Scones and Scoundrels (Highland Bookshop Mystery #2) by Molly MacRae

Scones and Scoundrels (Highland Bookshop Mystery #2)

Inversgail, on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands, welcomes home native daughter and best-selling environmental writer Daphne Wood. Known as the icon of ecology, Daphne will spend three months as the author in residence for the Inversgail schools. Janet Marsh and her business partners at Yon Bonnie Books are looking forward to hosting a gala book signing for her. Daphne, who hasn’t set foot in Scotland in thirty years, is . . . eccentric....

Details Scones and Scoundrels (Highland Bookshop Mystery #2)

TitleScones and Scoundrels (Highland Bookshop Mystery #2)
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherPegasus Books
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery, Fiction

Reviews Scones and Scoundrels (Highland Bookshop Mystery #2)

  • ☆Dani☆ ☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆
    I give this book 3 out of 5 Cozy Stars!I liked this book, overall. Just like the two previous cozies, this book had a lot to do with bookish things. I really enjoyed the setting and the mystery of the story but the main character just didn’t sit well with me. Rude people just make me a bit uncomfortable. Also it was a bit hard to catch up with all the characters. The book was well written so I look forward to checking out the author’s other ...
  • Judy
    This was a fun cozy mystery set in Inversgail, Scotland where the town is welcoming back renowned environmentalist and author, Daphne Wood, who left thirty years ago. Just before she arrives in town a body is found behind a local pub. The four women who are owners of a local bookstore and bed and breakfast, start investigating and trying to find out more about the death. Then other things start happening and the investigation gets deeper.I enjoye...
  • Lisa Morin
    I really had high hopes for this book. The description was very appealing and I am a fan of this author. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.The story itself was good and I enjoyed the characters, but Daphne Woods, who the story was centered around, was very unlikable. There was nothing I could find that made me feel bad for her, or had me rooting for her. She was a miserable person who really made the story difficult to read.I found myself skimmin...
  • Kelly
    **I voluntarily read this ARC**I wanted to like this more than I did. I liked the idea of it, but I never really connected with any of it. The mystery was a little interesting, but since I didn't really care about the characters I ended up not really caring too much about it being solved.
  • Bronagh Miskelly
    Very much part of the "cosy" sub category of mysteries - a village setting, a local mystery, a cast who are first and foremost "characters".When I started I expected it to be one of those books you devour in a couple of sittings in a comfy armchair but it didn't engage me as much as it should. I'm not sure I really got to know any of the characters and understood their motivations (especially regarding Daphne's behaviour who for most of the book ...
  • Jeanie
    I thoroughly enjoyed this novel set on the west coast of Scotland. Four adventurous, courageous ladies left their lives in the states and moved to Ingersgail to buy and manage a 99-year old bookstore with a tearoom, converting the upstairs into a small B & B. I absolutely admire this step for Janet, a retired librarian, a burned-out law instructor, a woman returning to her home to help care for her parents, and a young woman who attended universi...
  • Jean Kolinofsky
    I would like to thank NetGalley and W.W. Norton & Co. for providing a copy of this book for review. Thirty years ago Daphne Wood left Inversgail and became an author and environmentalist, living by herself in a cabin in the woods. Now she has returned for three months for an author in residence program. Before she even arrives she sends an unreasonable list of demands that cause problems for the locals managing the program. Shortly before Daphne...
  • Dawn Michelle
    WHAT in the holy heck did I just read? This book was boring. As in "I just might fall asleep in the middle of the day while reading it" boring. It was all blah blah blah and dither dither dither and NOTHING, and I mean N O T H I N G happens [unless you count wishing one of the characters dead every time they are on the page] until 67% in the book. So you have to listen to blah blah blah and dither dither dither for 66% of the book and be BORED ou...
  • Phillip Albright
    This book was my first step into Yon Bonnie Books/The Highland Bookshop Mysteries. Even with out reading book one I was enthralled. Getting used to the cast of characters was a bit jarring, but easy to follow. Once the "main character Janet" started leading the conversations it was easier to follow. I did figure out the language of Scottish Gaelic pretty easy. I thought this book could go on and on with story. I do want to see more of the tea roo...
  • Patricia Romero
    Janet and her daughter Tallie have moved to Scotland with a few friends and opened a tea and book shop. In the Highlands. I will admit to this being my dream job!To get this out-of-the-way, I wasn't impressed with the blurb. The Tearoom was never under suspicion, nor were the ladies. I would like to see that adjusted in the blurb.This story had so many characters I almost couldn't keep track of who was who. Some of them were developed but most w...