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Agatha Christie

It has been one hundred years since Agatha Christie wrote her first novel and created the formidable Hercule Poirot.  A brilliant and award winning biographer, Laura Thompson now turns her sharp eye to Agatha Christie. Arguably the greatest crime writer in the world, Christie's books still sell over four million copies each year—more than thirty years after her death—and it shows no signs of slowing.But who was the woman behind these mystify...

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TitleAgatha Christie
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherPegasus Books
GenreBiography, Nonfiction, History, Mystery

Reviews Agatha Christie

  • Obsidian
    This book was all over the place for me. It was also repetitive as anything, if you want to read countless comments made about how Christie was beautiful once, got fat, and also left her first husband alone too much (i.e. it's her fault he had an affair and left her) well then this book is for you.Thompson does tell Christie's life story from beginning (birth) to end (death). However, there seems to be a wall between Thompson and the reader. I wa...
  • Stringy
    I was disappointed by this biography, which I picked up at the Border's closing sale. Thompson is very defensive of Christie, as if fans of her novels couldn't handle anything less than perfection. I'd rather have an honest, warts-and-all look at someone's life than a hagiography.And with 'unique access to her diaries, letters and family', I expected to see more of Christie's own opinions. Instead, the quotes from primary sources were bland while...
  • Charlotte Langstroth
    You should read this if you're (yet another bookstagrammer) already very familiar with Agatha and her work and want to know as much as you can get to know about her - this biography is cleverly written and is incredibly detailed with almost all life events being relayed back and quoted with reference to either a Christie or a Westmacott novel. I have saved quite a few Marples/Poirots that I haven't read yet and I'm glad it is that way or else I w...
  • Rebecca
    This is a problematic book. It has its good points, and some very negative. But let's start with the positive. The book is incredibly well researched, if there is anything you ever wanted to know you will find it here. You will find a whole lot of information you didn't even know you wanted to know. And Laura Thompson clearly loves her subject, she loves to write this book and it is very evident throughout it. No, throughout most of the book. She...
  • Eva
    I don't understand why this book has over 4 stars average. I found it disappointing. The author continuously uses quotes from Christies (fictional) books to prove how Christie thought about things. But it never becomes clear why writer Laura Thompson thinks those quotes express Christies personal thoughts instead of those uttered by the fictional characters in the book. It annoyed me so, that I couldn't finish it. I rather try another biography.
  • Mary Beth
    Agatha Christie was a fascinating woman. That fact is completely lost in this biography which tangents all over the map and has too many references to her novels which is completely distracting to her life story. Sorry, but this book needs a good editor.
  • Niki
    one of the best bioraphy of Christie I've read
  • Becky Loader
    I was disappointed. I was hoping for a more in-depth look at Christie herself. The author really focuses on Christie's books and stories and which character depicts which person in her life. Too much analysis of writing and too little biographical information.
  • J.R.
    I have to admit at the start I'm not an especial Christie fan, and I've generally found Poirot more of an annoyance than a pleasure.If I have a particular favorite of her characters I'd have to say Miss Marple (though I think her less developed than she might have been), preferring those stories and even some of the films (despite Christie's dissatisfaction with most and the fact they seldom portray her as well as do the books).Still, no one who ...
  • Lorna
    I really enjoyed this book. Although I have read quite a few biographies sometimes I find them hard to get into because they're more or less set out like a timeline of the person's life. Although of course this book does more or less the same thing it is written in more of a literary fashion, which as a reader of mainly fiction I found easier to read. I especially like the way that she handles the 10 days when Agatha went missing, coming up with ...
  • Tami
    Reading this was quite an undertaking! No one can accuse author Laura Thompson of not doing her research. While I learned much about Agatha Christie’s life that I did not know, I think the chapter about her disappearance was the most interesting. How ironic that even today, there is still somewhat of a mystery about the details of that disappearance.The book covers Agatha’s life from childhood to death. Her contribution to plays, poems and ot...
  • Marc
    I would like to give this a higher rating but, although it is very well researched, it felt like work to read it! It covers Agatha Christie's life in a fairly non-linear fashion and seems to assume that the reader has very comprehensive knowledge of all of Christie's novels/plays. I also think the author's own personal feelings about Agatha Christie were presented as fact versus her opinion or belief. She had a tendency to glean a great deal abou...
  • Brian's Bookshelves
    An in depth biography of Christie using her books, notebooks, and letters. This book goes into a lot of detail about her early life, her first marriage but it is the Chapter on her disappearance is the highlight of the book. Thompson is cold and not afraid to criticize at times.An interesting biography for fans of Christie.A very interesting biogrsphy
  • Ghost of the Library
    I have yet to meet a human being who hasnt, at some point in his/her life, enjoyed the works of Agatha Christie in some way shape or form - a thousand thank yous to the wonderful David Suchet and all other actors and actresses that have brought to life her characters (and herself) time and again!That being said, i have my serious doubts that Laura Thompson actually likes Dame Agatha at all after having read this one, because this is the most bori...
