Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear

Sweet Little Lies

In this gripping debut procedural, a young London policewoman must probe dark secrets buried deep in her own family's past to solve a murder and a long-ago disappearance.Your father is a liar. But is he a killer? Even liars tell the truth... sometimes.Twenty-six-year-old Cat Kinsella overcame a troubled childhood to become a Detective Constable with the Metropolitan Police Force, but she's never been able to banish these ghosts. When she's called...

Details Sweet Little Lies

TitleSweet Little Lies
Release DateAug 14th, 2018
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Sweet Little Lies

  • Miriam Smith
    Wowza! What a cracking debut novel "Sweet Little Lies" is! I defy anyone to start reading this and not be hooked after the first few pages. Cat Kinsella was always a daddy's girl. When 17 year Maryanne Doyle goes missing in the summer of 1998 Cat's dad denies ever knowing her. However, Cat knows he's lying after seeing him flirting with Maryanne and giving her a lift while she was hitch hiking. Cat's relationship with her dad is never the same ag...
  • Larry H
    "Some fears can never be shared. Some fears are so cataclysmic that to share them would be tantamount to suicide."When Cat was eight years old, Maryanne Doyle, a pretty teenager from the Irish town where Cat's family was on holiday, disappeared. Cat and her older sister were both reasonably obsessed with Maryanne, as was nearly every male in town.While no one could figure out where Maryanne could have gone, Cat knew one thing: her father told a l...
  • Diane S ☔
    A big sigh of relief!! I am having much better luck with the police procedurals I am reading. Enjoying my break, really who knows if or when I'll go back, from psychological thrillers. Love this debut novel from Frear. Cat Kinsella, is such a great character, flawed but so very genuine, real. A London based DC, when the novel opens, she is trying to recover from a horrifying crime scene, seeing the department's psychiatrist. When a woman is murde...
  • Malia
    Even though it feels like it took me FOREVER to finish this book, I rather enjoyed it. It was clever with good characterization as well as a compelling plot. It was not as fast-paced as I had expected it would be, but never boring either. I am a fan of mystery books (or books in general) that are really about the characters and the way their story weaves into the plot as a whole, which very much was the case in this one. It reminded me a little o...
  • Michelle
    Maryanne Doyle was the teenage girl all the others wanted to be. Long raven curls, piercing blue eyes, and a body to die for. When Cat Kinsella met her as a child while on vacation with her family she was in awe of her. She even gave her her most prized possession her Tinkerbell pendant because Maryanne expressed to her how much she loved it. A few days later Maryanne Doyle disappeared. Cat's father is questioned in the disappearance but he infor...
  • Amy
    Nothing really excites me more than when I read a debut that knocks my socks off, and Sweet Little Lies was one hell of a stunning first novel. It’s mostly a police procedural with a psychological thriller feel to it and it’s also part dark family drama which made for a combination I couldn’t get enough of.Cat is a detective who has made her job her life, nothing earth shattering there, but the complexity with which Frear developed her made...
  • Rachel Hall
    As family Christmases go, asking your father if he has an alibi before the turkey has even been digested might seem a little ill-advised. For everyone but DC Cat Kinsella that is, whose relationship with her father, Michael McBride, saw him go from hero to zero when as a trusting eight-year-old and the apple of his eye she discovered he had lied. Seventeen-years-later it is this single event that has influenced the course of their relationship, l...
  • Lisa *OwlBeSatReading*
    Here's a slightly different than normal review. Because this is a very different from normal police procedural crime novel.I won't go through the synopsis because you can read it for yourselves, but I recommend this to ALL MY FOLLOWERS WHO LOVE BRITISH CRIME.ThoughtsWow! Was this really a debut?How can a 'first timer' be this good?How long did it take to establish such awesome characters for a first book? Very impressive.Is Caz Frear writing anot...
  • Bernadette
    Thank you Caz Frear for writing my kind of mystery! I absolutely loved this debut police procedural. Sweet Little Lies brought to mind Tana French and her Dublin Murder Series. Frear’s book takes place in London, with glimpses of Mulderran, Ireland, where an alleged abduction and murder took place decades ago. Met Police Detective Constable Cat Kinsella was a child when Maryanne Doyle disappeared from the Irish vacation spot. Cat, now in her mi...
  • Ova Incekaraoglu
    It took me very long to get into the story with this, the start was long and untidy I think, however the last half of the book gets the tension up and story gets very interesting.I wish I could give 3.5 stars or (7 out of 10)I loved the ending.Full review soon! (fingers crossed)
  • Kate~Bibliophile Book Club
    I had heard good things about Sweet Little Lies so of course I had to check it out to see what it was like.Sweet Little Lies is the winner of the Richard & Judy Search for a Bestseller competition and I can see how it won. Packed with unreliable narrators, twisty and with plenty of diffferent themes and avenues explored it definitely follows the psych thriller rules in that sense! Caz Frear has a great writing style, and a knack for creating char...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    3.5 stars, rounding to 4 for Goodreads.I always love the father/daughter dynamic in books since I have a very close relationship with mine. This one isn't as loving, but still the bond is there - even if Cat does know her father is lying about the disappearance of her friend and is now suspicious about the death of another woman. This is slightly different than most police procedurals as we have a team that actually works well together without an...
  • debra
    Enjoyed this quite a lot. Michelle and Larry H wrote excellent reviews for this title.
