How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

How to Stop Time

"The first rule is that you don't fall in love, ' he said... 'There are other rules too, but that is the main one. No falling in love. No staying in love. No daydreaming of love. If you stick to this you will just about be okay.'" A love story across the ages - and for the ages - about a man lost in time, the woman who could save him, and the lifetimes it can take to learn how to liveTom Hazard has a dangerous secret. He may look like an ordinar...

Details How to Stop Time

TitleHow to Stop Time
Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
GenreFiction, Fantasy, Historical, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel

Reviews How to Stop Time

  • Fishgirl
    I guess I should straight off the bat tell you what happened when I finished reading "The Humans." And yes, I know this is supposed to be a review about "How to Stop Time." Bear with me. So, I finished "The Humans" and I a)wept b) started it again immediately c) spent the next two years giving it to everyone on my gift list and basically insisting everyone read it. My ace in the hole has always been this - "If the road gets rocky (and everyone's ...
  • Emily May
    This is my second book by Matt Haig and, to be honest, it's probably going to be my last. Everything from his writing style to his characters to his (lack of) plot doesn't seem to be working for me.How to Stop Time is about Tom Hazard who looks like your average forty-something guy but actually has a rare condition that makes him age slower than the average human. So he's around five-hundred years old. Wow, sounds interesting! Right? Except that'...
  • Angela M
    4+ stars I’m captivated by a good time travel story and while this is not a time travel story in the strictest sense, I was reminded of a few favorites - Jack Finney’s Time and Again , Stephen King’s 11/22/63 and Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife . I couldn’t help but think of all three of these at the very beginning of the story : “The first rule is that you don’t fall in love”, he said. There are other rules too, b...
  • Elyse Walters
    Library Audiobook...... Something must be wrong with me......This is the novel everyone is raving about?I’m doing it again......Throwing in the towel....NOT GOING TO FINISH....It’s NOT that anything is morally wrong with this book —- there are even some wise messages and heartfelt moments — but mostly I was kinda bored. I would never call this ‘fiction nonsense’ ( cough cough)- like the last book I didn’t finished where I was pounde...
  • Larry H
    4.5 stars for this one."If you saw me, you would probably think I was about forty, but you would be very wrong. I am old — old in the way that a tree, or a quahog clam, or a Renaissance painting is old."Because of a rare medical condition, Tom Hazard has been alive since the 1500s. Born into a wealthy French family, he has traveled all over the world, assumed many different identities, and led a life characterized by adventure, trauma, emotion,...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    There comes a time when the only way to start living is to tell the truth. To be who you are, even if it is dangerous.So, I'm breaking the rule of not sharing a quote on an ARC book. You kind of have to know if you are going to read this you like pretty flowery writing? It's pretty full of that. Tom is old. Very old. He just does not look it. He has been alive for centuries. No, he isn't one of those sparkly vampires. He has a condition ...
  • Annet
    You have to choose to live...Exceptional story, out-of-the-box subject: Tom Hazard has a dangerous secret. He may look like an ordinary 41-year old, but owing to a rare condition, he's been alive for centuries... Imagine, living in times of Shakespeare, Napoleon, up to today.... And try to be invisible, as people may be looking for you.... And whatever happens, don't fall in love. A story about love and making choices. I like this writer. Recomme...
  • Diane S ☔
    3.5 An engaging story about a man who is 400 years old and will continue to live hundreds of years more. Tom Hazard, a man now living in current times, but remembering his love who lived so long ago, and his daughter, who he has long been searching. His daughter, who like him, is able to live a long time. There are interesting forays back in time, historical happenings as Tom remembers. The witch trials in England, playing to lute and meeting Sha...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 original and captivating stars to How to Stop Time! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ If you are looking for something a little different, this is it! I always shout from the rooftops when I find an original book! I’ve read nothing even remotely like How to Stop Time. Tom Hazard looks like he’s 41 years old, but he’s been alive for centuries due to a condition that causes him to age slowly. Luckily for Tom, he has a support group of people like him, and th...
  • Phrynne
    I am giving this five stars because I enjoyed it enormously and I finished it in one day! I love time travel and although this was not that really, it had the same effect and was just as pleasing.Tom Hazard has a condition which means he ages very slowly indeed and in this story he is well over four centuries old. How to Stop Time alternates chapters from the present with others from his extensive past. When I was reading the past I had to keep r...
  • Holly B
    An enjoyable book about Tom Hazard, a very old man (400 y/o), but you wouldn't know it by looking at him! He looks to be somewhere in his forties. He is stricken with an unusual "condition". His condition makes him an "alba" which means he could be in danger of being discovered (never aging). Is this a blessing or a curse?The past and present alternate as we learn how Tom began his journey, and where it will take him over the years. We find out w...
  • Cheri
    !! NOW AVAILABLE !!4.5 StarsIf you were to call him by name, you could call him Tom Hazard, but the truth is that over the years, he’s been known by many names, having to change his identity before the truth catches up with him, reveals him to be who he is. Reveals what makes him different than any other man who appears to be around forty. The truth is slightly more than that.In “this life” Tom teaches history in London at a comprehensive s...
  • JanB
    4.5 stars - I loved this one!Most of us have heard of progeria, a condition that is characterized by accelerated aging. Young children with the disorder have the appearance and medical conditions of the very aged. In this book Tom Hazard has the opposite, a condition called anageria, where the aging process is slowed down. Tom is over 400 years old but looks to be in his 40s. He can expect to live close to another 600 years. It’s a rare conditi...
