Rock King (Nothing but Trouble, #1) by Tara Leigh

Rock King (Nothing but Trouble, #1)

Fans of Kristen Callihan and Kylie Scott will scream for this sizzling bad boy rock star romance!I'm not who you think I am.Shane Hawthorne has it all. At least, that's what the headlines say about me. I have millions of fans, awards, more money - and women - than I know what to do with. But what you don't see is the wreckage I've caused. The memories and pain I can't escape, even when I pour them into music and spin them into gold.I tried to for...

Details Rock King (Nothing but Trouble, #1)

TitleRock King (Nothing but Trouble, #1)
Release DateFeb 20th, 2018
PublisherForever Yours
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Did Not Finish, Contemporary, Music

Reviews Rock King (Nothing but Trouble, #1)

  • Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog••
    ***Now Available***I told myself this year that I needed to seek out new authors, embrace some new, try to find some I like. Seems like I don't need to embrace any really, they are literally planting themselves as new favorites on my lists. Tara Leigh is one of them. Rock King is the first in her Nothing But Trouble series, and let me start by saying Going into a new release, by a new to me author, I am always nervous. This story, one of my favor...
  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    “I would destroy her. But maybe, just maybe…she could save me.” Rock King is book one in the Nothing But Trouble series by Tara Leigh. Tara is a new to me author so what better chance to introduce myself to a new author than with her brand new series.Shane Hawthorne is a rock king, the lead singer of Nothing but Trouble, one of the most popular rock bands of the decade. Named sexiest man alive more than once, it would appear that Shane had ...
  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
      ~WRITING - PLOT - PACE~So color me surprised because I really enjoyed this book A LOT. I'll be honest, I usually avoid rock star books like the plague. They all tend to have the same cliché plots complete with OTT other women drama, groupies, and/or cheating. Thankfully, this one was a bit different. I was also impressed by how well written it was. The pace was fairly good. I think maybe it was a tad too long as some parts dragged a bit but ...
  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳A romance filled with rock music, lust, passion, and dominance that brings you to your knees to the next level... ➳Knowing Tara's writing and how she likes to proceed with the category of romance for her main characters, I have gotten used to how she likes to express them. Shane and Delaney are two main characters that are brought to the page in a retrospective filled with hunger, both in the carnal department and also the emotional one. As ...
  • Aisling Zena
    3.5 starsReview now posted 30/3/18I always find it difficult to review a book that hasn't stirred powerful emotions in me. Be it anger or love, strong emotions tend to fuel my reviewing. So when a book comes along that does neither, I find it hard to articulate how it made me feel and describe to others what it evoked. It's also worse when I have this feeling that everyone else loved it but for some reason I didn't. I'm the odd one out. Again. So...
  • Wendy
    This is my first book by this author, so I was very curious as to how it would be...especially since "rockstars" is one of my favorite tropes ;)I am happy to say, that I was pleasantly surprised by this one !The storyline isn't really original if I am being honest. I have read many books with the same sort of plot, some better, some not. But since I am being honest here... I really don't care. If it works it works and this one worked for me, eve...
  • Jemima
    Title: Rock King (Nothing But Trouble #1) Author: Tara Leigh Genre: Contemporary Romance Publication Date: February 20, 2018 This is my first Tara Leigh book and I am officially a fan!Ok. Wow. This book... Damn...I really enjoyed reading this one.I'll admit that this book was sexy AF..I mean oh my gosh!!! The sexual tension in this book is YUM!!! Hehehe 😈 Shane and Delaney's chemistry is off the charts!Shane is the epitome of rocker bad-boy  ...
  • Sophie
    Firs I want to thank the author for giving me this book. It has no influence whatsoever on my rating.3 "it's not you it's me" starsLet me say something already: I've read this book after having finished a monstrously powerful book and it was a disservice to this story. It's really difficult to come right after a phenomenal read.What is the plot and who might love this book?The plot is a classic trope of singer rock star plagued by demons and hiri...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    Shane is Nothing But Trouble's lead singer. The most famous band worldwide.But he's a troubled guy. He manages to stay away from drugs and alcohol by focusing on music and his girlfriend of the moment. His hired girlfriend. His agent hires girls for him. To be with him, watch out for him, take care of him, be seen with him. It's the only way Shane survives.Delaney ran away from New York after her dad went to jail for killing her mother. But that'...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    Shane is Nothing But Trouble's lead singer. The most famous band worldwide.But he's a troubled guy. He manages to stay away from drugs and alcohol by focusing on music and his girlfriend of the moment. His hired girlfriend. His agent hires girls for him. To be with him, watch out for him, take care of him, be seen with him. It's the only way Shane survives.Delaney ran away from New York after her dad went to jail for killing her mother. But that'...
