Brain Food by Lisa Mosconi

Brain Food

How to eat for maximum brain power and health from an expert in both neuroscience and nutrition. Like our bodies, our brains have very specific food requirements. And in this eye-opening book from an author who is both a neuroscientist and a certified integrative nutritionist, we learn what should be on our menu.Dr. Lisa Mosconi, whose research spans an extraordinary range of specialties including brain science, the microbiome, and nutritional ge...

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TitleBrain Food
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherAvery Publishing Group
GenreNonfiction, Health, Science, Food and Drink, Food, Nutrition, Self Help

Reviews Brain Food

  • Kathleen
    Mosconi is an Assistant Professor of Neuroscience in Neurology and the Associate Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic, Weill Cornell Medical College. Her research interests lie in using PET and MRI imaging in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Clearly, Mosconi knows what she is talking about!All of us know someone who is (or has) suffered from dementia—particularly Alzheimer’s. It is a horrific disease that we hope and p...
  • Kelly Knapp
    I have read books and articles claiming that playing certain games will help keep your brain strong and ward off dementias and Alzheimer's. This seemed plausible, but did not explain why these illnesses are in an upswing...some have claimed our longer lives as the culprit, however, after reading Mosconi's book, I suspect that our poor diets have much to do with the problems.The book is very readable, and designed for the general reader, not just ...
  • Karolyn Sherwood
    If every adult read BRAIN FOOD, by Lisa Mosconi, it might change the course of history. A non-fiction book like this, one that makes bold claims about health matters, is entirely dependent on the author's credentials. Lisa Mosconi has the right credentials: She has a duel PhD in neuroscience and Nuclear Medicine, and is a board-certified integrative nutritionist and holistic health-care practitioner; she is the associate director of the Alzheimer...
  • Sharon
    I lost 2-3 pounds reading this book! That sounds funny, but it's true. This is the best and most profound book I've read on such a subject. When it's published, several in my immediate family will receive a copy from me. And I want to give my ARC copy to another, so I'll buy one for myself. That's how much I think of the book. It's going to change my life. Today I went grocery shopping, list in hand, to a health food store I already frequent. My ...
  • Courtney
    I wanted to like this book more. Lisa Mosconi has excellent credentials-trained in Neuroscience and Nutrition-that give her the research-backed clout to speak to the kind of food that would make our brain work better. However, while I can get behind her basic recommendations to eat more fish and vegetables because they contain goodies the brain needs to operate its best, there were other claims that I did not see any science behind. For example, ...
  • Jane Stewart
    I don’t know whether to give this a 2 for below average or 3 for interesting.There were many interesting things in the book, but it lacked scientific research. Most of it felt like her personal opinion. Some of her advice follows. All food must be organic, no GMOs. Cattle must be organic grass fed. Chickens must be raised outdoors cage free on organic food. All animals must be antibiotic and hormone free.GMOs:My understanding of GMOs: they are ...
  • Blaine Morrow
    Mosconi summarizes brain research that links diet with cognitive functionality, and provides clear suggestions for improving what you eat to stave off mental disease (particularly dementia and Alzheimer's).
  • Kristin Kowalk
    Good overall health information in one book. Some of the research is new, but most isn’t. Helpful information related to Alzheimer’s prevention.
  • Johanna
    A worthwhile book based on the latest and most trustworthy findings on brain health and Alzheimer's research. Lisa Mosconi, PhD, INHC, combines her knowledge and training in Neuroscience / Neurology and integrative nutrition and holistic health, to lead readers though the science of brain health, explaining how to feed your brain the very best foods to keep your mind sharp and significantly lower your risk for developing diseases such as Alzheime...
  • Sara Aouichi
    this was one hell of an intresting reading ^^ im so going to try few things from here and put an update about it later on
  • Shari Wampler
    www.thenextgoodbook.comBrain Food by Lisa Mosconi, PhD, INHC326 pagesWhat’s it about?Lisa Mosconi is both a neuroscientist and a certified integrative nutritionist. In this book she delves into the question of what to eat for the health of your brain. Here is link to her TED talk that covers a lot of the same material. did I learn?my biggest take aways- in no particular order-drinking natural spring w...
