Becoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones, #1) by C.M. Owens

Becoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones, #1)

When you live in a place where “turbo speed” internet is a slight step above dial-up, men carry on nine-year beard-growing challenges out of stubborn pride, and your brothers do things like nail all your panties to the outside of your cabin just for funsies, you tend to be a little crazy. You can call it a "locational" hazard, if you will.That’s Tomahawk for you.We rank people based on just how crazy they are. And the four craziest families...

Details Becoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones, #1)

TitleBecoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones, #1)
Release DateJun 19th, 2017
GenreRomance, Humor, Funny, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Becoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones, #1)

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    Screw it, 5 stars, people.This was just fucking fun to read. Seriously, I enjoyed every second of this book.There was no angst...No manufactured drama...Just some crazy ass a crazy hilarious made-up place......with some crazy as fuck "Wild One" rules.Not a DAMN thing. I wish I could live there.I would totally fit in.I want a water canon so bad. SO bad.And Benson.I want Benson. Hard. But anycray, I love C.M. Owens' MC Club serie...
  • ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆
    Oh. My. God. Hahahahahaha!I LOVED it! I laughed my ass off. It was totally silly, utterly ridiculous and funny as hell with such a refreshingly unique storyline and quirky, lovable characters. It’s like a drug. You think you’re just having fun but, once you’re done, you realize you’re addicted - you can’t stop thinking about it and you want more.Can’t wait to meet the other three corners of crazy :)
  • Bibi
    First time reading Owens and I simply can't believe I've waited this long. This is comedy gold, I nearly asphyxiated from laughing so hard.
  • JewelsyGoolsy
    Cute, funny, entertaining. Nuff said. Can't wait for the next book in this series. Told in dual POV (but 85% is from h's POV) and great introduction to a hilarious town and townspeople. I wasn't swooned out of my panties but I sure had a great time reading this. Ended in a HFN, where we know we'll be seeing more of this couple as the series continues.
  • Barbara➰
    What a fun read! It was totally hysterical at times. I absolutely loved Benson (though he did keep a few secrets I wasn't happy about a little too long and you just know they're going to blow up in your face). But, I loved how he just "got" Lilah's brand of crazy. He got it, he accepted and he loved it.I loved Lilah too. She was crazy but you see a normal softer side to her too.Like I said, it was just a fun book and I'm looking forward to more i...
  • Alex ♈
    3.5 starsThe book is funny, even hilarious. And not only because I read it being on vacation and after I drunk 2 beers & 1 Guinness. Ups, Guinness is a beer too.*So, 3 beers, then I tasted 2 Whiskeys, polished it all with a glass of Chardonnay and secluded it with another shot of Whiskey. Yes, it was a nice day!And no, I don't have a problem with alcohol! 🙄***gif to be added***The book is funny and not TSTL, but definitely immature.She wasn't ...
  • ✰♊ Angie ♊✰
    Alright, I'm giving it a solid... **** 4 Seductive Lip Bites ****FUN with a capital "F", y'all! This was a friends-to-lovers, angst free, bit of heat, whole lotta funny trip to crazy town. And when I say crazy town, I mean fucking CRAZY TOWN... which I abso-freakin'-lutely LURVE! It's seriously like the characters in this book are in a competition to see who can be the bigger nutcase!The love aspect in this story was cute, had some spice, and w...
  • Dilinna
    What a wild, fun read!!!! I really enjoyed it
  • Danielle
    Well, wasn't that ridiculously fun!
  • Snow
    I usually don't just say one line like this: "I loved it!"But I m gonna say it here and I 'll even repeat it, if needs be...I FUCKIN LOVED IT.😝 Funny, light, entertaining "friends-to-lovers" romance with just a slight notch of the 'wild' side shown in a small town called Tomahawk and the 4 corners of the Wild Ones and the rest of the townies with their 'unusual' and 'unconventional' ways of dealing and settling the score!Yeah, you don't wanna...
  • Michelle
    3.5I loved this one at first then around 50% things changed for me. But it was still a cute and funny book. I've enjoyed other books by this author. She knows how to make me laugh! I'm curious about Liam's story next so I may be checking it out.
  • Fatimah Alfareed
    OH.. MY.. GOD!!Holy shit, this was such a fun ride!It’s insane.. It’s surreal and insane..And once again…I pretty much laughed throughout the whole damn book. It’s one of the funniest books that I’ve read in a long while. “If your ass catches on fire, jump in the lake. That’s what it’s there for” I was laughing so hard at that scene, that my sister -who was sleeping in the room next to me- came to throw a pillow at my face. In t...
  • Maria...
