Finish by Jon Acuff


Year after year, readers pulled me aside at events and said, “I’ve never had a problem starting. I’ve started a million things, but I never finish them. Why can’t I finish?According to studies, 92 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail. You’ve practically got a better shot at getting into Juilliard to become a ballerina than you do at finishing your goals. For years, I thought my problem was that I didn’t try hard enough. So I start...

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Release DateSep 12th, 2017
GenreNonfiction, Business, Self Help, Personal Development

Reviews Finish

  • Casey
    Anyone else have a book inside you? Anyone else have a dream that maybe you've started a hundred times or more...but never really quite completed? Anyone else chased by the spectre of perfection, that mean ugly voice that says if you can't do it perfectly, why bother?This book is for you, then. Dream, yes. But DO. The world needs to hear your voice.Now pardon me while I go write.
  • Elizabeth
    Acuff's best book, by far. The research that went into the examples here is relatable. The advice is practical and can implemented right now without extra time or money. Tons of added humor and zero fluff. Loved it!
  • LK
    Well, I finished. So that's a start.
  • Kimberly Gordon
    THIS WAS SO GOOD FOR ME! I’ve read a bit about my personality type, and know enough that I’m *pretty* Type A, and do a lot of things out of a motivation of perfection. So pretty much everything Jon had to say in Finish about setting goals and finishing them-not perfectly, but finishing, was convicting for me. He’s super funny, as usual, and that makes it enjoyable to read, but his wisdom about how to finish goals by cutting them in half som...
  • Charmin
    Highlights:1. Strategic incompetence - choose to suck at something that drains energy. 2. Data kills denial.3. Perfectionism shows us a distorted view of the world.4. Fear or victory - pick which one motivates you and add it to as many tasks as possible.5. Perfectionism gets louder only when people get moving. 6. Expose your hiding place: if something is stealing from your reserves, eliminate it.7. Perfectionism is a desperate attempt to live up ...
  • Jill Frederickson
    I have made a study of motivational books about goals and this is one of the best. It has very helpful actionable advice and is written with a sense of humor. I feel like Jon Acuff has a clear idea of where and how one can get stuck because he has been there too, and successfully extricated himself. I am off to apply what I learned here.
  • Kim
    Practical wisdom in dealing with perfectionism so you can successfully finish the goals you start.
  • Natalie Herr
    Liked this book a lot! I'm only giving it a 4 because I haven't had a chance to apply the principles yet. I love his encouragement to dig deep and identify the roadblocks that keep us from finishing our goals.
  • Contrariwise
    The opposite of perfectionism is finished. A highly entertaining and relatable self-help tome in the vein of Mark Manson. Lots of good research to back it up too.
  • Nick Cady
    Funny quick read with good insights.
  • Allan Laal
    although at first glance this might seem like theoretical selfdev bs, it is actually really well researched
  • Justin Cloyd
    This is exactly the book I needed. As a lifelong perfectionist, I have often struggled with finishing anything out of fear that it won't be quite right. The tips and tricks Acuff shares here are just the thing to take me out of that fear and keep moving forward.Long time fans of Acuff won't be disappointed with this one, and new readers, like myself, are in for a pleasant surprise. I've never enjoyed a self-improvement book as much as this. I've ...
  • Jonathan Tony
    The best book Jon has written so far. It's a pertinent message to any of us with ambition. I found it particularly encouraging as I am critical of myself in my pursuits. Jon lays it out in a way that is easy to digest and apply.
  • Carolyn
    Jon Acuff's Finish offers a common sense approach to getting things done that finally takes into account the reality of human nature. No stupid slogans or motivational speeches - just an honest look at all of our natural avoidance tactics that keep us from getting things done, even things that we really, really want to do.Expect humorous anecdotes, real-life examples, and practical suggestions along with the smart sense of humor I came to expect ...
  • Matt Cannon
    This smaller book (I suspect it is half the size Jon A. originally wanted) will probably be finished be most who decide to take a journey to read it. I believe the size of the book alone is a testament to Jon's research to cut your goal in half. The shorter size increases the likelihood of people finishing it and provides opportunities to release additional parts/chapters in the future. This book is packed full of bite size nuggets of wisdom expl...
  • Julia
    I like Jon and his perspective, but I did not love this one. I preordered the book and really wanted to love it, but I feel like it missed out on depth. It would have been helpful to hear more from the participants in the study and how their life has been impacted by the techniques in this book. From what I remember, I believe there were less than 5 stories from participants. (Please correct me if I’m wrong). What was the ratio of projects star...
  • Nate
    Some really good advice about finishing. It doesn’t hurt that Jon Acuff is very funny and a great writer.
  • Cameron Mathews
