next one.
  • Parvati Patil
    Loved it!
  • Nicla
    I think I am addicted to this series. It is just so much fun and I love the amazing bunch of characters.HEA (view spoiler)[Cliffhanger (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW/OM (view spoiler)[ No cheating or scenes with OW/OM (hide spoiler)]Any push/pull (view spoiler)[A little bit a the beginning but not once they finally get together (hide spoiler)]Any couple separation (view spoiler)[No separation. (hide spoiler)]Angst Level: MediumHeat Level: MediumTrigg...
  • Maria Dimitrova
    Gods & Demons entry for the 2018 Madcap MacHalo Fantabulous Bookish Challenge Extravaganza aka MMFBCE™The Gods need to die. Especially that Staviti guy! What the hell is wrong with him? Talking about getting high on power and doing dumb shit! I can't wait to see him suffer!Two very important things happened in this book. One I've been eagerly anticipating for 3 books now! The second was something I knew on some level would eventually happen but...
  • Al *the serial series skipper*
    I caved, I caved and read it. What am I going to do until the next book. Review to come.
  • Jasmine
    I think I'm done with this series. Willa's antics are old and the weak plot is buried under Willa's pining over all the Abcurses. I'm good.
  • taveena kade
    Is it too early to ask for Strength?
  • Kayla Brunson
    I should have cherished it. I should have tried to pace myself. But no, I DEVOURED it in one day! Now I've finished it and who knows when the fourth book will be out. I was so excited to be reading about the Abcurse brothers because it's been too damn long since I read Persuasion. The guys are back and are more possessive than ever!  “You should—”“Stop talking to boys,” I interrupted.“Yeah."We’ve had this talk before. It’s irra...
  • Beige
    This one (view spoiler)[did not disappoint, hint hint (hide spoiler)]
  • Natalia
    Not much develop in the story, only in the last 10%... Fucking hate reverse harem....