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The Walking Dead

Who is Negan? Since his debut in THE WALKING DEAD #100, the charismatic psychopath has antagonized Rick Grimes, murdered his friend with a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire (which he calls "Lucille"), and led the Saviors into war against Alexandria and the neighboring communities. But who was he before society broke down? That question will be answered here, collecting the "HERE'S NEGAN!" story originally serialized in IMAGE+ magazine.

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TitleThe Walking Dead
Release DateOct 10th, 2017
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Horror, Zombies, Fiction

Reviews The Walking Dead

  • Alejandro
    Beware alive ones, here comes Negan & Lucille! This is a special publication of “The Walking Dead”, not part of the regular run, therefore, it’s only avalaible (at this moment) in this very hardcover publication.Creative Team:Writer: Robert KirkmanIllustrators: Charlie AdlardAdditional gray tones to inking: Cliff Rathburn HEY, BATTER BATTER! It’s time I told you about Lucille. Negan is my favorite character in The Walking Dead (comic bo...
  • Sam Quixote
    Heeeeeeere’s.... an obvious cash-grab! Ahhh, who can blame Image, eh? The Walking Dead is their Batman/Spider-Man - that they haven’t exploited it as much as DC/Marvel have their own properties is pretty remarkable in itself! So, in order to make their Image+ magazine successful, a short, serialized Walking Dead spinoff starring the title’s best character, Negan, was included. And it wasn’t bad! Here’s what you need to know: it’s Nega...
  • Sarah
    I always feel conflicted when I read a villain's backstory. On the one hand, it's cool to see what exactly made the villain a villain but on the other hand, it's also cool when a villain has that air of mystery, it adds to the villain's allure. For me to love a villain's backstory it has to be great and unfortunately this one wasn't that great. Don't get me wrong, I found bits of it interesting but overall I found it quite pointless. If you're go...
  • Gianfranco Mancini
    Not bad at all if you like Negan's character and wanna know his (and "Lucille's) "Secret Origin" tale, but this short (and expensive) hardcover volume could have been just a flashback in the main series.
  • Chad
    Negan's origin story. We find out Negan was just as big of a huge asshole before the dead rose as he is afterwards. Shocking! And he finds his jacket and bat randomly along his travels. Oh the horror! The story adds nothing to the character. If anything it takes away a bit of the mystery and allure to what his deal could have been. Give this expensive cash grab a pass.
  • Artemy
    The origin story of Negan. Did we really need it? Well, no, but this short collection serves as an okay TWD fix for a time when there's no new TWD comics otherwise.
  • Diana
    more like a 1'5, really
  • Reese Copeland
    Really enjoyed this. It gives you some really good insight into why Negan is the way he is. Great back story!
  • Rod Brown
    I read the first two Walking Dead novels about the Rise of the Governor because it seemed like it might be interesting to see how this major villain came to be. But it wasn't. And now the creative team behind the Walking Dead have done the same thing for Negan. It's an origin story that can only disappoint or take away from the character, and is better left untold, just like Wolverine: Origin.
  • Nancy
    This review can be found on my blog: Walking Dead’s favorite psychopath now has a backstory! This slim volume shows us Negan before the zombie apocalypse and in the days following, and we learn what shaped him into the charismatic villain that we love to hate.When I bought the book it was shrink-wrapped in plastic, so a casual shopper couldn’t flip through it and find out more about Negan without ac...
  • Rachel
    In a somewhat vulgar comparison that would make Negan proud of me for having written, reading this comic was like premature ejaculation- It was over before things started to really get good! Such a bummer, as I was hoping to catch a less-rushed glimpse into this iconic character's backstory.
  • Michelle Morrell
    I've been a fan of both The Walking Dead comics and show since the start, however I stopped reading the comics just before the appearance of Negan. I do believe I have been utterly spoiled by the amazingly charismatic Jefferey Dean Morgan. This stand alone is the origin story of Negan, and while it was interesting, comic Negan just didn't hold a candle to tv Negan. Also, I forgot just how hard it is to parse the action in the comics sometimes, th...
  • Eliza and her books