    "4 Wild Tomahawk Stars"LOVED THIS BOOK!I laughed a lot with these crazy fellas in the Vincent Corner!Killian and Hale I rest my case with you guys!Review to come...
  • Ashi- A hopeless romantic girl :D
    4.5 " I am moving from India to Tomahawk" starsDude! i am loving C.M Owen's latest work so much that she might just become my auto-buy author :D What a crazy ride this book was❤ So fair warning! let me clear some points before i start singing the praises for this book! 1- This was not the funniest book i have ever read infact before 75% i was just smiling but never laughed! sure after Benson's family entered the picture i could'nt stop laughing...
  • Denna✌
    I absolutely loved this book!!! To me it was perfect lol. Branson's secrets did drive me mad and I wish he had just told her up front but hey we're very minor. I loved Benson but I fucking loved Lilah ( and her brothers ). I laughed the whole way through this book, I honestly could not put it down. I think this series is going to be awesome ( especially if it stays safe ). I can't wait for Liam and Kylie's book ;) Safety Note: completely safe.
  • Erin
    Exactly what I needed!
  • Elise Spencer
    2.5 STARSReally funny and light book, I would have probably loved it if it weren't for the plot holes that kept on bothering me. The H and h's family has known each other for years so didn't the H's family ever come up in conversations? Why did the H keep his past such a secret for years? (view spoiler)[After what the H's ex to did to him(cheated on him with his brother and OM) why is she still present? I know she's his step-sister but after the ...
  • Vini
    This is one crazy book. I mean crazy in a definitely nice way. I freaking loved this it. It's been too long since laughed my ass off while reading a book. This is one crazy, awesome, sweet and more crazy ride. I am damn near impatient to read the next one.
  • Lučka
    ~~~ 5+ "Tomahawk" stars~~~Funniest. Book. Ever. Holy shit! I love this crazy book so much I wanna move to Tomahawk.Let's act like adults and talk about serious stuff. Like, where the F is the The Wild Ones #2? I'm going crazy right now for not having the next book. Ms Owens whatcha doin? I hope you've already finished #2 and writing #3. No pressure.I wanna thank my friend Anna and her review, this book just made my weekend. Thanks, babe! <3I love...
  • Aisha ☠️☠️
    People should give this book a try. And u might actually come to like the book.Funny.
  • Loz
    Perfect Sunday read. Hilarious and quirky, I loved it. Can't wait for the next one!
  • Kelly
    Loved this book - Prepare for the crazy!!" Wild Ones Tip #142 If you date a Wild One, you can't complain. You knew you were getting mixed up in some crazy shit"Becoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones) is the first book in the new series The Wild Ones by CM Owens. It was everything I was hoping it would be after the author initially gave us a sneak peak at the first chapter not long ago. Its a light, hilarious read with our 2 main characters Lilah and B...
  • Holly
    Best Romance of 2017... hands down!This was my intro to the writing of CM Owens, and all I can do is mentally kick myself for not reading her sooner. This book kept a smile plastered on my face the entire time and left me both swooning over mega-book boyfriend material (aka Benson), and giggling over all the craziness of the Wild Ones. I loved every single thing about this book. My only complaint is that I wanted at least another 100 pages. Can't...
  • Forever_meme
    4.5 STARSI really enjoyed this quick read and was highly entertained.Can't wait to go in to the other corners and meet the rest of the wild ones.
  • Tahsin
    I started reading this around 3 in the morning, and finished just after 5. Does that tell you how good and gripping the story was? It was just so much fucking fun. No angst or huge emotional build-up. This author is creating a world I want to live in.
  • BookSmacked
    #BecauseBeards #IWantToBeAWildOneWhat a way to start a new series and absolutely have me dissolving into fits of laughter. This book is brilliant, insanely funny. A breath of fresh air. An instant fav and top rom com read of this year. An unconventional small town called Tomahawk where they live by their own rules and get a little bit no a lotta bit crazy. The storyline is so completely different from the usual Romantic Comedies I have read and I...
  • Em
    It was a great pleasure reading this. A small town and its crazy people who likes to entertain themselves. I would love to see what happens in winter. If anyone needs a laugh and swoony moments please don't deprive yourself and read this!
  • Kis
    3,8 História bobinha, mas ri muito com esse livro.
  • Paula Phillips
    I had ummed and aahed about reading this book, but then a good friend of mine who loves the same books I do tell me I had to read it as she loved it. So I did and OMG it was awesome, my only complaint was that it wasn't long enough. This book had me laughing my way right through it, and the chemistry and fun between all the characters made you want to be right in the midst of it all and even one of them. Becoming a Vincent is set in a small wop-w...