Shiver (HCF 2017) by Junji Ito

Shiver (HCF 2017)

A sample from Shiver, a collection of Junji Ito's best stories, as selected by the author himself and presented with accompanying notes and commentary.

Details Shiver (HCF 2017)

TitleShiver (HCF 2017)
Release DateOct 28th, 2017
PublisherViz Media
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Fiction, Comics, Graphic Novels, Comics Manga

Reviews Shiver (HCF 2017)

  • ♥Emm♥
    "What will happen to me when I have an eternal dream? The morning after I have a dream that never ends, what will I have become?"After the year of extreme tension waiting for the publishers to finally churn this out - though I suppose the combination of congealed shark's blood, cursed dream crystals and alien rib-bone they have to bind Ito books in is pretty difficult to piece together - it's not disappointing.This particular combination of stori...
  • Orrin Grey
    Not the "Collected Short Fiction of Junji Ito" that I'm still longing for, nor necessarily the "best of" that I, personally, would have assembled (though, to be sure, several of those stories are in here), still, this is a solid collection of some pretty representative examples of Junji Ito's masterful short tales, including a couple that I somehow hadn't read before. (The title story "Shiver" is actually among them, which is weird, because it is...
  • James
    Once again, I'm left in awe both at Junji Ito's formidable artistic talents and his extremely perverse imagination. His stories display a twisted creativity and nightmare logic that most of the modern western Weird Fiction writers can't even begin to display, but which would probably earn him the acclaim of the Masters of the genre: one can imagine Thomas Ligotti nodding his head in approval after reading "Marionette Mansion," and certainly H.P. ...
  • Ross Lockhart
    A solid introduction to Junji Ito’s shorter work, with author notes in the style of Edogawa Ranpo, and there are some real gems here, including the title story “Shiver,” but the repetition of a couple stories from other Viz collections is frustrating enough to knock off a star. Still, fans of weird fiction, cosmic horror, and the grotesque will find plenty of shiver-inducing strangeness to enjoy here. And hopefully this collection will be s...
  • Garrett
    It’s an anthology of sorts so it is a bit of a mixed bag but most of these stories were fantastic. I didn’t really like the oil story or the story about the long dreams but I enjoyed all the other ones. The fashion girl was freaking terrifying and really proves that Jungi Ito is a master of the horror genre.
  • Roman Stadtler
    Excellent! Great stories, of course, from a Master, but perhaps most interesting is his commentary at the end of each story. It's always fascinating to get a glimpse into how a great story-teller weaves tales from mundane nothings. My favorite stories were Hanging Blimp, then Honored Ancestors, The Long Dream, and Greased, which was the most disgusting (in all the right ways). Hanging Blimp was the scariest, I thought, but all the stories are uns...
  • Rebecca
    Oh my god. I'm not usually squeamish about things that aren't egg whites or drool (hey, we've all got issues), but now thanks to this book I will fear small holes, pimples, and giant heads. Thanks, Junji Ito!(Seriously, DO NOT READ if you have a weak stomach!)
  • Nicola Mansfield
    Fantastic collection of short stories hand-picked by Ito himself! Fans will not be disappointed.1. Used Record - A mythical record of a scat recording made from the afterlife has people killing to get their hands on it. An understated story with some classic Ito moments. (4/5)2. Shiver - This is why I read Junji Ito. Very creepy art. A jade ornament has a curse and whoever has it will start getting big holes all over their body until they die. In...
  • Alex
    So I really enjoy Junji Ito's art style. I found myself not really that disturbed or scared. I'm assuming his full body works are more unsettling because you can spend more time in the story.The only story I that effected me at all was greased oil. I still had a great time reading every story and I look forward to reading more of Junji Ito's
  • k
    okay so maybe I have already read all of these BUT his commentary is totally charming