  • Robin
    Laura Thompson's Agatha Christie is an excellent accompaniment to reading John Curran's The Secret Notebooks. I read them in close succession and found their perspective and perceptive commentary on Agatha Christie and her novels markedly enhanced my current re-reading of her work. While Curran's work concentrates on Christie's development of the novels and short stories, Thompson goes to the heart of her work: Christie's life and character. I pa...
  • Sarah
    This is a very good and extremely readable biography. I might actually have given it another half star since I did enjoy it quite a lot, but I was a little offended by how snarky and repetitive the author was about Christie's looks. I'm as shallow as the next person, but having it reiterated, ad nauseum, how fat and unattractive a woman was came off to me as both annoying and more than a little sexist (I can't see a bio of, say, Hemingway concent...
  • Lily
    I somewhat enjoyed reading the story of Agatha Christie, who was published under different names like Mary Westmacott. Sometimes, it became tedious trying to get through the narrative of this biography, due to Laura Thompson constantly referring to and quoting from Agatha Chrisitie's published books. I understand that in so doing, the author was trying to give insights into Agatha's life--revealing that most of her characters and stories were bas...
  • Cozy Cat Reviews
    The author has done a extraordinary amount of research for this book. I appreciated the fact she was so diligent and provided the reader with such outstanding research. This is a good book for all Christie lovers to read as it includes more information about her writing then I have found in other books. However many liberties were taken about Christie as a person, with her husband and child and her personality. I did not find that part of the boo...
  • Weaverannie
    De schrijfster is heel ijverig bezig geweest om ieder snippertje papier ooit door of over Agatha Christie is geschreven, te bestuderen. Dat wil echter niet zeggen, dat het voor de lezer interessant is dat alles te lezen. Want wat was dit boek saai en dik en te uitgebreid en van alles teveel.Een gebeurtenis werd eerst beschreven uit het oogpunt van Agatha C., dan vanuit dat van haar man, dan van haar dochter, dan van haar collega's, dan van de per...
  • Andrea
    This was an accurate and beautifully written biography but the writer seems to have some kind of ideological axe to grind. The constant glowing references to Christie's alleged social conservatism just got tiresome. Clearly in some cases the writer was speculating and I almost felt like Thompson was preaching to me. I'm a huge fan of Christie's fiction mainly because she avoids the kind of moral simplicity Thompson seems to enjoy. Also, while fic...
  • Kate Ashley
    Ultimately unsatisfying. It might better be described a fictionalized biography or an imagining of Agatha Christie’s emotional climate. Author is so defensive of her subject (AC wasn’t racist and anti-Semitic. She just used slurs because... ?) and bizarrely preoccupied by AC’s “loss of her looks” (aka she gained weight). The work is incomprehensibly repetitive. Worst of all - for this reader - she uses Agatha Christie’s writing to bol...
  • Cheryl
    As someone who had read many of her books, I was interested in this biography. She did live a very interesting life. Major caveat, though, this author, Thompson, seems oblivious to her own and Christie's racism. It was the norm for her class at the time, so it's not surprising. What is surprising is that a book published in 2018 would nonchalantly use the original title of Ten Little Indians (Ten Little N-----) without any reluctance and say, "af...
  • Dawn Myers
    Laura Thompson certainly knows how to do research.....way too much research! I have always been a fan of Agatha Christie's books, but I felt I was wasting a lot of time reading this biography.
  • trishtrash
    Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors, and Laura Thompson's biography captures the imaginative, timelessly endearing qualities of Christie's life and work, even attempting to define the ineffable durability of her books (despite the fact that they are constantly decried as being dated, xenophobic, racist and unrealistic, Christie is still the bestselling author after the Bible and Shakespeare). However, the great emphasis on her relation...
  • Sally Sharamitaro
    Everything you ever wanted to know or hear about Agatha Christie's life.
  • Susan
    I've loved Agatha Christie's mysteries since my early teens, so I was interested to learn about this amazingly popular author's life in a book which has interesting details from her early childhood untill the end if her life.It's quite a personal look, charting love affairs, marriages, family relationships and friendships.The chapters which dealt with her famous disappearance were particularly interesting....and surprising.....The author talks at...
  • Leanne
    I couldn't even bring myself to finish this book. It was painful. While the author has done her research and clearly knows Christie's work the book does not go in chronological order of her life. She makes wild assumptions which may or may not be true. Every page is filled with random quotes from a novel to the point where you don't even know what is real and what is fiction. This could be good but not as a naive Agatha Christie reader.
  • Anita
    I really disliked this book. The writing is repetitive and pedestrian. But I persevered in order to try to learn something about Agatha Christie.
  • Lirazel
    I think I'm going to give this a 3.5?I don't like feeling this conflicted about a book and being so torn about how to rate it. There's a lot to appreciate here--the research that went into it was clearly exhaustive, and you can find everything you ever wanted to know about Agatha Christie in this book. Thompson traces the whole course of her life in great detail and I really felt that I got to know her. In addition, I found Thompson's prose style...