The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer

The Female Persuasion

"Uncannily timely, a prescient marriage of subject and moment that addresses a great question of the day." -The New York Times"Wolitzer's ultra-readable latest illuminates the oceanic complexity of growing up female and ambitious--and reveals the author's substantial insight into the tangles of gender and power." -Vogue "Symphonic... The perfect feminist blockbuster for our times." -Kirkus Reviews, starred reviewFrom the New York Times-bestsellin...

Details The Female Persuasion

TitleThe Female Persuasion
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherRiverhead Books
GenreFiction, Literary Fiction, Feminism, Adult, Contemporary, Novels, Adult Fiction, Womens, Literature, Womens Fiction

Reviews The Female Persuasion

  • Jessica Woodbury
    I have read a lot of books recently that concern themselves chiefly with the experience of being a woman in the modern world. While THE FEMALE PERSUASION seems to be about this as well, I'm also not quite sure what it's about exactly. I can tell you what all the pieces are--the complexity of female friendship, the joy and danger of female mentorship, what it means to do good--and yet I didn't finish this book feeling like I'd seen any new insight...
  • Susan Merrell
    I was lucky to have an early read of this funny, important and intelligent novel about what it means to be a human of the female persuasion in our complicated world. The characters here are compelling, their struggles are real, and Wolitzer's fundamental love of them is always in evidence. This novel manages to cover some of the most important issues of our day in all their complexity without ever sacrificing story--masterful and entertaining at ...
  • Jillian Doherty
    This delicious and compulsive read that feels like your first high school infatuation~ Remember when you first love - romantic or respect - which you knew so intimately; better than they understood themselves? That's what this book gives you - its exposed and unrelenting honest portrayal of its characters. I couldn't put it down, and only was sad when it ended because I enjoyed the read beyond wanting a to see it all nicely tied up in the ending....
  • Ellen
    SO excited to get my hands on Advance Uncorrected Proofs of The Female Persuasion six months before its publication date—thank you, Goodreads insider SS ;)—and this is by far my favorite Meg Wolitzer novel. I typically race through her books, enjoying the characters and curious to know what will happen next; however, I end up rating most just 3 stars (“good”, not “great”). TFP is a solid 4, and is particularly relevant to the current ...
  • Lydia
    🙏🏻💓✨ every Meg Wolitzer book is a gift, and this may be my favorite yet. Incredibly timely, important, and exquisitely written. Add to your wish list now and tell all your friends, as you're going to want to talk about it with everyone you know
  • Holly
    A masterpiece. I loved this book for the characters and the issues and ideas explored. It's beautifully written and a work of true importance.
  • Jessica
    DAMMIT. As if I needed another reason to obsess over the state of the world, feminism, grief, etc, here comes this book and makes me sit and THINK about everything instead of happily escaping into the void of cute dog videos.
  • Sarah
    Look, this book has minor flaws, but it's Wolitzer at top form. Everyone's going to be obsessed with it this spring, with reason. She's what Franzen wants to be imho: a detailed, provocative chronicler of the Way We Live Now. Enjoy it. Debate it. Relish it.
  • Gail
    I loved "The Interestings" with a passion that kept me up all night reading it, so I was eager to get my hands on Meg Wolitzer's latest work, given she's one of my favorite authors. Thanks to a gracious friend, I received an ARC and was able to read "The Female Persuasion" ahead of its April release.What I love so much about Wolitzer's writing is how fully she immerses you in the world of her characters. In this case, I was fully committed to "Pe...
  • Courtney
    I have been a fan of Meg Wolitzer for many years, and after I read THE INTERESTINGS, I thought that of all the books of hers I’d read and loved, that one was my favorite...but then I read THE FEMALE PERSUASION. The book takes on big themes; and it is also a compelling, absolutely un-put-down-able read (454 pages and I read in two nights). The characters will teach you, and also stay with you.
  • SibylM
    I started hearing a lot of buzz about this book in late 2017, and even though I am normally a patient person, I knew I had to get my hands on an ARC and read it ASAP. To the author and publisher: I promise I will buy multiple legitimate copies of this work as gifts when it is officially for sale.This book is my first five-star read of the year. It is beautifully written and treats its characters and themes with perception and kindness, although a...
  • Melissa
    Thank you to Edelweiss for advanced copy.I can't think of a book more anticipated for me than this new novel by Meg Wolitzer. I loved The Interestings so much and this was a worthy follow-up. I became absorbed into the world of Greer Kadetsky and didn't want to leave it. I loved the ending but was truly sad to get to it.
  • Mainlinebooker
    How prescient of Wolitzer to create a novel that is so reflective of the current atmosphere that we live in. On the surface, it is a story of young Greer Kadetsky, her boyfriend, her mentor that she meets in college,and the female friendships she meets along the way. Through these individuals, the author explores several large issues, such as women in leadership and power positions, the role of mentors in one's life, the angst of teenage love, an...
  • KC
    College freshman, Greer Kadetsky accompanies her best friend Zee to a feminist rally where she has her first encounter with Faith Frank, a pioneer within the women's movement. After hearing Frank's speech and personally meeting her, Greer finds herself reevaluating her life. After graduation and returning home, Greer reviews the tremendous pull Faith had on her years prior and decides to write her a letter with hopes of working for her. The narra...
