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Puck Love

Stella Hart is the hottest thing in country music. For ten years, she’s been Nashville’s darling. She’s pure, sweet, and a positive role model in an industry rife with scandals, sex, and sequins. Men want to own her, women want to be her—everyone wants a piece of her, and Stella? Well, she wants out.As the center for the Calgary Crushers, Van Ross isn’t afraid of the spotlight, but he doesn’t much like it either. Despite his reputatio...

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TitlePuck Love
Release DateSep 26th, 2017
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Music, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Hockey

Reviews Puck Love

  • Miranda ❤️ Rodriguez
    No no and no.....hero is a cheating asshole I don't care he was separated with the heroin but when a puck bunny puts her mouth on his dick then that's a no for me also the heroin blames herself because she's the one who left him. Btw she's not a virgin, she had sex with a man once. She has a publicity stunt boyfriend so I don't know if she had sex with him since a dnf at 85%.
  • Crystal
    Puck Love is a sweet, fun, emotional, sexy read. NHL player jokester Van and County singer good girl Stella were really good together. I liked them. They had a great connection from the moment they met. They made me laugh and smile. Loved the secondary characters too, they were so fun with their witty dialogue and actions. The story is easy to follow, full of humorous one liners, and plenty of sexiness. Great entertaining story!
  • ✿kawehi.reviews
    3. 5 stars!!This was not like Carmen Jenner's usual writing style that I'm accustomed to. I think those of you who have kept up with this author's novels well know that this lady is not afraid to dip her hand in grit, madness and mayhem but somehow Puck Love did not venture into those recurrent themes.Being the first ever sports romance for Jenner, I thought that Puck Love was witty, refreshing, and very steamy. I loved the banter and rapport bet...
  • SimplyƝì₭
    This was a good read. I enjoyed Stella the most. She was brave, witty and real. Carmen always writes really great character banter. She is the one author that I actually get a lot of character development and depth from her dialogue alone. She rocks!
  • nicandbooks
    5 Pucking Stars 🏒❤🏒❤ I feel like I've been waiting for this book for ages and I'm so excited it's here and I've read it. One of my most anticipated reads of 2017 is the latest release by amazing author Carmen Jenner: Puck Love 🏒❤I honestly cannot put into words just how much I loved this book. It had everything - fabulous (hot!) characters with real feelings and backstories, a story line that gripped me from the first chapter and d...
  • Mari
    4-4.5starsThis maybe Carmen Jenner's first foray into sports romance and a lighter side but it works well. The delivery is good and humor spot on. While not much hockey action but a hot hockey hero I'm sold. This read so smooth like butter and hard to put down once you start. I have to say I like this side of Carmen Jenner's and would like some more pls. So I hope it's not the last. A good change of pace.It's fun yet it still maintains the author...
  • A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog
    While I have read my fair share of rock star books, I have only dabbled a bit here and there when it comes to the Sports sub-genre. Puck Love combines country music capital's sweet and innocent superstar, Stella, with Calgary NHL player (in both senses of the word), Van. The author really does do a good job of writing two different worlds that crash together, quite literally, when Stella smashes her runaway SUV into the side of Van’s mountain. ...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    Carmen Jenner, you had me at hockey!Puck Love is a sweet, sexy story of the clash of two worlds. And Miss Jenner does it wellVan Ross, superstar hockey hottie, and Stella Hart, Nashville's sweetheart have absolutely nothing in common except fame, however this is what made them perfect together.Right from the start, I couldn't help but feel for Stella, and all I can say is good on her for doing what she did.The minute we meet Van and his interacti...
  • MillsyLovesBooks
    I love Carmen Jenner Reads, she may be known for her Gritty, Angsty and Emotional reads. But even throughout those there's always some humour and witt. So when i heard she was writing her first sports romance i wasn't sure which way it was going to go. Puck Love was nothing like i expected it was freaking hilarious and so touching and emotional at times my heart dropped then soared. Stella Hart is Country music's golden girl but the strain of bei...
  • Renee
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports. Stella Hart is the hottest thing in country music. For the past ten years she has been Nashville's sweetheart. She is also a positive role model in an industry filled with scandals, sex and sequins. Mean want to own her and woman want to be her. Everyone wants a piece of Stella. All Stella wants though is out. Van Ross is a center for the Calgary Crusher...
  • Brandy Roberts
    Oh my gosh Puck Love is sooooo good get your one click fingers ready and your kindles charged because this is one read you do not want to miss out on. I've read a few stories by Carmen Jenner that I really liked but this has got to be by far my favorite and I hope to see more of theses characters in the future . Loved the chemistry between Stella and Van the way they meet is done in such a uniquely funny way , the build up for their relationship ...
  • Romance Readers Retreat
    I have read a few books by this author and this may be the first authors first foray into the sports romance world and a bit lighter than I'm used to from her. The delivery was smooth and the humor was spot on and had me laughing the whole way through. While there wasn't much emphasis on the hockey world, I was completely sold on the hot hockey player. I was completely captivated from the moment I saw that cover till I finished the book less than...
  • Diane Lynch