  • Carol (Bookaria)
    What if you could live for a 1,000 years? How would you choose to live? What will be your threats? Joys? These are the questions this book attempts to answer, all from the point of view of Tom Hazard.Tom, our main character in this journey, has lived for over 400 years. He was born around Shakespeare times and has lived through some of the most important events in history. He is a member of the Albatross society, a society of men and women like h...
  • Esil
    Barely 3 stars.I feel like I’m in a bit of a fiction reading slump. Or maybe I’m just not picking novels that are not a good fit for me. It’s good to take a chance every now and then, but it sucks when I end up with little enthusiasm for a book that seems to be making others quite happy.I rarely read books that are surreal or have magical elements. But sometimes I do and sometimes they work. How to Stop Time has a good premise. Tom is one o...
  • Whispering Stories
    Tom Hazard, just one one the names he has been know by, is 439 years old. He has a rare condition called Anageria, meaning that his body ages at a very slow rate. For every 15 years of his life, his body ages just one, a condition that began during puberty. This means that he now looks like a man in his 40s.He has lived through many periods in history, met a lot of famous people from the past, and seen plenty of inventions brought to life.There i...
  • Siobhán Mc Laughlin
    This book was so bad it actually did stop time for me - stopped time on my reading, bigtime. I've been trying to finish it for the past three weeks or more...! Just the thought of picking it up was too much. (Just as there are some books you can't put down - there are books you can't bloody pick up - and this, for me, was one of them.)Honestly. What a farce. Sorry Matt Haig. I do enjoy your writing. But I should have known better after reading 'T...
  • Richard
    To me, Matt Haig is one of those writers that can’t do much wrong. He’s the sort of bloke, along with others such as Jonathon Coe and David Nicholls, I’d like to have a pint with and put the world to rights. Somehow the cultural references in his books always hit the spot and there is a humanity, humour and generosity that that gives one faith in ........ um ........ fellow blokes.How To Stop Time concerns Tom Hazard, Born in 1566 with a co...
  • Liz Barnsley
    How To Stop Time is a beautiful work of fiction – you know I read a lot of books (this is actually book 120 for me of 2017) and I don’t think I have ever read an author that just grasps and conveys the vagaries of human nature quite like Matt Haig does – in a way that makes you feel like he is writing just for you. The emotional sense of his writing is enduring and never anything less than compelling no matter the story being told or the pr...
  • ❀⊱Rory⊰❀
    3 Stars. Easy and likeable but somewhat unsatisfying read. Tom Hazard has a terrible case of existential angst brought on by the fact he's existed for over 400 years. His life is controlled by The Albatross Society, an organization for people with Tom's disorder, anageria, which causes a person to age at a very slow rate, leading to lives that can last for a millennia. The head of the society is Heindrich, a controlling and manipulative man who h...
  • Marialyce
    5 truly wonderful starsYour life is a gift. We are all given a certain amount of time to make the most of it. In some cases the years spread out before us while for others their time here is cut short. “Life isn’t meant to be lived perfectly…but merely to be LIVED. Boldly, wildly, beautifully, uncertainly, imperfectly, magically LIVED.”Tom Hazard has time. In fact he has loads of time. You see Tom has a special condition which allows him ...
  • Dana Kenedy (Dana and the Books)
    This review can also be found on my blog, Dana and the Books. How to Stop Time is a book that is going to be talked about for a while. It made headlines when Benedict Cumberbatch signed on to star in the movie adaptation before the book had even been released.After reading the description and seeing it virtually everywhere, of course I had to see what all the fuss was about.Tom is old. He looks forty but is actually more than four hundred. He's p...
  • Cindy Burnett
    4.5 starsHow to Stop Time is a thought-provoking read. Matt Haig envisions a world where a small group of individuals age at a much slower pace than the average human. While the main character, Tom Hazard, looks 41, he is actually centuries old. To avoid being institutionalized or treated as a medical research subject, Tom has moved around his entire life staying nowhere more than 8-10 years. When the book opens, Tom has decided to return to Lond...
  • Scarlett Readz and Runz....Through Novel Time & Distance
    5 timeless stars......this ended so lovely..Timeless, elegant, exquisite, thoughtful and a sweet surrender. This was one of my favorite reads of the year thus far. Tom has lived a long time. A really long time. He does not age at the same rate as regular 'mayflies'…normal mortal humans. He is not immortal, but every human year equals and affords him many more than normal. When others are turning grey, he not so much shows but the earliest sprou...
  • Bianca
    I'm throwing in the towel at the 70% mark ... I can't take it anymore. I can't believe this is the same author as the one who wrote The Humans.After reading and enjoying The Humans, I was eager to give this one a go, despite the fact that "time travel" and other such concepts don't necessarily float my boat, but I was willing to sail away with it. I got the audiobook for this, as I enjoy British accents, plus, it was easier to fit in with other r...
  • Victoria
    ...we aren't just who we are born. We are who we become. We are what life does to us.Entertaining AND introspective, what more can I ask of a book? A meditation on mortality and the significance of time, all the while providing precious moments in the 400-year history of one man, once a lute player at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and currently teaching history, one that he lived.To talk about memories is to live them a little.While not a time tr...
  • *TANYA*
    Very endearing, I loved it. The story was unique and it had a very fairytale like style. I listened to the audio version of this book and the narrator was fantastic, every character had a different voice.
  • Leslie Ray
    This was a thoughtful and interesting read. The main character Tom is one of a small group of individuals who age very slowly. For example, he appears to be 40 years old but is actually centuries old. However, he's not immortal and will, eventually, die. In order for people to not get suspicious, as he doesn't appear to age hardly at all, he must continually move around and take on different identities. While assuming these identities, he meets s...