  • Kathy
    Meant as much to me as The Heidi Chronicles.
  • Sally Stieglitz
    Good writing and good storytelling don’t always go hand in hand, but when they do, their coupling is a transformative experience. This is the gift that writer Meg Wolitzer bestows on readers: a beguiling narrative rooted in marvelous writing. The Female Persuasion (Riverhead, April 2018) unspools the intertwined fortunes of several characters, centering on college freshman Greer Kadetsky who, through the difficult business of “adulting,” ex...
  • Beth
    This book is such a pleasure—great plot, well told. Wolitzer has a remarkable ability to fully flesh out even minor characters so that they feel fully realized and stick with you, however brief their appearances in the story. This isn’t always the case in long novels and makes this one particularly special. But it is long. I have significant sympathy for the editor, because there are spots that drag, but in the end feel integral to the weave ...
  • Christine Merrill
    Took me a while to get into it, but I did end up enjoying it. Relevant and relatable (sometimes too much) to an older millennial in 2017. Plenty of food for thought around feminism, friendships and relationships.
  • Kelsey
    Brilliant. Massive, intimate, compelling, real...I could go on and on. THANK YOU MEG YOU ARE ESSENTIAL.
  • Georgia Clark
    Buckle your seatbelt: you are entering Peak Wolitzer. The Female Persuasion is a masterful work of an author in full control of her many gifts. Weaving between four complex characters (and one turtle), this novel explores female friendship, female ambition, female complexity: the female experience. Important, amusing, and intelligent, The Female Persuasion is for lovers of sturdy, confident, contemporary fiction.
  • Vanessa Diaz
    Ok, I’m really conflicted about this one. I’d been recommending it to people because I was more than positive 85% of the way in that it was going to go a certain way after a particular plot point. Now upon completion, I’m not sure. I love the exploration of relationships, brands of feminism, of ambition and the “can she have it all?” quandary. But I think I expected it to cut more deeply. Some aspects of the book were hard to swallow (G...
  • Megan Bell
    I never could have anticipated this book, and now I can't imagine a world without it, especially for this moment in American history. The Female Persuasion follows the ambitious but shy Greer Kadetsky, her boyfriend, her best friend, and the feminist icon who launches her into the world. Through these vivid, complex, and lovable characters, Wolitzer explores both the principle and reality of feminism as well as the desire to become our fullest se...
  • Shigufa Saleheen
    *light spoilers* Today, it was my mission to get through the 464 pages of Female Persuasion because I really wanted to know if this book lives up to the hype! It just got picked for B&N's inaugural book club pick AND the story starts with an excerpt on the first page about being 'the next Great American Novel'. So I threw myself into the story-- and honestly, for the early half of the book, I was super with it! I quickly saw myself in young Greer...
  • Amy Morgan
    Thank you Edelweiss for my review copy of this book. So I’m going to be honest here when I picked this book up I did not want to read it at all. Reading the description of it, it just did not seem like my cup of tea and I was not interested in reading a book about feminism which I thought would probably get way too political for my taste. I read it because my company is doing a book club and this is our first choice for our first meeting. I hav...
  • Madeline Partner
    I was originally drawn to this book because it is about (at least partly) a college student, which I don't often read about, and as I am a college student, I thought it would be interesting. Greer is a college freshman at Ryland, a fictitious college in... Pennsylvania, if I remember correctly. She is very smart, and got into Yale, but her parent's ineptitude at financial aid forms made the steep tuition insurmountable, so she wound up at Ryland....
  • Nicole D.
    The Interestings had something this book didn't .... Interesting people. Set with the same structure as The Interestings, several people meet in college and this book tells their individual stories over the years. Greer is the center of the tale who is a young woman finding her way in the world, and she meets Faith Frank who is a famous feminist lecturer and after 22 seconds in the bathroom together, Faith gives Greer her business card and ultima...
  • Latkins
    This is witty, entertaining and insightful novel which follows several characters over the space of about 15 years or so, occasionally goes further back into the past, and even goes slightly into the future! It's the story of Greer, who ends up at Ryland College in 2006 as her parents filled in her form for Yale incorrectly. Meanwhile, her childhood sweetheart Cory has gone to Princeton, so there's is a long distance relationship. After Greer has...
  • Kirsten
    I liked this, but didn't love it. Ultimately it was a little too sprawling, too much all over the place. I wanted a little more focus, a little more forward movement (I think this is why I didn't like the sections from Faith's and Schrader's perspectives, because they both felt like a step back into the past). I think this book is trying to talk about feminism in the modern age, but too much of it focused on second wave feminism, and then glossed...
  • Rebecca
    Thank you to the publisher (via Netgalley) for an advance e-galley of this book in exchange for an honest review. Usually the books I find I'm unable to put down tend to be thrillers that keep me on the edge of my seat, not contemplative dramas like this, but that is exactly what happened with this story. I was immersed in the characters of Greer, Faith, Zee, and Cory. The story is driven both by the characters and their realizations about gender...
  • Stephanie
    Absolutely brilliant!