The Storm King by Brendan Duffy

The Storm King

Haunted by dark secrets and an unsolved mystery, a young doctor returns to his isolated Adirondacks hometown in a tense, atmospheric novel in the vein of Michael Koryta and Harlan Coben.Burying the past only gives it strength--and fury.Nate McHale has assembled the kind of life most people would envy. After a tumultuous youth marked by his inexplicable survival of a devastating tragedy, Nate left his Adirondack hometown of Greystone Lake and neve...

Details The Storm King

TitleThe Storm King
Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Storm King

  • Linda
    Vengeance is a bitter brew served in your own cupped hands. Nate McHale finds himself tracking far distant miles from home aboard a cramped bus in the direction of Greystone Lake, New York. A hurricane is churning up along the east coast making travel hazardous at best. His thoughts turn to his wife Meg and his daughter Livvy who are headed to the safety of her parents' home. Images of his patients also swirl in the mind of this pediatric surgica...
  • Susanne Strong
    3 Stars.Nate McHale “The Storm King” returns home to Greystone Lake after a Fourteen Year absence. If he had it his way, he would never return to this town. It has too many bad memories. Memories of his family’s death, memories of his High School girl friend Lucy’s disappearance and memories of the mean tricks he and his buddies used to play on people. Yet now he is returning for Lucy’s funeral - her body has been found and Nate is the ...
  • Debra
    "Because everyone is guilty of something. Everyone deserves to be punished."Just a thought...the past is never really in the past. Actions have consequences. Can I just say "READ IT!" and leave my review at that? No? Then read my review below:Seriously here is the gist: The book opens after Nate has won his baseball game and he is traveling home with his family when there is a terrible accident and he is the only survivor. He is the sad boy who s...
  • Tammy
    Joe Hill could have written this. It's that good. The Storm King, on it's surface is a thrilling who-dun-it. Behind the riveting plot, it examines what we do (both good and bad) and the far reaching consequences our actions have. I took one star off for a disappointing scene that made me roll my eyes like a teenager. Thankfully, the scene is brief and wasn't enough to mar the overall success of this entertaining novel. I'm keeping my eye on Duffy...
  • Jan
    Whew, there was a lot going on with this one! Dragged at points, but the ending was solid.I don't think I have every described a book as 'heavy', but that's the word that comes to mind as I try to summarize my thoughts about this one. It's a turbulent, intense, roller coaster ride. One that takes you back and forth in time, highlighting the actions of a small group of high school kids with an odd sense of justice. These high school kids are now a...
  • Paul
    This ARC was provided complements of NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review. My gratitude sent to Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine Books for allowing this pre-release edition made available.The author drove home a lesson known all too well. To me anyway. Wrapped up in an old cliché that says it best: "You can run but you can't hide." Our feelings. Emotions. Travel the world with us. No leaving them behind. Our constant companion....
  • Judy
    An exciting mystery/thriller that's pretty unique - at least it doesn't seem to follow a formula like so many thrillers. Nate returns to his hometown, after fourteen years away, for the funeral of his high-school girlfriend, Lucy. Lucy's had been missing since high school graduation when her body was found. Before the funeral Nate gets together with his old friends who, together with Nate used to terrorize the town by achieving vengeance against ...
  • Jeannie
    3 stars. I liked this book, the first half had me turning pages quickly and I got to know all of the characters and their stories. I couldn't wait to pick it up. I enjoyed the setting, the hurricane coming and all the rain, rain always makes a story a little more creepy to me. The second half of the book has a lot going on, maybe too much! It was hard to keep track of all the twists and turns and all of the different story lines. There were parts...
  • Steven
    Thanks to Netgalley and Random House/Penguin/Ballantine for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Review to be published on release date!
  • Sheila
    3.5 stars--somewhere between liked and really liked. Warnings for violence (including sexual and animal violence).This book is dark, a thriller that's almost horror. It's about guilt and justice and how the things we do can linger years after the event. I enjoyed the plot quite a bit, and the emphasis on consequences--even consequences that come years after the act--made this stand out over most thrillers. It took me a bit to get into the book, b...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    Nate became "The Boy Who Fell"... when his family's car careens into a lake, he's the only survivor. In a small town, legends and stories are all too real and now he is a part of it implicitly. He leaves, marries, has his own child and gives back by becoming a well respected surgeon for kids with cancer. Then he gets called back to his hometown for a funeral. With the impending storm, Madea, approaching, his return brings forth memories he soon w...
  • Kathleen
    This took me a bit to really get rolling. I'm not sure if the story is too long or if all the excitement was just packed into the last half. But, once I hit the halfway point I was hooked and this turned out to be a complete page turner. The story line is filled with lots of twists and turns and it's one of those books where you just see so many different sides of each character that you are constantly trying to guess their secrets and motives. A...
  • Kasa Cotugno
    This is the sort of lush, lavish novel to get lost in on a winter's night. Good plotting, told in multiple timeframes, this story follows Nate's return to his hometown, a picturesque tourist destination in the Adirondacks with a lake setting and juicy history, complete with haunted pavilion on the water and its share of haunted mystique, some true, some embellished. If the storyline strains credulity at times, that's ok. The flashbacks fill in th...
