Mustard Seed by Laila Ibrahim

Mustard Seed

The bestselling author of Yellow Crocus returns with a haunting and tender story of three women returning to the plantation they once called home. Oberlin, Ohio, 1868. Lisbeth Johnson was born into privilege in the antebellum South. Jordan Freedman was born a slave to Mattie, Lisbeth’s beloved nurse. The women have an unlikely bond deeper than friendship. Three years after the Civil War, Lisbeth and Mattie are tending their homes and families w...

Details Mustard Seed

TitleMustard Seed
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Mustard Seed

  • Sepani
    I received this copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Mustard seed is a wonderful novel that captured my heart. This story conveys how people had created disparities between their skin color and how the slavery in past America had created a harsh background for the dark skinned people.The author has managed to express the strong bond between Lisbeth (fair skinned) and Mattie (dark skinned and Lisbeth's beloved nur...
  • Elizabeth
    What an incredible book! And I mean that sincerely! I would give "Mustard Seed" 10 stars if I could. This book is so apropos to what is going on in our country today. It gave me a lot to think about personally and a huge amount of "uncomfortableness" (I know that's not a word) with the world I live in. The story itself takes place in post Civil War in Ohio and Virginia thus showing the differences between North and South after the War. I will not...
  • Jultri
    3.5/5. Interesting story about 3 women returning back to Richmond, Virginia, 3 years after the end of the Civil War. Lisbeth Johnson left her wealthy family and plantation behind 18 years earlier when she ended her family-endorsed engagement to another plantation owner to marry an abolitionist and fellow Virginian. She and her husband left her acrimonious family behind to move to Ohio where he fought under the Union flag and where they are bringi...
  • Deanne Patterson
    This is the second book in the series after Yellow Crocus. It's great to catch up with the family and how things are now. When Lisbeth Johnson,who was born into privilege in the antebellum South is called back home by her mother she must go,her father is dying. She is estranged from her family, their beliefs are not her own and she made a clean break when she married. Her family believes in slavery and all that entails and she knows it's wrong. F...
  • Kate Stulce
    Minority opinionClearly I am in the minority here. But for me the storyline and characters were overshadowed by the history particularly in the first half of the book. The era is history that hasn't gotten a lot of attention and I found the book informative in that way. I just was disappointed that portions of the book seemed focused on educating the reader on the history instead of blending the history into the storyline.
  • Joleen
    Mustard Seed by Laila IbrahimGenre: Suspense, Christian Romance, Format: Audible AudiobookTimeframe: 1868Location: Oberlin, Ohio and Richmond, VACharacters: Lisbeth Johnson: Virginia native married to a NorthernerJordan Freedman: Born a slave shortly before the Civil War endedSamuel and Mattie: Jordan’s brother and motherMatthew Johnson: Lisbeth Johnson’s husband1868 - Two families travel to Richmond, VA. Brief synopsis which is a bit of a sp...
  • Lindsay Nixon
    I’m so glad I read this book. It was the perfect selection for Black History Month. Given the subject matter, it’s too uncomfortable for me to say “I loved this book”. There are many difficult parts to the story, but the main theme is love and faith, which is what I enjoyed. I also felt reading this story helped further my education and understanding of American history. Although this is fiction, the story is not. There are thousands of p...
  • reneeNaDaBomb
    Mustard SeedThis is a follow-up to a two 📚 series. The story is set in Richmond, VA during the 1800's. The Civil War has ended even though the slave holders in the South refused to admit defeat and follow the laws. The protagonists are Elisabeth (Lisbeth) Johnson and her nurse maid named Mary Hattie Bartley. Though both relocated to the North to live in the free state of Ohio, family issues call them back home. A truly enlightening novel.A 5 ...
  • Sayeeda
    It was a page turner I get a bit distracted when they were talking about politics I wanted her to show little kindness to her parents but she had her reasons.. 😩
  • Maureen Timerman
    As I turned the final page of this book, I know this book will long linger with me. Now this is the second book in this series, and yes I recommend that you read “Yellow Crocus”, you won’t be disappointed. While this story brings our main characters back to Virginia the first book was during the Civil War and we followed them out.With this story the author has us returning to Virginia, and all the while I’m screaming to myself “No”, I...
  • Joyce
    I think I would have enjoyed this more had I read the first in the series. Interesting inspirational historical novel set just after the Civil War. It follows two story lines that intertwine nicely: a white woman raising her family in liberal Oberlin, Ohio, travels south with her children to the plantation where she was raised to try to reconcile with her family and ailing father, while three blacks--mother, son, and daughter--go to the same area...
  • Julia
    Dieses Buch ist ein Stück amerikanische Geschichte in schöne Worte gefasst.Es ist die Geschichte zweier Frauen, eine weiß, eine schwarz, in der Zeit nach dem Bürgerkrieg und der Abschaffung der Sklaverei. Das Leben beider Frauen wird glaubhaft geschildert und ich konnte gut nachvollziehen, wie die sozialen Verhältnisse der damaligen Zeit waren.Diese Rezension basiert auf einer ARC, die mir der Verlag durch NetGalley zur Verfügung gestellt h...
  • Chesney