  • Bucket
    Interesting overall, with lots of good advice and tips. I found it a little hit and miss for me. I'm by no means a beginner and have a pretty darn healthy diet, but found much of the advice overwhelming and/or off-putting. Caviar, really? The economics of what she suggests are troubling for anyone who lives outside of a big city and/or doesn't have the money and time for the type of grocery shopping and cooking that following this to a T requires...
  • Amy Vey
    While I have read many different books and articles on this topic, this definitely is a good book for those who want to get their brain health back on track, or headed in the right direction. Very good, thorough information that if we are eating well we should not have to take tons of supplements with few exceptions. However, I am on the fence with that due to our declining soil quality, but understand she is trying to say essentially is that if ...
  • Nadya Tsech
    This book provides guidelines for brain nutrition and a lot of examples from clinical and scientific studies. Main things I took from the book:1. Even mild dehydration reduce brain functioning up to 20%2. The brain doesn't send us signals if it needs something or if it suffers. We have to prevent dehydration and malnutrition without reminders from the brain.3. Must products: omega-3, greens, berries, nuts, eggs, olive oil, avocado, yogurt, honey....
  • Cherei
    FINALLY!!! A doctor that listens to those of us with a long family history of Alzheimer's and dementia. We live in fear of losing our precious memories.. that we've seen in loved one's as they have aged. There are things that you CAN eat that will promote a healthy brain! There are also things that you do that can have a negative long lasting impact upon your brain health. The book is easy to read and understand. One that I will reference many ti...
  • Katie
    Science based infoMostly validates what I already know about good eating. The one thing she didn’t really address was that some of the recommended foods are ecologically not easy or responsible to come by. In describing the diets of the blue zones, there was one region that didn’t eat seafood, and yet all recommended diets include cold water wild caught fish. Other than that, the info was helpful, and not really new to me.
  • Robert Luebke
    The author, Dr. Lisa Mosconi, PhD is a Neuroscientist who has done research on the effects of nutrition on the brain. I found this book very informative on the foods and if necessary any supplements needed for maximum protection of one's brain. She presents information for nutrition that is not only great for the brain but also one's overall health.
  • Jeff Tehan
    This is an amazing book with a clear and conversational style, making complex science and neuro-nutrition easy to understand. Genetically or culturally pre-disposed, or influenced solely on lifestyle choices, Alzheimer's is a concern for me. This book gives me real science and a game plan. Dr Mosconi's website is a great resource as well.
  • Deanna Gold
    This book could drive you a little crazy-- it's so difficult to meet these standards! But it was very good and I learned a lot even though I know a lot about nutrition already. I suggest reading it and not listening to it on Audible etc. as the narrator is terrible!
  • Mariana Plata
    This book was a refreshing perspective on the relationship we have with food. Brain nutrition is an important aspect of our lives that we need to start including in our daily practices. Great read by Dr. Lisa Mosconi.
  • Anne Libera
    Good information - not a whole lot that is new if you have read the better nutrition books in the past but inspired me to buy dandelion greens, eat more caviar, and more intentionally incorporate intermittent fasting into my schedule
  • Sam
    Great book, easy read
  • Julaine
    Very thorough and detailed.
  • Carol Turner
    Good science. Interesting take. I recommend this to anyone concerned about brain health (and general health).
  • Licking County Library
    Recommended by Deirdre, Hebron Library, Four Stars, August 2018
  • Nick
    Just become a vegetarian, and you're 2/3 of the way there.
  • Beth McIntyre
    Not a lot of new information. I will change some of my cooking/eating habits because of the research discussed in this book, however, for a non-fish eating lover of red meat, yikes!
  • Suzanne
    3.5 stars.
  • Naomi
    Brain Food is an engaging read while being full of interesting information. It will have some influence on my future food choices and cooking. Well worth the read!