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Year after year, readers pulled me aside at events and said, “I’ve never had a problem starting. I’ve started a million things, but I never finish them. Why can’t I finish?According to studies, 92 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail. You’ve practically got a better shot at getting into Juilliard to become a ballerina than you do at finishing your goals. For years, I thought my problem was that I didn’t try hard enough. So I start...

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Release DateSep 12th, 2017
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Business, Personal Development, Productivity

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  • Jenny Baker
    Wow, this book got me thinking about how I think, and that’s always a good thing. These are some of my favorite points in the book and apologize for the length. ***Spoiler Alert*** --> Warning, I'm about to ramble. “If you want to finish, you’ve got to do all that you can to get rid of your perfectionism right out of the gate. You’ve got to have fun, cut your goal in half, choose what things you’ll bomb, and a few other actions you won...
  • LK
    Well, I finished. So that's a start.
  • Charmin
    Highlights:1. Strategic incompetence - choose to suck at something that drains energy. 2. Data kills denial.3. Perfectionism shows us a distorted view of the world.4. Fear or victory - pick which one motivates you and add it to as many tasks as possible.5. Perfectionism gets louder only when people get moving. 6. Expose your hiding place: if something is stealing from your reserves, eliminate it.7. Perfectionism is a desperate attempt to live up ...
  • Tiffany Reisz
    FINISHED! Wouldn't it be ironic to start FINISH and not finish FINISH?
  • Casey
    Anyone else have a book inside you? Anyone else have a dream that maybe you've started a hundred times or more...but never really quite completed? Anyone else chased by the spectre of perfection, that mean ugly voice that says if you can't do it perfectly, why bother?This book is for you, then. Dream, yes. But DO. The world needs to hear your voice.Now pardon me while I go write.
  • Hope Eifert
    I love self-help books, and I usually get some good take-always, but every once in a while, I discover one that is a game-changer for me--like this one. I am a chronic starter (and daydreamer) and this book completely resonated with me. He identifies all the sneaky ways we let perfectionism sabotage our goals, and he's funny and relatable along the way. I don't re-read books too often, but I'm already planning to read this one 2-3 more times this...
  • Elizabeth
    Acuff's best book, by far. The research that went into the examples here is relatable. The advice is practical and can implemented right now without extra time or money. Tons of added humor and zero fluff. Loved it!
  • Leman Sadikhli
  • Kimberly Gordon
    THIS WAS SO GOOD FOR ME! I’ve read a bit about my personality type, and know enough that I’m *pretty* Type A, and do a lot of things out of a motivation of perfection. So pretty much everything Jon had to say in Finish about setting goals and finishing them-not perfectly, but finishing, was convicting for me. He’s super funny, as usual, and that makes it enjoyable to read, but his wisdom about how to finish goals by cutting them in half som...
  • Nicole Conlan
    I thought this book was totally fine, and an easy read, but nothing particularly revelatory. Maybe it's because over the past year or so I've gotten much better at finishing what I start, so nothing here was particularly groundbreaking, but I could see how this would be useful to past-me, when I had a thousand incomplete projects. Also didn't love the trying-to-be-funny tone. You know that CoCo Chanel quote about taking one accessory off before y...
  • Martti
    If you want to finish, you’ve got to do all that you can to get rid of your perfectionism right out of the gate. You’ve got to have fun, cut your goal in half, choose what things you’ll bomb, and a few other actions you won’t see coming at first.We intentionally make things harder on ourselves. People who reach their goals find ways to make things easier on themselves.Strategic incompetence - choose to suck at something that drains energy...
  • Elizabeth Trader
    What a funny, inspiring, and practical read! This was a great book to start off the new year with, and I feel *much* more equipped to tackle some goals for the semester. I admire Acuff's authenticity as well as the amount of research he included. I would absolutely recommend this book, especially to those with perfectionist tendencies.
  • Erin
    I am a starter. So many projects half done, so many books half read... This book is perfect for people like me who have NO trouble getting started, but get tripped up or slowed down on the way to the finish. I want to get things done in 2018 and Jon Acuff gives the tools and motivation (and laughs) I need to get there! A lot of the exercises and questions really messed with me in a good way because they forced me to deal with fears and excuses I ...
  • Jessica
    I found this book to be so helpful! It details practical steps you can take to increase your productivity. It talks of self awareness and self evaluation a lot. I loved it. I’m considering buying a copy for everyone on my team.
  • Zen
    It actually felt great to finish this book. The best thing about this book is it has helped me to understand where the "mental blocks" I kept running into were coming from and how to circumvent them. I've already incorporated many things from the book into my daily life and I've been more productive recently than I have in months. It's nice to actually have actually completed some of the things I'd started and never got around to. Definitely wort...