  • Joyce
    5 starsThis book could be subtitled: “A Cautionary Tale about Vengeance.”Fourteen-year old Nate McHale is a baseball player who makes the winning move in his latest baseball game. Lauded as hero of the day, he receives the game ball. His family decides to go on a celebratory picnic. His mother, father and his three-year old brother Gabe set out for the picnic place when suddenly a car comes at them. His father can’t press the brake for Nate...
  • Pat
    This intricately woven story follows the return of the prodigal son of an upstate NY resort lake town and swiftly lures the reader into a dark, dusty web of loss, cruelty and revenge. THE STORM KING’s complex characters are unique and well-drawn. The setting: a beautiful resort town caught in the violence of a hurricane and many, many secrets. The book's frequent twists and turns, particularly in the latter half, make it a riveting read.
  • Anya Leonard
    This book was a real page turner. I found myself wondering in my off moments not reading the book what would happen to Nate. The twists and turns it took were reminiscent of The Girl on the Train. The description of the scenery and the lake made me want to go on vacation to this beautiful place. It was very timely that I was reading this book at this point in time due to the large Number of hurricanes we have had this year and it made it much mor...
  • Thomas Burke
    The author weaves a wonderful story. It is filled with all sorts of twists and turns. The back story was very compelling and added much to the book. I was fooled up to the very end. To say the least, Duffykept you guessing - and you might be wrong more often than right.
  • Jen
    The Storm King features Nate McHale, pediatric surgeon and family man, who returns to his hometown of Greystone Lake for the funeral of his first girlfriend. Lucy disappeared on graduation night and although many assumed she ran away, Nate never believed it.Told in alternating timelines, the "past is prologue" to the events to come.When Nate was fourteen, the family car went over a cliff into the lake; Nate's parents and three-year-old brother al...
  • Tami
    Intense, violent, action-packed, The Storm King recounts the past events in a small lake community that lead up to a tension-filled weekend. With a hurricane bearing down on the community and the funeral of a popular girl who had been missing for the past several years, Nate McHale returns to his childhood home to face his past.Nate, also known by his friends as the Storm King, has a past full of bad decisions fueled by anger and vengeance. The o...
  • Gypsi
    The Storm KingBrendan Duffy anticipated publication date February 20184/5 starsNate McHale survives a tragic accident in his youth, and it's effect continues through his high school and college years. Now, 14 years later, he's a respected surgeon and a family man, having left the past behind. Then, skeletal remains are found in his hometown of Greystone Lake, and he returns for the funeral, and to discover the murderer, This reawakens his past wi...
  • Viva
    Summary: When a body is found, a New York city surgeon goes back to his rural home town for the funeral while a storm is brewing. This book took many unexpected turns and had a little bit of everything. I don't often give out 5 stars but I really felt this one deserved it.The writing was easy to read but not 100% easy to follow since the plot had one of those plot devices I hate: alternating timelines. And because the plot doesn't explain everyth...
  • Roxann
    From the cover: Nate McHale has assembled the kind of life most people would envy. After a tumultuous youth marked by his inexplicable survival of a devastating tragedy, Nate left his Adirondack hometown of Greystone Lake and never looked back. Fourteen years later, he's become a respected New York City surgeon, devoted husband, and loving father. Then a body is discovered deep in the forests that surround Greystone Lake. This disturbing news fin...
  • Jo
    This is one of the most interesting, intriguing books that I have read it quite awhile--certainly wanted to keep reading until late at night. I received this as an ARC; it will be available in February 2018 (you could probably preorder). I highly, highly recommend this book. It switches back and forth between two points in time (the present and high school days); however, there is no confusion and this just makes it even more intriguing.
  • Samantha
    Describing this novel as a page turner barely does it justice, The Storm King is a gripping atmospheric thriller that will keep you guessing. As the protagonist wrestles with the past and the person he once was, he comes to realize his actions cascade through time causing damage, much like ripples in the lake that has dominated his life. A great book is multifaceted, and The Storm King hits the mark blending a murder mystery with a coming of age ...
  • Paul Gaglio
    The novel was a very good read. Extremely well written with a different and interesting story. I would definitely recommend this novelI am very thankful for the free advance copy from Good reads
  • B
    I found this book surprisingly good. It started out a little slow as there seemed to be quite a bit of set up leading into the main character, Nate's, state of mind. Once I was into it, I found the story very interesting. The author did a good job with the plot and the story was exciting through to the end. I thought it was pretty easy to read, prose and style were very good.. It had a good flow to the story overall. The character development see...
  • JJ
    Review coming 2/5/2018!
  • Cristy
    A good read, I was almost right about the killer.
  • Irene
    Received a copy from Goodreads Give Aways.Overall, it was an exciting and interesting read. The suspense keeps building throughout the book to a compelling conclusion. Something totally unexpected. Brilliant storyline, complex characters and very well written. Thoroughly enjoyed and will be looking for more of Brendan Duffy's writings.Definitely recommend!