Tell Me No Lies by Adele Griffin

Tell Me No Lies

A riveting novel about secrecy, complicated friendships, and heartbreak, set against the iconic backdrop of the late 1980s.   Lizzy Swift is a senior in high school, emerging from her nerd chrysalis to become a social butterfly. She starts dating popular Matt Ashley, whom she’s been pining for since freshman year. She’s delighted when rebellious new girl Claire Reynolds introduces her to Center City Philadelphia—clubs, street life, and the...

Details Tell Me No Lies

TitleTell Me No Lies
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherAlgonquin Young Readers
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews Tell Me No Lies

  • Shannon Anicas
    KIDLITEXCHANGE REVIEW: Tell Me No LiesBy: Adele Griffin Thank you to @algonquinbooks for the opportunity to read this book. #partner Also, thank you, @kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book 📚 The opinions are my own!Tell Me No Lies is a fantastic and authentic story that follows Lizzy and her senior year of high school. Ironically, it is the same time frame as my senior year, which added to the already accurate tale of cliques...
  • Sammy Allen
    I found this novel to be honest, and real. a slow burning novel that kept me interested until the last page. I enjoyed the relationships amongst all the characters, even when I didn't agree with them, I found them to be realistic. So glad I was able to win and review this novel!
  • Malanie
    Not gonna lie /pffffff/ I signed up for this tour because of the cover because it’s 1980s and pleasing.~I want to make this book cover the new theme for my life.~The book is about a girl named Lizzy Swift and I’ve decided to pretend she’s 2006 Taylor Swift.Lizzy is a senior in high school and decides to emerge from her “nerd chrysalis” (I have no idea what possessed her to want this,,,unless she wanted to power up to god-like levels of ...
  • Ms. Nguyen
    Lizzy has always been a good student and good daughter, despite maybe wanting to be rebellious. Set in the 80s, Griffin tells the story of Lizzy as she navigates her first parties, first boyfriend, a new mysterious friend, and old friends-- all during her senior year.The pacing of this book was not my favorite, but it did lend itself to be more realistic.. I think because of the awkward pacing. The relationship between Matt and Lizzy at first see...
  • Dee Price
    This is a tale of friendships, romance, young love, self-discovery, betrayal, and most importantly acceptance. Lizzy Swift's life changes exponentially over her senior year. She metamorphosizes from wallflower to social butterfly partially thanks to her new friend, the reclusive Claire Reynolds and her hot new boyfriend, Matt Ashley.Unfortunately, Lizzy's new life has come with a price as her grades have slipped, her parents are on her case and h...
  • Autumn
    Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review....Actual stars....4.5Somehow I missed seeing that this was set in the late 1980's. It was a nice little surprise!! What I loved: This wasn't by any means a typical YA book. It was so much more. It evoked the fear of AIDS, the beauty of life before social media and smartphones, and the thrill of the phone ringing and finding a place to steal away in the house for a private conversati...
  • Auburn
    A slow paced story set in the 80s about a girl growing into herself and life during her high school senior year. Everyone has secrets but it seems drawn out in finding out and not affecting anyone else in a way it might. I enjoyed the story but it was kind of slow and I felt like we missed out on everyone else with only one perspective.
  • Susan Sherman
    Lies secrets, problems, all pile up on each other to create anger and hurt. When the truth comes out, it makes for a bond of unexpected friendship. The high school years are very challenging, but Griffin shows how persevering can be the best way. Thank you Adele Griffin for a thought provoking book.