    Mustard Seed is the continuing story of Lizbeth and Mattie. I would highly recommend reading Yellow Crocus to really understand this epic story. This takes place after The Civil War where both Lizbeth and Mattie are facing different battles of their own. You hear from two different perspectives being Lizbeth and Mattie's daughter Jordan. The injustice these women faced and the prejudice of people was so heartbreaking to read. I love how Lizbeth s...
  • Susan Peterson
    Mustard Seed is an emotional, captivating story of faith and family, and how those two things can help us through the darkest of times. The book takes place three years after the end of the Civil War, and it is a stirring account of what conditions were like for former slaves and their owners at that time. Three strong, brave, loving women are at the center of this story; women who left the South before the war began, women who believe that condi...
  • Carole
    3.5 stars rounded up. A good story about Lisbeth & Mattie, her caregiver years after the Cival War. I liked Yellow Crocus better.
  • Gaele
    This is a story told in two perspectives: both colored and influenced by the issue of slavery and the Civil War. Set in the Reconstruction area, both Lisbeth and Jordan live in Oberlin Ohio in 1868, even if their situations couldn’t be more different, or more similar. Lisbeth left her family and home in Virginia to marry a man of her own choosing, an abolitionist, and head north to start their life. Growing up on a tobacco plantation, she was e...
  • Judi Ross
    Because I loved Yellow Crocus so much, I was anxious to read the sequel, Mustard Seed. It did not disappoint. I cared so much for both Lisbeth and Mattie that I was glad to have the opportunity to stay with them. This novel is set just shortly after the Civil War. It is apparent that the author did a great deal of research about this period; about the affects on the families on both sides of the conflict as well as the affects on the economy of t...
  • Jenny
    Lizbeth returns to her native Virginia to care for her dying father. She hasn't been home for several years, and her family hasn't forgiven her for breaking her engagement to the wealthy but despicable land/slave owner Edward, marrying Matthew and moving to Oberlin, Ohio. At the same time, Mattie...who years before had been Lizbeth's nurse until she escaped slavery and fled to Ohio...returns to Virginia to rescue a family member still living and ...
  • Amanda
    Audio Version10 FREAKIN' GOLDEN STARS!!!!Excuse me while I get all the FEELS under control so I can review this novel with a clear mind. Mustard Seed? What a beautiful symbol of faith this tiny seed stands for and what a PERFECT name for this novel. I must find a handful of them, place them in a vial and drop them randomly in places that need some faith. (Scripture below). I'm so annoyed this book only has 523 reviews?! WHAT IN THE EVER LIVING HE...
  • Wendy Perez
    This book was amazing . I don't usually read books like this but I am so glad I did. I learned alot I wasn't aware took place during this niche in time. Lisbeth , Mattie ,Jordan ,Samuel and the children were wonderfully written and I felt like I knew them all. I purposely took my time reading this book because I didn't want it to be over yet! Bravo Laila Ibrahim for a wonderful book that captures you heart!
  • Brandi
    Always impressiveI am absolutely enamored with Ms Ibrahim's storytelling capabilities. This is another enthralling edition I gave the pleasure of song to my shelf. Take the time to read this novel - it will not disappoint.
  • Terry
    Another spellbinding book by Laila Ibrahim. I never realized how horrible it was for former slaves after the Civil War. This story brought many atrocities to light. I loved following more about Mattie and Lisbeth. Hopefully the author plans on continuing on with their story. Highly recommended.
  • Tori
    3.5 stars
  • Janice
    Another great read from Laila Ibrahim.
  • Amyruszkiewicz
    Delightfully readable. I loved the characters and read this quite voraciously
  • Jan Crossen
    "Livin' in hope in the face of the most powerful weapon we got.". This powerful book is a beacon of hope. If you enjoy historical fiction, you owe it to yourself to first read, Yellow Crocus, and then Mustard Seed, which is the sequel. Both are informative and amazing! Well done, Laila Ibrahim! What's next?
  • Missy
    Since having kids I have been in a reading slump, but now that the kids are semi-grown and self-sufficient, I have been reading books left and right. I finished Yellow Crocus a few weeks ago and was so excited to see the continuation, Mustard Seeds, as an Amazon Unlimited book. I enjoy the style Laila Ibrahim writes and hope she has a new book coming soon.This book centralizes around Lisbeth and Mattie both returning to Richmond to look over fami...
  • Carol Dimitriou
    This book, which I loved, is a sequel to the author's first book, "Yellow Crocus", which I also read and loved. It is a story of the post-slavery south, when some southern plantation owners refused to accept that slavery was over, and treated their workers as if they were still slaves. The two main characters, Lisbeth and Mattie, are very morally strong women who make a difference in the world that affects other character's lives for the better.I...
  • Jeanie
    I will not know which seeds will take root and flourish, but the sowing itself is an act of faith. In the midst of so much ongoing ugliness, these are the faces of hope. The faith of a mustard seed. Two women different in the color of their skin but the same in the faith of their God. That all men are created equal and made in the image of God. In my own words - That racism of any kind is a self-righteousness that is ugly, mean, cruel, and not of...
  • Mary
    A great follow up to Yellow Crocus. Wonderful characters and story telling but heart breaking because you know the awful conditions described for "ex" slaves is based on fact.