Lost Crow Conspiracy (Blood Rose Rebellion #2) by Rosalyn Eves

Lost Crow Conspiracy (Blood Rose Rebellion #2)

Sixteen-year old Anna Arden was once just the magically barren girl from an elite Luminate family. Now she has broken the Binding—and Praetheria, the creatures held captive by the spell, wreak havoc across Europe. Lower-class citizens have access to magic for the first time, while other Luminates lose theirs forever. Austria and Hungary are at odds once more.Anna Arden did not know breaking the Binding would break the world.Anna thought the Pra...

Details Lost Crow Conspiracy (Blood Rose Rebellion #2)

TitleLost Crow Conspiracy (Blood Rose Rebellion #2)
Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherKnopf Books for Young Readers
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Lost Crow Conspiracy (Blood Rose Rebellion #2)

  • Joshee Kun (조수아)
    You think because I am a girl, I am weak. Because I speak for those who are given no voice here, my voice should matter less. You are wrong, on both counts. —AnnaSequels are very unpredictable. You never know if they're gonna hit the mark or miss it completely. I loved Blood Rose Rebellion when I read more than a year ago, so I was eager to dive into this book, believing that it would be even better. Unfortunately, most of my expectations weren...
  • Meli
    Amor absoluto. Es mucho mejor que el primero, más dramático, más dinámico, mucho más divertido y llevadero. Es que tenemos un segundo narrador que... es amor y sufrimiento. Las partes de Anna son más lentas, pero de todas maneras patea los culos suficientes para hacerte sentir orgulloso.El fantasy es fantástico, hermoso, excelente. Lo que a penas se cocina en Rebelión de sangre y rosas, se desarrolla con toda la furia en este y está muy ...
  • Stacy Fetters
    ”Speaking your truth always matters. Don’t be afraid to be different—- sometimes those very differences are what lend your voice strength.”
  • Rendz
    3.75 (very, very, very, very close to a 4)RTC!
  • Angela (Pooled Ink Reviews)
    pooled ink Reviews: 4.5 StarsBrace yourself for the intensely exhilarating sequel that is Lost Crow Conspiracy. Rife with political machinations, nightmares come flesh, forbidden romance, and a patriotic fire that faces the storm with resolution, this YA Historical Fantasy is sure to halt your breath and leave you clamoring for more. Do not miss out on this tale of revolution taken from our very own history books and spun with faeries of the dark...
  • Bridget Vollmer
    ** I won this in a GR giveaway**I enjoyed this book better than the first one in the series. The story started out a bit slow for me but picked up speed towards the middle of the book. The story alternates POV between Anna and Matyas. I found Matyas's POV to be more exciting and interesting and Anna's was more dull and political for my tastes although I did enjoy her POV later on in the book.Overall, Lost Crow Conspiracy was a quick, entertaining...
  • Michelle
    **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: https://bookbriefs.net**Note: this is the second book in a series that must be read in order. Though I will keep spoilers to a minimum there may be spoilers for the first book in the series. If you are new to the series, you can check out my review of book one- Blood Rose Rebellion, HERELost Crow Conspiracy is the second book in the young adult fantasy series, called Blood Rose Rebellion. I...
  • Erin Arkin
    3.5 StarsThe Lost Crow Conspiracy by Rosalyn Eves is the second book of the Blood Rose Rebellion series and admittedly I was a bit on the fence jumping into this book as the first one left me a little wanting but based on the ending of book one, I knew I was going to have to see what happens next for the characters, so I immediately dove into it and I am glad I did as the story got interesting. If you have not yet read book one, you might want to...
  • Lulai
    I received this book through NetGalley against an honest review I had a great time with Blood Rose Rebellionand I was curious to find out more with it ending, so I was happy to receive an e-arc.It is always difficult to write a sequel, there are the classic traps of the love triangle, the transition to book 3 which is sometimes to slow, among many others things. Here, I sincerely find that the author has done really well. At the end of Blood Rose...
  • Kathy Martin
    Anna Arden thought that she was finished being a hero after breaking the Binding, freeing the praetheria, and securing Hungary's independence. She coming to terms with the death of her beloved Grandmama and the sacrifice of her cousin Matyas. But life couldn't be that easy. The upper class Luminates who lost their magic are resentful. Many commoners now have magic. The Austrian Empire wants Hungary back. A Congress is being held in Vienna to disc...
  • Teresa
    I really liked this one so much better than Blood Rose Rebellion. Lost Crow Conspiracy picks up shortly after BRR leaves off. Our main characters are at the tail end of her cousins death and are still coping, Anna is living with Catherine now, and the world is struggling with how to live with the creatures newly released in the binding. Anna's sections were slow for me in the beginning, but deff picked up towards the last half of the book. The Cr...
  • Rachel
    LOST CROW CONSPIRACY is everything you could want in a sequel and so much more. It is action-packed, edge-of-your-seat exciting, suspense-filled, and full of surprises. Magical beings, spell-casting and spell-breaking, hidden agendas, manipulation, betrayal, injustice, fierce battles, and a touch of romance make this installment riveting.The story picks up shortly after the events in the first book in the series. And while things may seem to have...
  • Gemma F
    Absolutely incredible and fantastic sequel!!! It was spellbinding and so many things happened in this. ❤❤❤Lost Crow Conspiracy picks up straight where Blood Rose Rebellion ended. Anna is now in Vienna and met various members of nobility including the royal family of Austria. There she uncovers so much more about herself and the Praetheria, these beings which were trapped in the Binding. The story flows really well and I loved the additional...
  • Vicky Who Reads
    3 stars*SPOILERS for book 1 (Blood Rose Rebellion) ahead*Anna Arden, after breaking the Binding, letting lower class citizens have magic and releasing the Praetheria, didn't know that doing so would break the world.She thought that the Praetheria were on her side and that peace, equality, and justice would now reign. Yet, this has not happened and the class lines she sought to destruct still exist--especially between her and her beloved, Gabor.Wa...
  • Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
    .... I loved the historical elements, and getting a deeper look into the fantasy elements, and the mix of the two. I really enjoyed the character development. I should add characters, because the characters all had interesting storylines, and I was not excepting a lot of what happens, to happen. The pacing itself is slow in a lot areas, which made for me not loving the book as much as I wanted to. However, Eve's richly detailed storytelling defin...
  • Kendra Collings Santa Cruz
    Rosalyn Eves did a fantastic job with The Blood Rose Rebellion, and I think she continued, and even exceeded my expectations with the second novel of the series, Lost Crow Conspiracy. I had a hard time putting the book down so I could do non-essential things like sleep, eat, and go to work!Lost Crow Conspiracy continues the story of Anna as she comes to term with a world where the Binding is no longer constraining magic to only the nobility, and ...
  • Allisa White
    What a ride. If I'd had one whole day set apart just to read this book, I would have taken it. As it is though, it took me some time. But every moment I spent reading this book, I was engaged and nothing in the world could bother me. I found Blood Rose Rebellion fascinating, interesting, and engaging. I found the Lost Crow Conspiracy exciting, thrilling, and heartbreaking.Anna Arden is in Vienna with her sister, Caroline, and Caroline's husband. ...
  • Cindy
    I just finished this EPICALLY AWESOME book and now I'm crying over the fact that I'll have to wait a million years for Book 3. I often find that the second book in a trilogy is my least favorite, but in this case, I loved LOST CROW CONSPIRACY even more than BLOOD ROSE REBELLION. Combining political intrigue, glittering social affairs, gorgeous mythology, lyrical prose, and just enough romance to keep my heart pumping, this was everything I love i...
  • Tasha Seegmiller
    As if returning to this innovative and magical world weren't reward enough, Eves weaves even more intrigue, magic, and world-changing stakes into the second book of her trilogy. Readers get to see Anna both different and yet similar to the heroine I came to love in Blood Rose Rebellion. Probably my favorite and unexpected part was the integration of creatures both stunning and dangerous. I cannot wait to dive in to the final installment.
  • Susan G. Foster
    Lovely writing, compelling characters and story, stunning historical-fantasy world and creatures = everything a YA fantasy should be. I loved it!! (Read ARC)
  • James Tullos
    See my full thoughts here: https://youtu.be/mdDmnHVKU9oWhat is there to say at this point? Last year I read and reviewed "Blood Rose Rebellion" and it is the worst book I've ever read with the exception of "The Lovely Bones." Literally every aspect of it is bad, from the characters to the dialogue to the plot to the worldbuilding. And "Lost Crow Conspiracy" is in the same boat. Honestly I don't know what I can say that won't seem like I'm just re...
  • Flavia
    Rating: 4.5 starsThis does not happen very often with me at all, but I really liked the middle of this series (assuming that this will be a trilogy?) more than the first book! Gasp. I know! I understand that the first book had the responsibility of creating the base for the story, and explaining the world to us readers. But I also think that the characters have matured since book one, which is something that I took note of and appreciated. I can...
  • Tara (Spinatale Reviews)
    Lost Crow Conspiracy is the second book in the Blood Rose Rebellion series. While I was a bit on the fence about the first one, the ending was interesting enough to make me want to continue with the series. You absolutely need to read Blood Rose Rebellion before starting this one, it opens as society begins grappling with the aftermath from the events of book one.Lost Crow Conspiracy is very politics heavy. As with the first book, I loved how the...
  • Jo Ladzinski
    Started my eGalley but finished via audiobookThe sequel to Blood Rose Rebellion was a more character-driven adventure, with Anna and friends dealing with the aftermath of the previous book. Creatures called Pretheria are roaming across Eastern Europe, wreaking havoc, and Anna is balancing her various love lives and political machinations to undo the damage that had been done.Somehow, even less happened in this book, but the threads were far more ...
  • Kait
    **Originally posted on The Fandom** Anna Arden has broken The Binding, an ancient and cruel magic that subjugated ancient beings to give humans power, and dismantled the magical oversight organization known as The Circle in the process. Hungary has won autonomy in its uprising. But the problems threatening her world are still far from over.Breaking The Binding released the Praetheria– the varied magical creatures with different forms, strengths...
  • Yvonne Olson
    I had a weird thing happen when I read this book. I couldn't, for the life of me, remember what happened in book one, and I mixed up the plots of this and another book. I still can't tell you how book one went. I remember enjoying it, and I gave a 3-4 stars, but I... I don't know what is going on in book 2. I definitely need to read the first book again before I try the second, because, while it's written beautifully (despite my still not enjoyin...
  • Heather
    Just finished reading "Lost Crow Conspiracy". LOVED it! I felt transported as I read Rosalyn's book. I loved her description of St Stephen's Cathedral: "St Stephen's Cathedral hulked against the skyline like a dragon carcass: all blackened spires and knobs, the intricate curved details climbing like scales up it's wall. Even the multicolored tiling on the roof seemed only an extension of the reptilian skin." I had to look up St Stephen's Cathedra...
  • Nicole
    I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first book in the series. I was annoyed at the main characters and missed having Gabor more prominent in the story. I did enjoy Matayas’ story line.
  • Kari Duranceau
    I am glad I went the autobook with this series. this book is better then the frist book loved the full cast on the autobook. but for sure ur in for a surprise with this book.