    Carmen Jenner scores with PUCK LOVE. NHL bad boy, Van Ross, rescues country music sweetheart, Stella Hart, when she is stranded during a snow storm. Van is not good for Stella’s image, but they cannot deny their chemistry. This contemporary sports romance takes place in Calgary and Nashville. It is suitable for adult audiences.PUCK LOVE is a fun romance. The characters are likeable. Van is a good guy. He is an awesome big brother to Emmett, who...
  • Alex in Spades
    2 Cuddle Bunny StarsI loved how cocky and funny Van was. Also he with Emmet stole my heart, and melted me on the spot. Such an amazing guy. His playful side was simply a delight for me.“Van, what happened to my panties?”He grins. “I took one look at them and they just disintegrated into thin air. That happens quite a bit when I’m around.”I enjoyed this happy-go-lucky story from this author at the beginning, but things started to go just...
  • Allison Brunskill
    There is a part of me that feels like I'm rating this too high but you know what who cares. This was so much fun, I loved it. I loved Stella and Van, their banter and their hot chemistry. Overall I just really enjoyed this book.
  • Karen
    Sure seemed like a Carrie Underwood (her hockey player husband) scenario. It couldn't be that exactly but a very fun and sexy book!!!
  • Christine
    Puck Love by Carmen Jenner is a sweet rom/com set in beautiful rocky mountains of Alberta, Canada. A country starlet who's had enough meets a hockey hero who's always been know for his playboy ways. I loved the flow of this story and how easy it was to fall in love with these characters. Van is everyone's dream hockey hunk, personally I pictured Tyler Seguin while I was reading this story - Purrrr... Stella had me picturing a young Carrie Underwo...
  • Kristine GPI Bookblog
    GOLD LIPSTICK When news of Puck Love hit the interwebs I was instantly intrigued, I mean talk of a book from Carmen Jenner without death and destruction... without rape or torture... a book that's fun and light and won't make me shriek or cry.... GET OUT OF TOWN....I knew I *needed* this book like I needed my next breath. It's not secret I've been on a happy book binge of late, give me happy and laugh out loud funny and I'll be all over it like ....
  • Aubrey- CGSR
    4 out of 5 'Gotta go for what you want' StarsWhere do I begin? I loved this book because of the fun times and battle of the wills between the main characters. Van was soooooo hilarious that I found myself laughing at all his antics. Super sexy hockey hero? Yes please. Stella was very sheltered living the life of a world famous country music star (or at least I thought her life was pretty sheltered). So why the four stars instead of five? I will t...
  • Geri
    Ok, this story is so hot it could melt the Canadian ice and snow! Loved the characters and how they were such opposites until they realized they both had their own reasons for being the people they are and dealing with their issues. Stella is America's country sweetheart, but just can't handle the pressures of her celebrity, so she makes a run for it and ends up right in a snow pile on the side of a mountain. She gets rescued by a huge (hmmmm) mo...
  • ConfessionsofaRomanceJunkie
    Review by: CandiceAs a big fan of sports romances AND Carmen Jenner, I was absolutely delighted when it was announced she would be releasing a sports romance novel. I was curious to read the lighter side of this author, as she is known for darker grittier themes and while I certainly have no doubt of her exceptional talent, I have to admit that I did wonder a tiny bit how she would pull it off. After reading this book, it is clear that there is n...
  • Donna Wright
    This book is amazing and completely not what I expected. It's a mash of a sports and rockstar (country) book and it works so well. I laughed heaps through this book, with the one liners and sexual innuendos it just leaves you feeling really happy.I devoured this book in 24hrs and even when I was out doing my day to day tasks I had to keep picking it up and reading. I needed to know what happened next and the wait was just painful. The characters ...
  • Jayme
    It was hilarious and full of sexy tension reading!A love story about Van Ross, NHL player and Stella Hart, country singer. She wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of her career. Not exactly what she expected, she hits the snowy town in the mountains of Canada. And there she meets smoking hot and cranky guy, Van Ross, who gives her place to hide out. He is a playboy, but he also has a brother about whom he really cares. They is a lot of c...
  • Carcoura LaRomantique
    More, please!!!Carmen Jenner, you rock! You've given us small town humour, bikie brawn, damaged souls healed by love, and lovers torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. And now you give us a country music star teetering on the precipice of self annihilation and the Canadian ice hockey hunk who rescues her... and what a brilliant pairing this is! I always love your characters, and Stella and Van are right up there with my favourites. Thi...
  • ~ Stéphanie ~ Tied up in Romance ~
    Nothing worked for me in this book and I'm so sad that I didn't liked it.I never believed in the attraction Van & Stella have. I never see why they were trying so hard to be with each other when everything set them apart. And what's really made my eyes rolls more than once was all the drama around Stella.It's what too much and sometimes not believable.It happens, that won't change my mind about Carmen Jenner, and I'll still be here waiting for he...
  • Lindsay
    4 starsHockey Hottie meets Sweet Country Singer. I absolutely loved the story line. The beginning through the middle was enticing and kept my attention. I enjoyed the banter and love blooming between Stella and Van. They’re from different worlds, but at the same time they need each other at this moment in their lives. Van saves her in more ways than one, and she in turn shows him how love can be. The ending was a little too predictable for me, ...
  • Kim Sutton
    Two totally opposite worlds accidentally collide in this novel! Famous Hockey player Van and famous country singer Stella. The first few chapters were edge of the seat what's going to happen next, from then on it was a very sweet love story. There was some great laughs to be had all the way through the book, and I love Vans brother Emmett, and his friend Eli! Four stars!