    For an entire book whose premise is basically "Perfect is the enemy of done," Finish is a well-executed book. It goes into pretty good analysis of our perfectionist tendencies and how that prevents us from reaching our true potential. Not sure what your project is, but chances are you will find yourself nodding along at a few points in the book thinking that Jon has seen into your mind and understands why you are starting and not finishing.
  • Karen Stensgaard
    This was a super easy and short book to finish in less than 24 hours. So I gifted myself an award for being "done." His writing style is fast and loose so it was a fun educational read. I also had a "Goal" deadline looming to finish it since the library wants it back on Saturday. Much of the advice was pretty practical, and nothing really earth shatteringly different for me. But some of the examples were new and provided different ways of looking...
  • brettlikesbooks
    i've been a fan of jon acuff since his 'Stuff Christians Like' blog & book days. however, full disclosure, i'm not a fan of the self-help/motivational genre (which is probably indicative of just how much motivation and help my self needs!) but his new book's premise really grabbed me. i'm a chronic starter in a family of freakish finishers. i start, or attempt to start, a lot of things. #likeaboss. but i am overwhelmed by actually finishing. even...
  • Julia
    This is a good book if you like easy to read, enjoyable prose, and lists of things you can do to that should, by all probability, get you to 'finish' in any goal. Or not and he even explains what exactly no book or set of instructions can overcome too.It is the kind of book you'd keep on your shelf and refer back too when you get bogged down and need some perspective again. It is one single aspect of goal setting so it's not that long, but it's a...
  • Paige Gordon
    Jon Acuff strikes again! With his incredible sense of humor and his open, sometimes brutally honest style, Jon walks us through all of the lies that perfection will tell us when we start to go after our dreams. And in sharing his unconventional responses to those lies, he gives us the tools to beat perfectionism every time it rears it's ugly head, and to push forward consistently until we have completed the most important step of our goals - fini...
  • Lora
    I enjoy Jon Acuff's books, especially his injection of humor. Sometimes the humor becomes a bit overpowering as he gets too caught up in anecdotes or humorous asides. In his latest book, Finish, he tipped the scale. Instead of humorous interjections scattered throughout the book to keep it lively, it was distracting to the extent that I would derail from the point he was trying to make, following him down a rabbit hole. I was hoping for guided wi...
  • C. Scott
    I'm not normally a motivational book kind of guy, and I've found that most of the books in that genre that I've started have been heavy on the cheese and light on the practical. But, when I was blessed to have an opportunity to read a pre-release copy of the Finish, I couldn't resist, and I don't regret it one bit! Finish is just the opposite of most books of its kind, and that's why it will undoubtedly meet with great success. This book brings p...
  • D
    I got this as an ARC from a Goodreads giveaway.It was a quick and easy read. I laughed out loud several times while reading this book. Acuff's examples of himself and other people were relatable and I could think of similar examples from my own life when I let perfectionism get in the way of starting or finishing my goals. I'll be keeping some of Acuff's advice in mind when I feel my perfectionism taking over.However, Acuff refers to his ping-pon...
  • Bobby Jones
    "Starting is fun, but the future belongs to finishers." It's the second to last line in the Conclusion and the best summation of the book. Really enjoyed this one because I need to learn how to become a better finisher. Great content!Some of my favorite quotes/points:"We tend to put too much emphasis on beginnings."" 'Might as well' is one of the most dangerous phrases in the English language."To finish a goal, you may have to 1. cut the goal in ...
  • Susanna
    A hilariously entertaining, insightful, empowering read that will help you identify ideas and actions that keep you from finishing your goals. Not only does he provide helpful questions to guide you in pinpointing these weak areas, but he encourages you with where to go from there. Assess, evaluate, plan, and execute. Jon cleverly gives you the tools to scout out where perfectionism is limiting your progress at each point along the way. My notebo...
  • Laura
    You know those montage scenes in movies where the lead character assembles a bunch of stuff and heads out to face the big, scary thing at the end? Like Moana gathering food before her journey to find Maui or Tom Hanks' character in "Castaway" tying down his supplies before he leaves the island (apparently I could only think of raft related montages)."Finish" was my montage. I read it three times slower than other books because I had to stop, take...
  • Mike Schaeffer
    Excellent points through the complete. I finished it. Plan to finish lots of more unfinished projects!I have been retired from the post office for almost 20 years and computer service for 5 years. I have several hobbies and my wife and I love to travel. Almost I am actively involved in Masonic lodge and my church. I seem to get too many projects going on and have trouble saying no to some in enjoy but keep me from really doing the fun ones. After...