Elizabeth's Rival by Nicola Tallis

Elizabeth's Rival

A kinswoman to Elizabeth I, Lettice Knollys had begun the Queen’s glittering reign basking in favor and success.  It was an honor that she would enjoy for two decades. However, on the morning of September 21st, 1578, Lettice made a fateful decision.  When the Queen learned of it, the consequences were swift. Lettice had dared to marry without the Queen’s consent.  But worse, her new husband was Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, the Queen...

Details Elizabeth's Rival

TitleElizabeth's Rival
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherPegasus Books
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Biography, English History, Tudor Period, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews Elizabeth's Rival

  • Helen Carolan
    An interesting read about Lettice Knollys, the woman who managed to steal the earl of Leicester from under queen Elizabeth 1st's nose. Considering she lived a long life through an incredible period very little has been written about her before. Here Tallis gives a wonderful account of a woman who was totally hated by the queen and spent the whole of her marriage to the queen's favourite banished from court. Elizabeth had her revenge when she took...
  • Adrienne Dillard
    Full review to come.
  • Janet Russell
    A long winded tale!Heard of the lovely lady Essex! The lady who stole Elizabeth I paramour but never knew the details until now! She had a long and varied life Long being literal in the length of this book very long indeed! If you ever wanted to know about this famous lady this is the book for you!
  • Rebecca Hill
    Elizabeth I was the glittering jewel in her court, and she was unwilling to share any of the limelight with anyone. As her reign progressed, she made her feelings on marriage well known, and many in her court were afraid to ask her permission to get married. Some married in secret, and for those unfortunate souls, the effects were long reaching and dire. Robert Dudley was the favorite of the queen. They doted on each other, and there was fear amo...
  • Sue
    Nicola Tallis has written a rich and enthralling book not only about the life of Lettice Knollys but also about the complexities of the life of the English nobility where wealth, power and reputation were all.The author provides a large amount of information as we follow Lettice, her wider family and her children and grandchildren through the late Tudor and early Stuart period.I learnt a lot about the interweaving of family ties by birth and marr...
  • Sophie Meulemans
    Wonderfull book i enjoyed iT very much! Never could i really find something about lettice knollys so Nicola fulfilled my dream book💜