The World Only Spins Forward by Isaac Butler

The World Only Spins Forward

The oral history of Angels in America, told by artists who created it and audiences forever changed by it-a moving account of the AIDS era, essential queer history, and an exuberant backstage taleWhen Tony Kushner's Angels in America hit Broadway in 1993, it won the Pulitzer Prize, swept the Tonys, and changed the way gay lives were represented in popular culture. Mike Nichols' 2003 HBO adaptation starring Meryl Streep, Mary-Louise Parker, and Al...

Details The World Only Spins Forward

TitleThe World Only Spins Forward
Release DateFeb 13th, 2018
PublisherBloomsbury USA
GenreNonfiction, History, Plays, Theatre, Glbt, Queer, Art

Reviews The World Only Spins Forward

  • Doug
    4.5, rounded up. Considering I read this over 400 page book in less than 24 hours, it would be disingenuous of me to give it anything less than 5 stars. There are definite problems with both the book AND its subject, but structuring over 250 oral interviews into a consistently informative and entertaining format is a daunting task at which the authors largely succeed. Having taught the first part of the play during an LGBT theatre course at USF n...
  • Jill Meyer
    There are very few theatrical productions that both recount the change of history and make that recount a change in itself. "Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes" by Tony Kushner is one such production. Appearing in the mid-1980's and continuing to this day, Kushner's play(s) give the AIDS epidemic a "face" by showing different bits of society who were affected by disease. By having a cast which included such characters as Roy Coh...
  • Jeff
    Oral histories are eminently bingeable. Like binge-until-you're-queasyworthy. But most of the oral histories I've read have been about subjects like Saturday Night Live, full of gossip and anecdots about a subject I know a lot about. Angels in America, on the other hand, I'm only superficially familiar with, and this book makes me almost ashamed I haven't seen it every chance I could. Butler and Kois do a masterful job in telling the complicated,...
  • Lorri Steinbacher
    Compelling oral history that highlights just how strongly this play affected the people involved in the various productions of it, the audiences, and the world at large. Its continuing impact cannot be overstated. The structure of the book is excellent: interviews with the actors, directors, and producers broken up with detailed examinations of each of the main characters of the play by the actors who portrayed them. Also, sidebars with acting st...
  • Monica
    A brilliant, sprawling, entertaining oral history of a brilliant, sprawling, entertaining play phenomenon. And I say this not just because I’m quoted in it.
  • Meghan
    I feel like this book would be fascinating even if I wasn’t obsessed with Angels. Great stuff.