  • Chloe
    Cat Kinsella is a police detective at the Met and is investigating a case of a dead woman Alice whose body is found not far away from her dad’s pub .Cat and her dad have a difficult relationship as she believed he has something to do with her friend Maryanne ‘s disappearance in 1998. When a connection is found between Alice and Maryanne Cat is determined to get to the root of both the cases.The story goes back and forth between the past and t...
  • Shalini
    Maryanne Doyle went to buy hairspray and never came back on 31st May, 1998... Murdered???In the present time, a woman is found murdered and dumped at Leamington Square close to the pub, McAuley's...The first line caused me to pick up the book and the second, to continue with it. Both these lines created such a high note of suspense and mystery in my mind that the pages turned all by themselves. The entire story is written solely in the voice of D...
  • Christine
    Caz Frear won The Richard and Judy Search for a Bestseller competition with Sweet Little Lies. This was enough to intrigue me.This is very much a police procedural story, with a dash of the psychological. We follow a rather funny little girl aged eight in 1998 and then eighteen years later, when she is a cynical police officer. Her name is Cat. She has a rather a way about her, with a strong voice and gallows humour. As a child, her world is full...
  • Linda Strong
    Detective Cat Kinsella is a detective who's been called out to investigate the murder of a young woman. She's been identified as one woman, but soon they prove that she is actually a woman named Maryanne Doyle. Maryanne ha been missing 18 years .... and all these years Cat has thought her father had killed the then 17 year old teenager.Cat has never told another person about her belief and now her job may be on the line if she discloses what she ...
  • Tammie
    What happens when the trust has gone?Cat Kinsella was always a daddy's girl. Until the summer of 1998 when she sees her father flirting with seventeen-year-old Maryanne Doyle.When Maryanne later disappears and Cat's father denies ever knowing her, Cat's relationship with him is changed forever. I was expecting Sweet Little Lies to be suspenseful, but it was more of a police procedural. Although I thought the mystery was rather intriguing at times...
  • Zuky the BookBum
    It’s been a long time coming this book and it was highly recommended to me before I got around to it, so I had quite high expectations for it. While it wasn’t the best thriller / mystery I’ve ever read, I did end up really enjoying this one!I don’t really like police procedurals, and I had no idea this book was going to be one until I began reading, but it wasn’t your average procedural novel. While it has dark themes and a main charact...
  • Annie ~ The Misstery
    Imagine my surprise when I started the book and discovered that this wasn’t a psychological thriller, as I expected from the blurb, but a police procedural! After my initial shock, I admit I was captured by this great book from the very beginning.I’ve read other reviews stating that Sweet Little Lies was kind of a slow-burning type of book, but I was incredibly addicted from the start. There was something about Caz Frear’s prose; her writin...
  • Roy
    Compelling police procedural about a UK policewoman Cat Kinsella who is called out to a young womans murder. It flashes back and forth bewteen the current days murder plus thr disappearance of a young girl years ago, potentially covered up by her father. Its these unanswered questions that we the reader expose as we read further and further. The characterisation is solid, the twists and turns what you'd expext from a good debut, however I felt li...
  • Colleen Fauchelle
    3.5 stars. A good read.
  • Janel
    Sweet Little Lies was one of my highly anticipated summer reads, and I’m happy to report that it did not disappoint!Based on the blurb I read for this novel, I went into it expecting a psychological thriller, and like many of my fellow bloggers, I was surprised to find Sweet Little Lies is actually a police procedural which contains a strong mystery rather than fast-paced thrills. A lot of police procedurals these days can be classed as crime t...
  • Eva
    Cat Kinsella was always a bit of a daddy’s girl. But when seventeen year old Maryanne disappears and Cat’s father lies about having known her, their relationship changes forever. Now, years later, Cat is a DC working in London. When the body of a woman is found near her father’s workplace, all Cat’s fears about him being a killer return.Cat is flawed and carries around a ton of baggage. She’s currently in therapy after suffering a bit o...
  • Holly
    Review to come.
  • Michelle
    Review can be found on my blog here:https://booksonthebookshelf.wordpress...Thank you to Edelweiss and Harper Collins for the free eARC copy of this book to read. This was my first book I have read by this author and it was quite enjoyable.This book is about two women who wind up missing at different times. The main character in the book believes her father had something to do with it, as he had previously lied about knowing one of the women and ...
  • Ali
    3.5 Stars.A bit of an unusual spiral here. Well, at least to me it was unusual.So we have Cat, 28 yo policewoman. She is quite a character, kind hearted and hard working, she had encountered first hand a gruesome crime scene and that has affected her quite a lot. Not that it was the only thing that has been bothering Cat...But whatever bothers her, business is as usual, after all she is a police officer. A bit of counselling and a wise word from ...
  • Laura
    As the winner of the 2017 search for a new bestseller from the Richard and Judy book club, I anticipated a fast paced thriller that packed a punch. Stories with a strong female lead always appeal to me anyway. The book begins rather tediously but soon the storyline begins to develop and take shape. Cat Kinsella is a mid twenties murder detective investigating the disappearance of a woman who she vaguely remembers as a childhood friend of her sist...
  • Beau
    Loved this debut. Great characters and story line. Will definitely read more by this author x