Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell

Silent Victim

Emma’s darkest secrets are buried in the past. But the truth can’t stay hidden for long.Emma is a loving wife, a devoted mother…and an involuntary killer. For years she’s been hiding the dead body of the teacher who seduced her as a teen.It’s a secret that might have stayed buried if only her life had been less perfect. A promotion for Emma’s husband, Alex, means they can finally move to a bigger home with their young son. But with a ...

Details Silent Victim

TitleSilent Victim
Release DateMar 1st, 2018
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreThriller, Mystery, Fiction, Mystery Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Crime, Contemporary, Abandoned, Business, Amazon

Reviews Silent Victim

  • Gary
    This stand alone novel by Caroline Mitchell is a great read. I started the book very shortly after receiving it and due to the suspense built up by the author was unable to put it down. Emma loves her husband Alex and together with her son they are moving to a new home in Leeds. But Emma has a dark secret, for a number of years she’s been hiding the dead body of Luke, the teacher who seduced her as a teen. The book is written from the perspecti...
  • Joanne Robertson
    OMG!!! Talk about a book being addictive! Once I started Silent Victim it became physically impossible to put it down! It has shot straight onto the list of my favourite books of the year so far and is definitely my favourite book by this author…….ever! I have always enjoyed her police procedural novels but this standalone is something very special indeed. The twisty plot, the unreliable narrative told by some rather unlikable characters and ...
  • Karin
    VERY CREEPY! I wasn’t even near to figuring it out. Outstanding!
  • Zoe
    Great New thriller from Mitchell. Full review to follow shortly.
  • Tulay
    Amazing thriller.So glad I picked this Amazon First Read selection of February books. Story is told as first person by three characters and jumps from 2003 to 2017. Author's writing style keeps your interest, keeps you in suspense. Thrilling, mysterious and suspenseful all the way to the breathtaking ending. Books written by British authors always takes me longer to read, because I have to stop and Google the places and read the news, look at the...
  • The Book Review Café
    WOW what a brilliant and gripping book, pre-order it now review to follow nearer to publication date
  • Dita
    Fast-paced and suspenseful! I never had any idea where this book was taking me but the ride was full of twists and turns and I was happy to be on it. It's tough to finish well and this one was satisfying if not the "bang" I was hoping for after being so enchanted by the rest.
  • Carole
    SILENT VICTIM by CAROLINE MITCHELLWell, what can I say!! I think Caroline has become one of the best crime writers for suspense I’ve ever read. It doesn't matter whether she's writing about murders or psychological thrillers, she excels at both. I’m an avid crime reader, and read through books like a knife through butter, but her writing even leaves me bewildered and bemused. Just as you think that you’ve got it straight in your head, and w...
  • Sibel Hodge
    Brilliantly gripping and deliciously creepy. Make sure you clear your day as you won't be able to put Silent Victim down! :)
  • Halley
    "She brushed an errant lock from her cheek, panting from the exertion of rushing to be on time. I regarded her with a look of amused curiosity. Inside I was thrilled that a gorgeous young creature would be subservient to me for the forthcoming year."Was very interested in the plot, but hoo boy was the writing terrible. Overwraught, immature and awkward. Little to no character development. Lots of long internal monologues that sound like nothing a...
  • Sarah
    I’m a big fan of this authors books so couldn’t wait to read her new stand alone novel, Silent Victim.The story flicks mainly between husband and wife, Emma and Alex. Emma’s chapters feature past and present so we can see the build up of events with her teacher and present, where her life seems to be spiralling out of control.Moving house and a brand new start is something that most of us would love and look forward to. Emma though is someo...
  • Shell Baker
    All the stars.....this is Caroline's best book yet!
  • Amy's Book Reviews
    DNF, skimmed through to figure out what happened. I’m in the minority; most readers enjoyed the story.SILENT VICTIM is told from the points of view of Emma, her husband Alex and Luke, the man Emma “murdered” from time periods of 2002, 2003, 2013 and 2017. I was often confused whose first person POV I was reading and from what time period. I didn’t like or feel connected to any of the characters, didn’t know who was a reliable narrator o...
  • Christina
  • Book Addict Shaun
    Silent Victim is the first psychological thriller I have read by Caroline Mitchell and I absolutely loved it. It became one of those books that consumed me as I read it, and was that addictive that I had to also download it to my Kindle for iPhone app so I could read it when I was away from my Kindle. I love books that stay in your thoughts all day long, I was thinking about these characters even when I wasn’t reading the book. One of the thing...
  • Lynda Kelly