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    3.5 ★'sShane is the lead singer of the Nothing but Trouble rock band and while he certainly has had his share of the rock king's lifestyle, he and his manager have come up with a good way to keep things more level and calm. The solution is to hire a fake girlfriend to be with him on tour. And...that's exactly what his manager, Travis, sets up for him to find. And find he the form of Delaney. The interesting part of Delaney is that she...
  • Natalie The Biblioholic
    I still haven't read many rock star romances, but this one I found myself to be quite fond of. Shane was making himself into a legend and his media presence wasn't really doing him justice. He felt like his entire life was a sham, no one really knew the man inside, and he had to constantly remind himself of his purpose. In order to stay away from temptation, especially on tour, he hired women to play the role of his 'girlfriend' to keep him on th...
  • Siobhan
    Well damn – this one blew me away. I loved it, loved it, loved it. Can someone give me book two right this moment? I need more, and I need it now.Having read and enjoyed Tara Leigh’s Deal Breaker, the second book in her Billionaire Bosses series, I knew I needed more of the author’s work. Already I have Penthouse Player sitting on my Kindle waiting for me to dive into, but I found myself reading Rock King first. How could I not dive into it...
  • Carol
    3.5 stars.A rock star romance that was high on drama and angst.Both Shane Hawthorne and Delaney Fraser (the H&h) have a similar dark secret from their past that haunts them both and affects their ability to lead a normal life.So when they meet there is a connection that is deeper than their initial sexual attraction and chemistry .Though Shane wants to hire Delaney as his fake girlfriend for an upcoming tour, part of him wants to step away for fe...
  • AJ
    4.5 angsty rocker stars!I loved this book! A beautifully intense rockstar romance that is SO much more than I was expecting. Dramatic and emotional, angsty and romantic, with epic chemistry, I fell in love with these characters and their story, and I can’t wait for more from this series!Shane Hawthorne is a rock god. Dubbed the sexiest man alive more than once, he is the lead singer of a hugely successful rock band, and is loved and adored by m...
  • Carlene Inspired
    Like everyone else who has read Rock King, I was attracted to this book thanks to the cover and the fantastic blurb. It's my first Tara Leigh book and one of the rare occurrences where I have reached for a book about a rockstar, because I usually have too high of expectations for them. In this case, I thought the rockstar persona, the secrets, the partying, all of it, was very accurate. Shane Hawthorne is the rockstar, the hearthrob, the guy ever...
  • BookSmacked
    Rock King was a introduction to me to Tara Leigh’s writing as I’ve never read a book by her before and I absolutely loved it. It sucked me in from the beginning and I felt my heart beating fast through many moments in this book.Normally when I’ve read a rock star romance it’s the rock star that is severely flawed or has a deep dark secret. In this story both characters have secrets, both seem to be seemingly running from their past and bo...
  • Laura
    ***ARC Provided by the Author and Buoni Amici Press***This book is a rock star romance, and there are certain elements that always exist in this trope. the rock star is going to be sexy, and at least a bit of a bad boy. The woman he gets involved with is either going to be hired to be around him, or from a completely different world. This was all in here...and yet it was done in a way that felt a little different, I think because even though he i...
  • ~Kristin~
    2.5 StarsThis was so not what I was hoping for, I'm not a fan of insta-love, flip floppy MCs, and the constant lies...not great!
  • MarytheBookLover
    My Opinion:Loved this rocker read! It had the emotional, physical and the mental, this book has all the emotions you can drum up. Rocker Shane has had a sad past that he walked away from years ago because of one fateful night. He would never be the same...Until he met Delaney.These two are hot, spunky and full of lust for each other. Their scenes are hot and I was able to connect with them being a couple. I loved that they went through similar th...
  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡ I like
    What to expect when reading a Rockstar novel ?Well there are basically two no wait THREE ways this experience can go. Lets start with the worst… something superficial over the top with unlikeable characters – ok lets forget about this third option fast… The other two options are for one .. the cliché … the Rockstar that has everything plus a fan falling in love with him. They meet - he falls for the fan … - some drama is about to happe...
  • Doris
    Shane is the lead singer for Nothing But Trouble and has lived every bit of the rock star life with excessive drugs, booze and women to the point of almost self-destructing. He was hiding from the life he left behind and the secrets that were better left hidden…or so he thought. In order to have someone close to Shane to help keep him from the drugs and booze his “trouble repairman” and Shane came up with the idea to hire a girlfriend while...
  • Tianna✸loves books✸
    A girl hired to be a rockstars girlfriend. Oh!!!I know it a common trope nowadays. I myself have read many books with similar plotline. So what's different about Rock King ??Well, both of the MCs have secrets. In the first chapter, Shane states that he is not what he is. Is he a Fraud? Runaway? Addict? Murderer? Is his name even really Shane Hawthorne?When Delaney is hired to pretend as Shane's girlfriend, she makes it clear that she doesn't want...