  • Ashleigh O'Hara
    One that helps with practical applications for all those starters that dont finish well (old me)!
  • Leandra
    Excellent book for all those perfectionists out there! We are many!Jon Acuff does an excellent job of how perfectionism tends to cause us become paralyzed thus not achieving our dreams. He teaches us how to overcome that mindset.Each chapter is excellent but a few that stuck me are are cut your goal in half or extend the time it takes to meet the goal. I did that with a couple of items I am working on and the relief of pressure actually helped me...
  • Shannon
    Woowhee did I see myself in this book! Learned a lot - highly recommend!
  • Lauren
    Where are my fellow recovering perfectionists at? This one's for us!First of all, Jon Acuff's writing is a breeze to read because of how gosh darned funny he is. My margins are littered with the words "ha ha" and deranged smiley faces from all the moments that had me snickering. (I had to read the bit about Taco Bell aloud to my husband. It had us rolling and could have been delivered as stand-up.)But amidst all of his laugh-out-loud humor is rea...
  • Julia
    I like Jon and his perspective, but I did not find value in this book. I preordered the book and really wanted to love it, but I feel like it missed out on depth. It would have been helpful to hear more from the participants in the study and how their life has been impacted by the techniques in this book. From what I remember, I believe there were less than 5 stories from participants. What was the ratio of projects started and finished before th...
  • Lora
    I enjoy Jon Acuff's books, especially his injection of humor. Sometimes the humor becomes a bit overpowering as he gets too caught up in anecdotes or humorous asides. In his latest book, Finish, he tipped the scale. Instead of humorous interjections scattered throughout the book to keep it lively, it was distracting to the extent that I would derail from the point he was trying to make, following him down a rabbit hole. I was hoping for guided wi...
  • Brandon Kelley
    This book is a game-changer. Who can't use help in actually finishing the things they start? This book wasn't just great because of the ideas it contained, but it was great because of Jon Acuff's style. You'll find yourself laughing out loud at what you're reading with people looking at you with envy because not only are you having a better time than them, but you're also becoming a finish machine. Read this and "give yourself the gift of done!"
  • Cameron Mathews
    For an entire book whose premise is basically "Perfect is the enemy of done," Finish is a well-executed book. It goes into pretty good analysis of our perfectionist tendencies and how that prevents us from reaching our true potential. Not sure what your project is, but chances are you will find yourself nodding along at a few points in the book thinking that Jon has seen into your mind and understands why you are starting and not finishing.
  • Natalie Herr
    Liked this book a lot! I'm only giving it a 4 because I haven't had a chance to apply the principles yet. I love his encouragement to dig deep and identify the roadblocks that keep us from finishing our goals.
  • Cindy
    This was an excellent book on goal-setting and even more important seeing through your goals to completion. I was very impressed with much of the concepts as I have used much of these (in slightly revised forms) to lose weight and pay off debt. Acuff reminds us to focus on our goals and not to get hung up on doing things perfect - perfect is the enemy of finished. When we think that we can't allow ourselves to make mistakes, we deny our ability t...
  • Lpeterso
    Looking for a book on how to increase your productivity? Well, there’s a handful to choose from, and this is one of them. Acuff writes with a great deal of humor which is helpful considering that so much of life is out of our control. His approach to making progress toward your goal allows room for things to go sideways sometimes, and yet you can still be productive even when there’s chaos or obstacles. The main take always: Cut your goal in ...
  • Chris
    Well, I finished it.Jon Acuff writes that he thought he proposed a productivity solution in his first book, "Start," but later learned that he only proposed half of the solution. Finishing what you started is often just as hard, or harder, than starting in the first place.In his research on the subject, Acuff identifies the greatest enemy to finishing not as laziness, which many people might assume, but actually perfectionism in its many forms. "...
  • Rebekah
    I loved this book right from the start - it only took me a day to read it! Here is what I liked:•The book is full of practical research based goal-achieving advice.•It's funny, entertaining and super easy to read.I didnt like....•All the pop culture references I didnt understand.•The fact that at one time Jon Acuff was known as a Christian author. I see that no where in any of his writings except for one reference to his pastor father. No...
  • Michael Morehart
    Overall this book was good but it was really hard for me to "finish", no joke. I found that I could only read this for 10-15 minutes at time before I felt it started to get redundant and my mind would begin to wander. I would put this book into the category of a blog site. I felt like I was reading a blog for the most part with action items at the end. Although most of the applications will cause me to become better at reaching my goals, it was h...
  • Bea Elwood
    Admittedly I struggled at first because this book wasn't serious enough (talk about a limiting belief eh?). I feel like I've heard most of this before but once I stopped struggling against it I realized I needed to hear it all again. I'm still not letting myself finish, I'm still breaking promises to myself. Hopefully I can regroup and start making some progress towards finishing some of my most personal goals.