Cross Breed (Breeds, #23) by Lora Leigh

Cross Breed (Breeds, #23)

#1 New York Times bestselling author of the Breeds series delivers the novel fans have been waiting for–mixed Coyote/Wolf Breed Cassie Sinclair finally gets her story!It’s been over a decade since she was introduced as an unforgettable eight-year-old in Elizabeth’s Wolf. Now all grown up, Cassie is unique among the Breeds as a Coyote/Wolf mix. She has long known that her mate was somewhere out there, but he’s stayed frustratingly out of s...

Details Cross Breed (Breeds, #23)

TitleCross Breed (Breeds, #23)
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherBerkley Books
GenreRomance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Cross Breed (Breeds, #23)

  • Val...Shameless.Skanky.B*tchy.
    Thank you, lawd, Lora Leigh.Thank you for making this not suck and giving Cassie a good story. Cause the stakes were high here, peeps. But let's back up. I read my first Breed book waaaaaaay back in the day. I think I was in college or something. Which isn't bad considering I started reading smut waaaaaaay before it was age-appropriate. We are talking 12 years old here, people. In fact, one of the books in this series (Coyote's Mate) is one of my...
  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    Can’t really review this book so far from the release date, so this is mostly random thoughts.The ‘World of the Breeds’ bit at the beginning was terribly heavy-handed, and not particularly true to events in previous books. The prologue was an expansion of the long ago scene on the island in Seth Lawrence’s atrium; expanded (and altered) with new info to fit the needs of this book. That was when most readers figured out who Cassie’s mate...
  • Lacey (Booklovers For Life)
    4-4.5 stars – looooved this one. I was new to the Breeds series when I got this galley, so I read the first 4 Breeds books to prepare (I would've read more but there are wayyy too many) and I freaking LOVED Cassie and her mate. This is definitely my favorite Breeds book I've read so far. Cassie is an alpha female to her core and I loved her for it. Cross Breed was sexy without being cringey (how I felt the first couple books were). If you're ne...
  • Lover of Romance
    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI received this book for free from Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*May contain a few be aware before reading! Thank You. *Cross Breed was such a wonderful read in fact it was definitely met my expectations. I have been looking forward to Cassie's book for so long, for YEARS so I...
  • Beth
    The Breeds is twenty three books in and still going strong. I LOVED finally getting Cassie's story. What can I say, Lora Leigh ROCKED it. Riveting the reader with a captivating and original plot, I couldn't help but read into the wee-hours of the morning because I just couldn't put it down. Sexy, seductive and suspense-filled, don't miss Cassie Sinclair's story in Cross Breeds.I received this ARC copy of Cross Breed from Berkley Publishing Group....
  • Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews
    Yes, the wait is over my friends. Over the decade we have been all patiently waiting for this story, and it is so darn good you guys!Breeds series, is one of my all time favourite series, it has had some ups and downs over the years but it is safe to say this was all round 5 stars, Cassie is everything and more. She is all grown up and she is mated, to her mate! Thank you Lora, thank you for providing us with this kick ass story. The main couple ...
  • Janna ♥ I'm A Sweet And Sassy Book Whore ♥
    ***This and other reviews can be found at ****ARC*As a fan of the Breeds series for years, I have been anxiously awaiting Cassie’s story, the princess of the Breeds, the hybrid, the most valuable Breed some may say. While I was anxiously awaiting her story, I was also worried that the pedestal that I put her story up on wouldn’t live up once I read her book and discovered who her mate was. Well while I won’...
  • Debra Taylor
    Wow !!! This book was absolutely perfect ! That being said I can't really review this one indepth without spoiling the big secret for other fans. Just let me say that this book is some of Lora Leigh's finest work. In my opinion it will be very hard to beat. I can say that readers are in for more than one surprise because, as we all know, Lora Leigh always keeps us guessing with the intricate world of the Breeds. She definitely chose the absolute ...
  • Dana Alma
    I’ve been waiting for this story for years!!! I’m so happy to finally have read Cassie’s story. Review to come!
  • Handcrafted Librarian
    This story was a long time coming! As a dedicated reader of Lora Leigh's Breeds series, I've been waiting for Cassie's story for quite some time. If you're familiar with the series, we met Cassie when she was a young girl and she orchestrated the relationship between her mother Elizabeth in the third book of the Breed series, Elizabeth's Wolf. Since then we've seen her grow up throughout the other novels to eventually become a force in defending ...
  • Julianna
    Cross Breed is the twenty-third installment of the Breed series by Lora Leigh. If you’ve read the previous installments of the Breed series, you’d know that our dear Cassie, made her first appearance as an eight-year-old (I believe) in book three. I’ve been an avid reader to this series, but I’ll admit, I took a bit of a sabbatical from this series. However, when I found out that Cassie was going to have her own book, I was thrilled and c...
  • Robina
    Finally Cassie's story!!! This is one book that is long overdue featuring one of my favorite characters from the Breeds and it does not disappoint in any way. We are still left hanging a little bit with the anticipation of the next upcoming story featuring another pair of favorites from the Breeds.Action, sex, some humor and a return of our favorite characters make this one of the best in the series so far!
  • Tina Christopher
    Warning: Spoilers!So, I have been waiting for this book since first picking up "Elizabeth's Wolf". It is always tough when you have a character you love and really want to read her story. It doesn't always work out.In this instance Cassie's story was fast-paced, action-packed, and filled with a few surprises, but overall I am not quite satisfied. Things just didn't quite come together for me. There were moments that felt overly dramatic and as if...
  • Kathy
    I was happy to finally have Cassie's story. I loved that she was mated to Dog, and that Dog is so much more than we thought he was. I was surprised that Cassie's parents opposed the match but glad they came around through all the events that happened around them. Another good entry to the Breeds series.
  • Spoiler Whore-Momoa rounds down on her reviews so fuck off
    *Review to come closer to release date*If ya been following this series then you know who Cassie's mate is and he does not disappoint.
  • Rachel Webb
    At long last, Cassie's story! Worth the wait, but I still wanted a bit more groveling at the end by Dog for what he put her through. Very nice ending though and an interesting peek into the next book.
  • Danielle Urban
    Cross Breed by Lora Leigh is an intense paranormal romance tale. I was sucked into the whole Breed and Human world. Scientists took children away from their families only to use their embryos for creating half humans and half animals. Taking sperm from coyotes and wolves the government thought they could create an army to use as a weapon against others. Only it backfired on them in ways they did not expect. Eventually, enough human families had m...
  • Annie
    Woah baby was that a suspenseful, action packed and epic romance! I'll do my best not to give any spoilers.I couldn't put this book down. I had to know what happened next on each page. Cassie finally finds her mate. This was a story everyone was looking forward to for a long time. You won't be disappointment. I'll be honest and say I haven't read the whole series yet so maybe you won't be surprised but I was at who her mate was. I love them as a ...