The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead

Who is Negan? Since his debut in THE WALKING DEAD #100, the charismatic psychopath has antagonized Rick Grimes, murdered his friend with a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire (which he calls "Lucille"), and led the Saviors into war against Alexandria and the neighboring communities. But who was he before society broke down? That question will be answered here, collecting the "HERE'S NEGAN!" story originally serialized in IMAGE+ magazine.

Details The Walking Dead

TitleThe Walking Dead
Release DateOct 10th, 2017
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Horror, Zombies, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic

Reviews The Walking Dead

  • Diana
    more like a 1'5, really
  • Quentin Wallace
    I suppose this is a situation where my expectations were just too high. This character has reached mythic proportions among Walking Dead fans, so regardless of how good his backstory I'm sure many of us would have felt a little let down.This isn't bad at all, but Negan's past just didn't seem to be much different than many of the other Walking Dead characters. I guess that may have been the point, but I was expecting a much more climactic backsto...
  • Dave
    As a huge fan of the walking dead television show, but new to the world of graphic novels, I eagerly picked this one up. Who doesn't want to learn of Negan's origins? I enjoyed the art, the story arc, and pretty much everything about it. But then it ended before I was ready to put it down. Too short! Thank you to Image Comics for providing a review copy.
  • Laura Bettencourt
    Really shortIt was good to find out more about Negan but It was so short I was hoping for more !
  • Cassie-la
    ORIGINALLY POSTED: is The Walking Dead‘s most enigmatic villain, and how exactly did he become the psychopathic dick we love to hate? Here’s Negan collects the origin story of the man, the myth, the terrible husband, including the creation of his weapon of choice: Lucille. Rushed at times, the prequel story suffers from its original format (it was released four pages at a time over 16 months and is ...
  • Douglas Castagna
    I started reading this in the monthly format which grew far too tedious a task. I decided to wait until it was compiled into one volume, that was what I read and what I am reviewing. I did like learning a bit about Negan. I liked the backstory and his "becoming" but was left with a feeling of, "that's it?" and thought that it really did not make a difference if I read it or not. Granted I did like finding out what he did, what kind of man he was ...
  • Cale
    Negan's origin really kind of undercuts the power of the character. Reading this after Volume 28, where Negan refers to his early days in a little less direct a fashion, I was disappointed by the discrepancy by what I had pictured and what actually happened. Yes, seeing Negan dealing with normal society is interesting (and shows how his skills and personality are actually rewarded in the zombie world), but the story is so... banal. I understand t...
  • Sebastien
    It was ok but after following with this, after reading the excellent volume 28 ,I was a bit overhyped .In 72 pages kirkman does not goes deep enough and it feels more like a little extra than full blown origin story.Maybe the fact it was a hardcover with less pages costing more than the regular trade paperback,did't help,but it is still a must for any fan of the comics.
  • Sean Kottke
    A solid back story for TWD's biggest Big Bad, although it's better in the month by month format of its original serialized release than one quick binge. He starts out sympathetic, but his transformation zips by too quickly in omnibus form.
  • Katherine
    Finally!I've always wanted to know what Negan did before the zombie outbreak. I wish we got a little more when it came to how he rose to power though. Hopefully they're writing more.
  • Travis Hutch Belushi
    Negan's backstory. If we followed Negan from the start we would probably be in his side over Rick Grimes. A lovely little bonus this backstory into The Walking Dead's most popular character. Who are you? I AM NEGAN!
  • XO
    2.5 and it didn't add much. Unless you are a crazy fun, skip it.
  • Michael
    I guess I just wanted it to be more than just what it was.. it seemed to rush along, lacking the development and pauses that make the main book so wonderful
  • Michael
    This proves the point that if we have followed Negan from the beginning, we would love him and hate Rick Grimes. Is it to much to ask to expand and keep making new ones...every...single...month.