    What a waste of 72 pages i feel like i didn't learn anything new about Negan
  • Quentin Wallace
    I suppose this is a situation where my expectations were just too high. This character has reached mythic proportions among Walking Dead fans, so regardless of how good his backstory I'm sure many of us would have felt a little let down.This isn't bad at all, but Negan's past just didn't seem to be much different than many of the other Walking Dead characters. I guess that may have been the point, but I was expecting a much more climactic backsto...
  • Dimitris
    Well, I didn't know what I was expected to read... like, I love the character, but this is a quick money grab for sure... and they can't possibly tell a story about him in the future so there's going to be an origin one.We already kinda knew what happened and what we thought from the hints here and there happened, that's what's happening here. So no surprises. No nothing.It's good, artwork is great. It's a fun read. If you really like the charact...
  • Anthony
    Yeah. Alright. Not bad.
  • Cindy Newton
    I'm an ardent Walking Dead fan, but this is the first of the graphic novels that I've read. It satisfied my burning desire to know who and what Negan had been before the ZA hit. My husband joked that he would turn out to be a teacher (as quite a few villains in tv shows have turned out to be), and he was right, although Negan was not, as my husband predicted, an English teacher. He was a coach, and I can now see the origin of tv Negan's fascinati...
  • Cale
    Negan's origin really kind of undercuts the power of the character. Reading this after Volume 28, where Negan refers to his early days in a little less direct a fashion, I was disappointed by the discrepancy by what I had pictured and what actually happened. Yes, seeing Negan dealing with normal society is interesting (and shows how his skills and personality are actually rewarded in the zombie world), but the story is so... banal. I understand t...
  • Ashley Walker
    I was so excited to read this! I enjoy the Walking Dead comics and to finally know Negan’s origin story I couldn’t wait! But I was so disappointed, it felt like a sorry excuse to swear a lot for no reason. Literally the word count in this comic is fifty percent Negan dropping F bombs. This was a big let down for me considering how amped I was to read it.
  • Dan
    If you're like me, and you love this series but have not gotten to The Walking Dead # 100 yet, then this special Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition of Here's Negan is the book you want. It comes with a special edition of The Walking Dead # 100 with an all new variant cover so you can read that first.I still feel like I should have waited to read this until I had already read parts of the series where Negan and the saviors show up including "All Out...
  • Sooraya Evans
    Felt short and rather rushed. Negan was a gym teacher before the whole world fell apart? Haha. I wasn’t expecting that at all.
  • Atrapada
    Estamos ante un tomo independiente que profundiza en la vida del personaje por lo que se puede leer por curiosidad hacía éste sin seguir los demás cómic de la serie, eso sí en mi caso me ha hecho ansiar con más ganas el leerlos.En definitiva un cómic especial que todos los fan de la serie tanto de cómics como televisiva querrán tener entre sus manos para comprender algo mejor la extraña personalidad de Negan.http://www.atrapadaenunashoj...
  • Dave
    As a huge fan of the walking dead television show, but new to the world of graphic novels, I eagerly picked this one up. Who doesn't want to learn of Negan's origins? I enjoyed the art, the story arc, and pretty much everything about it. But then it ended before I was ready to put it down. Too short! Thank you to Image Comics for providing a review copy.
  • Emily
    Got the Negan backstory. It was fine. Provided some context. But even a short graphic novel with the mouth Negan’s got on him is hard to take. (view spoiler)[I’m still trying to figure out how he can hate rape so much and yet coerce women to be part of his harem of wives. (hide spoiler)]
  • Craig
    Kind of pointless, like filling in Darth Vader's backstory. We watch as a jerk of a coach turns into a hard-bitten survivor, though there really isn't a whole lot here to explain his psychopathic tendencies. Oh, well. Whatever.
  • Cam Foster
    Such a trademark character of The Walking Dead! It was awesome to see his origin story and how he became such a badass!
  • Louie
    I hope the show does a special episode telling this story at some point.
  • Kenny
    How it began.
  • Laura Bettencourt
    Really shortIt was good to find out more about Negan but It was so short I was hoping for more !