    This was my Kindle First choice this month to buy in advance. So happy I made the right choice as it's terrific.....and there was no way to resist the story's premise. For some reason I was SURE I'd already read something by this author but I went through all my lists and nope, I haven't !! I will be reading more by her, though, since she has quite the comprehensive back catalogue. I must've seen them before as they're in my most popular reading ...
  • Amy
    Below is a spoiler free review.I received a free ebook copy as part of Amazon's First Picks for the month of February.In a nut shell: Emma and Alex are selling their home, but Emma has a secret. Several years ago, she buried a body on their property, and now she wants to get rid of the evidence before the house is sold. The problem? When Emma goes back to the grave site, the body is gone.*pterodactyl screech* Whaaaat? Um, yea, you can bet I downl...
  • Paula W
    I received a free ebook copy as Amazon's First Picks for February.Short synopsis: Emma's husband Alex gets a promotion, and now they can finally move from Emma's family home on Mersea Island to Leeds. Before they can sell the house, though, Emma needs to remove the dead body of her high school teacher she buried in a shallow grave on the property. As if this isn't enough of a problem, the body is gone when she gets there. Reviewing a psychologica...
  • Claire
    Published by: Thomas & Mercer (1st March 2018)ISBN: 978-1503948983Source: Netgalley Rating: 5*Synopsis: Emma’s darkest secrets are buried in the past. But the truth can’t stay hidden for long.Emma is a loving wife, a devoted mother…and an involuntary killer. For years she’s been hiding the dead body of the teacher who seduced her as a teen.It’s a secret that might have stayed buried if only her life had been less perfect. A promotion fo...
  • Craig
    Overall an excellent book, tainted at the end by a short-sighted plot twist simply to get a cheap gasp. The twist has larger repercussions than what is accounted for in the storyline, and it destroys all empathy for Emma–turning her into as big of a sociopath as Luke.SPOILER ALERT:The book moves between multiple POVs, creating tension around the mental state of Emma. What is in Emma's head vs. what is actually Luke in 2017? We eventually learn ...
  • Kristie
    PowerfulThis is the first five star review I have ever given, but it is well earned. I am usually good at knowing what is going to come next, but this story kept me guessing. It was well written and intense. The message from the author at the end was poignant. I am being deliberately vague because this book was so fantastic that I do not want to inadvertently give anything away. This book is ABSOLUTELY not an easy read but COMPLETELY worth the ti...
  • Mindy Finlay
    Great bookThis book will keep you in suspense. I truly enjoyed this book and I am sure many other readers will too.
  • Shari
    Twisting and turningFrom the start you want to know what happens, I have been reading well into the wee hours of the morning eager to finish this read.
  • Eva
    Review to follow nearer to publication day.
  • Aoife Daly
    Amazing as always from Caroline Mitchell, a must read for those who love gripping story lines. I already can't wait to read more of her future books.
  • Sara Koelsch
    This new thriller from Caroline Mitchell is perfect! It has everything you want and need from a thriller… we have question galore that are answered bit by bit, you’ll be wondering who is who and who is doing what?!? Is there any simple answers? Are people crazy? From the prologue to pages before the ending, you’ll be wondering who is lying or who is crazy?Caroline Mitchell weaves a fantastic tale that grabs you from the very beginning! That...
  • Helen (TBC)
    I love books with unreliable narrators and those that tackle the more difficult subjects in society - dealing with grooming, mental health issues, eating disorders and murder this book ticked every box. Well structured, using alternating time line and narrators, with short chapters making this a page turner where the end of each chapter lead to 'just one more'. Emma's character in particular is really well written and the angst and insecurities a...
  • Michelle Baldwin
    OUTSTANDING .....WOW WOW....What a brilliant read !!!! When you first start reading it you go from person to person and jump to different years.... However don't be put off it all becomes clear. It's so well written you find yourself looking at the time. Realizing you have been inside this book and not noticed just how long. I can't put it down...I LOVED IT so much i recommend ANYONE should read it. I'm gutted its finished it .... well done Carol...
  • Sarah T
    I ordered this through Kindle Firsts - the premise sounded like it would make a good page turner. And I suppose it was; despite the fact that the style of writing actually made my teeth itch, I did finish the book. I did want to find out what happened to the characters. I just would rather have found out without having to put up with overwrought sentences laden with cliches and clunky metaphor. I also really have to question the decision to have ...
  • Penelope Schwertfeger
    Silent VictimA wonderful take of strength and forbearance. Love found lasting strength. A mystery right to the end. A great story.